Nazuri Curls Detangling Update

Hey lovers!

Last week, I shared my experience with Nazuri Curls Afro Kinky Curly extensions. You can read it over here.

It was all rainbows and butterflies in that post, so after yesterday’s very teek struggle, it’d be unfair if I didn’t come to share this as well. It was a truly deadly day.

I took down my weave on Monday evening.

Right after take down. Looking good, eyy?

Right after take down. Looking good, eyy?

I threw it into a bag, planning to attend to it on Tuesday, Washday.

Tuesday arrived. Somewhere during my fro’s henna treatment, I washed the extensions with sulfate free shampoo. I generously rubbed my Deep Conditioner of the day (man shanu, more about this later) over the hair and wrapped it in two plastic bags, leaving it to deep condition overnight.

So, Wednesday afternoon, after waking up from my long off-and-on Independence Day sleep, I went to rinse the man shanu out of my weave with conditioner. Imagine my wonderment when I noticed all the meshing and matting going on. Man shanu has very good slip, by the way.

See. When I got the hair, I had questions so I was mailed a Maintenance Guide and there I was advised to make a wig out of it because:


Read the Nazuri Curls Maintenance Guide here

Despite the “strong recommendation”, I wore it in a weave, because I’m a baddo. I was finger detangling, co-washing, I thought it wasn’t as problematic as I was warned. Besides, I was pineappling every night, right?


This is not the hair’s fault though. When I fixed it, I didn’t want to cut it up anyhow, so only the shortest length was cut. Because I had a lot of hair to use, at the back, the weave was folded into two and sewn like that.  You know how a bundle of weave comes rolled up in one straight line? Yes, I didn’t want to cut it, so we folded each line over to sew and then kept that going. I hope you get the picture.

During my detangling sessions, I avoided the points at which the weave was sewn, because I did not want to disturb the thread. I thought this was okay, well it wasn’t. The hair in the places I’d doubled the weave over were meshed together, and in the back, my curls had loc’d themselves!! LOL 😦

Hair at the back, loc'ing itself

Before Detangling. Can you see? Hair at the back, loc’ing itself

I  had no words, yo. I just sat down on the edge of my bath tub, poured conditioner all over, and started detangling for my life.

Finger detangling was a joke. I had to abandon my fingers for a wide toothed comb, and when that was also proving to be a long thing, I brought my little denman brush into the arena. I brushed viciously, the hair wasn’t yielding to any lesser force. I spent about 4 hours 30 minutes to detangle and do one last co-wash, so I can’t say I exerted too much force. Ah mean, look at all the time I took.

After. :)

After. 🙂

Time was spent, my back ached, I lost a scary amount of hair in the process lol but miraculously, I still have a lot of hair to work with another time.

This wasn't all

What I Lost- This, in two places. 😦 😦

I finished off by spreading the hair on 5 hangers, and rubbing a little Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream. I ran my fingers through it as I did this, and they went through so easily like they did when the hair first arrived. #winning #won


They’re drying off as I write, and I feel very proud of my work, haha! Though I brought this struggle upon myself. 😦

Curls poppin!  All is well with the hair again ^_^

Curls poppin! Good as new!! All is well with the hair again ^_^

I love these extensions, I do! But I underestimated them, I must say. I’m definitely making a wig next, and even then I’ll pay more attention to detangling because clearly this time, I did not do enough.

So my sistren. Investing in these Afro Kinky Curly extensions, a wig is the best way to go oh. Then clip-ins. A weave last.

If you do a weave though, stay woke, don’t make the same mistakes I made, and you should be alright.

I write about my screw-ups so you don’t have to. Trust me, you do not want to suffer the suffer I suffered today. 😛




20 thoughts on “Nazuri Curls Detangling Update

  1. Hi, this is my first time commenting on this blog. I’m a new natural ( hope the English is rite), I have been transiting for 8 months now. I have been secretly spying and following your advice. I live in port Harcourt, been looking for a good conditioner, till just yesterday I came across this product: Auntie Jackie’s conditioner, shampoo and detangler #1,700 each ( in prince mega agency cosmetics shop in mile 1) . Hmmmmm this product Is really good, I love it. Most of the product you use , I can’t get it around here, so I was very happy seeing this product. Here is my email: would like to hear from you. Tks gal, God bless you.


      • AB this is not fair oh.. You don’t always inform us about when you update the “where to find” directory. Imagine an online store right under my nose and I didn’t know. I just realised a few weeks ago that we now how casabella in ph. Sigh… I love you still though ’cause anyhow you end up mentioning it right on time and saving me the 2700 – 3000 shipping fee the retailers in lagos charge. Thank God your weave made it out alive. I would’ve dumped the entire thing in the bin after the 1st conditioning. Yes I’m that lazy.. I only regret it after my friend or cousin picks it up and rocks it. This happens every time.. well..


  2. You have time oo 4.5 hours isn’t a joke!! Poor you, at least you can say you did something tangible on your day off :p




  3. Thank you for being honest about the detangling Ekene – we do recommend installing the hair in a wig so it’s easier to manage but even in a weave, it should still be fully detangled at least weekly. It is high maintenance but then again, it’s like our own hair! Glad you were able to revive it x

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  5. LOL. how am I just seeing your blog? especially since I like to think of myself as a confam blog troll. I love curly weaves but I suck at detangling. Sole reason I stay away from them. you did good though.

    And I looove the way you write. 🙂


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