Hair Review: Nazuri Curls Afro Kinky Curly Extensions

Hello lovelies!

I hope all is well with you and your tresses!

My hair is enjoying the last days of its protective styling vacay. I’ve been having a pretty fun time with my weave, Big Betty. To be honest, I haven’t really missed my hair that much (don’t judge me!). I saw a very lush twist out on Instagram last week though, and have been pining for my hair ever since. Big Betty will be taken down this Friday, but I believe a full review is due. It’s a long, thorough one, so please stay with me.


Nazuri Curls Afro Kinky Curly

Nazuri Curls is a company owned by two best friends. They currently offer hair in 4 textures- Curly, Kinky-Curly, Afro Kinky Curly and Kinky Straight. I chose the Afro Kinky Curly because it is the closest to my hair texture, and I got three bundles- 12”, 14” and 16”.

You can read my First Impressions from a month ago over here. As I said in that post, I like big hair, that’s why I got 3 bundles. I did not finish all of it, I have a little left untouched, so if you’re considering getting just 2 bundles, you should be fine.

In my first impressions post, I expressed excitement over the fullness, softness and beauty of the hair. Now it has been four weeks and three days since I installed the weave and I still feel the same.

Curls of No Nation

Nazuri Curls hair extensions “are made from the finest quality premium virgin hair that has been steam processed to achieve curls that blend seamlessly with afro and curly textured hair”.

In other words, these extensions did not wake up like this. They were sourced from Asian donors, and then steam-processed for the curls to appear as they do. Steam processing is the safest way to alter virgin hair without the use of chemicals, preserving the integrity of the hair.

They can be treated in just about every way I’d treat my own hair. The only thing I was advised against was blow-drying or heat styling. This may permanently upset the curl pattern.

Hair surprised me when it puffed up on one very humid afternoon. Loved it!

Hair surprised me when it puffed up on one very humid afternoon. Loved it!


This Afro Kinky Curly hair is high maintenance.

LOL, don’t run. By this I mean, you can’t just fix it and ignore it till you’re ready to take it down four weeks later. It needs to be cared for like natural hair, but it isn’t as demanding.

How We Do

When it’s dry, I spritz with water.

Two or three times a week, I finger detangle with conditioner (leave-in condish or instant conditioner used as a leave-in).

Two times, I have washed.

When it’s time to sleep? I pineapple.


To “Pineapple” is to draw your hair up and forward into a high puff. You know how the head of a pineapple rests? That’s what you’re trying to do with the puff. I hold it very loosely with a black hair band (50 naira from the market). This is a stress-free way to manage the curls and prevent them from smooshing or matting- so in the morning I can just spritz, fluff with fingers and go.


Side-view of le Pineapple


My satin bonnet can’t handle this pineapple so I’ve been sleeping on satin pillowcases (Well, alternating between one satin pillowcase, and a cotton pillow case around which I tied my big satin scarf)

I Left My Hair Out…

twist out on my leave-out

twist out on my leave-out

I left some hair out, so I extend the same care to my leave-out, and more often than not, I twist the leave-out before I go to sleep. This could help you get even closer to the weave’s texture if your hair is 4Z like mine, but I mostly do it to stretch the hair to avoid tangles and Single Strand Knots. My 4C hair unmanipulated still blends well.

Blending, kind of :)

Blending, kind of 🙂

Washday with Weave:

I’ve had two washdays. The first washday, I washed the hair loose, and observed that my scalp wasn’t clean when I was finished. 😦 The second time, I put the hair in twists- organised along the weave tracks. This way, I was able to concentrate on my scalp and properly shampoo it. I squeezed the twists of excess water and blotted my scalp with a white tee afterwards and it returned clean! 🙂 Also, your own hair under the weave dries faster when you dry in twists.

freshly washed, air drying in twists

freshly washed, air drying in twists


  1. Twist hair, using the tracks as your guide. Every inch of scalp should be easily accessible.
  2. Shampoo your scalp. Rub gently!
  3. Rinse clean
  4. Smooth conditioner through hair and finger detangle
  5. Rinse clean
  6. Wrap around with a cotton t-shirt. Blot, squeeze excess water.
  7. Twist hair again (leave-in conditioner optional) and leave to air dry.
  8. Oil scalp with your favourite oil, shikena.

I did both washes on mornings, so that by the next day I could freely move about. By then, my hair (under the tracks) would be 80% dry, but not icky or smelly or uncomfortable. The only thing I observed is- the curls really popped when hydrated- but by the time I unravelled the twists after say, 24 hours- the hair was a little smooshed and compressed (as expected).

My friend said this way, it was more natural looking. What do you think?

Malaria face. Freshly untwisted. Hair damp and a little smooshed.

Malaria face. Freshly untwisted. Hair damp and a little smooshed.

So, if you want bigger hair, don’t loosen the damp twists just before you go out the door. You’ll need to tease the curls a bit. And I think that this hair could be weighed down by too much product, so you may want to watch out for that as well when you’re applying leave-in.


Nazuri Curls hair can be manipulated to do different natural hairstyles, but I haven’t really tested the versatility of it. In the beginning I had big plans for styling, but I’ve been lazy I love the texture as is, and haven’t really felt the need to disturb it.

One time though, I did a twist and curl with flexi rods (bendy rollers) with no product, just a water spritz. Here’s how that turned out:


You can have your Nazuri Curls fashioned into a wig (at extra cost), or you could order a lace closure (also, at extra cost). For free though, you can have your hair come as clip-ins.

I’m actually considering getting one bundle of Nazuri Curls clip-ins to assist with faux bunning. By the grace of God, I’ll be joining Corporate Lagos soon and my bun is still not where I want it to be 😦


Nazuri Curls extensions are made to order in the UK, and according to the site, Nigerian customers should expect delivery in 7-10 days. Pricing is uniform for all curl types, starting at 16,000 naira for 10 inches- and an additional 2,000 naira for every extra 2 inches.

I got mine at a very good discount as part of a promotion they were running, and paid 2k for delivery to Calabar. I’m happy I got this discount, but I do think the hair is very worth it, at full price.


took this today. You can see it’s still poppin’ like Day 1!


After takedown, as I henna my ‘fro, I will shampoo and deep condition my Nazuri Curls and store in the cute bags it came in. I may make a wig of this the next time I rock it, but I’m happy I wore it as a weave because it encouraged me to not be lazy about my own hair.


This has been a very long post!

Bottom line, I am super pleased. I have no complaints. I’m recommending Nazuri Curls to you right now!

Lifestyle blogger Berry Dakara is also wearing the Nazuri Curls Afro Kinky Curly right now, so look out for her review on her blog in a bit. 🙂


Online. They ship worldwide. 🙂

Shop Nazuri Curls:

International store: (prices quoted in pounds, dollars and naira)


Social Media: NazuriCurls on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook

An Update! Thursday 2nd October, 2014

Nazuri Curls Detangling Update <- a cautionary tale: what not to do with your Nazuri Curls, and severe tangle management.

Have you tried these extensions, or any of the other curl types from Nazuri Curls? Will you be trying them? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!




P.S. Just one month to Natural in Paradise, Calabar’s first natural hair meet-up! October 18, You don’t want to miss this! Deets over here.




19 thoughts on “Hair Review: Nazuri Curls Afro Kinky Curly Extensions

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  3. Great review. I just ordered my first kinky curly hair and I’m soooo scared of how the install will turn out. The money is spent and the hair will be delivered soon, my fingers are crossed that it’ll look as good as yours did.

    Lastly, LOL at “4Z” listed as a hair type. I feel you!


  4. I have very curly and kinky hair – Creole descent and the Shielo Restoration Oil is by far the best product I have ever tried to use to detangle my hair. It not only left my hair detangled but it is moisturized and soft for days after. I only have to use it once per week and IT LASTS!


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