12 Days to Natural in Paradise!

Natural In Paradise Natural Nigerian Calabar

It’s almost here!!

A natural hair meet-up here in Calabar, the capital of the Nation’s paradise!

Do join Natural Nigerian and I at Bay’s Bar on Saturday 18 October.

It will be a fun afternoon, everyone is invited. We will be talking about how to care for our God given tresses- chemically processed or not, this will be good for all of us! We’ll be having a makeup artist with us too, to switch the conversation up a bit. There will be a hair product fair outside as well, for you to buy your hair a treat.

Thanks to our friends Jessicurl, Midas Naturals and Hairfinity, there will be a lot of freebies to be given away. On this note, all I’m going to say is be early if you want to get lucky! 😉

We’ll be there from 1:30 to 5:30 pm, don’t be late! Bring a friend or two!

If you’re not in Calabar, kindly share this with your friends who are. 🙂

The venue is Bay’s Bar & Lounge, Felix Nsemo Drive/ New Secretariat Road, Diamond Hill, Calabar.

The easiest way for me to get to Bay’s Bar is from the Murtala Muhammed Highway. If you’re going on Highway from Mobil towards Stadium, immediately after the Navy Officers’ quarters, turn right. At that junction, I believe there are usually traffic police. Turn right again, and there you are. The bar is like behind the Quarters. Before you get to the quarters. you will pass the Secretariats (Old and new) and the Federal High Court.

You can just take a regular cab on Highway, stop at the first right turn and walk the rest of the short distance. Easy peasy.

Tickets will be sold at the door for 500 Naira.

For enquiries, email: nn@naturalnigerian.com

For an email reminder 48 hours to the event, you can RSVP on EventBrite over here.




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