Happy New Year!!

Hey guys!!

We hope you had a very merry Christmas and we wish you an even happier New Year!

We are firm believers in the power of making resolutions, of writing goals down. Don’t let any grouch make fun of you for being excited about a “new” slate! If you fall off your track by January 7, don’t be discouraged. It’s a project. You can dust your list off in March and continue from there. We are all works in progress. Okay? 🙂

We’d wanted to do a Year Review post, maybe as elaborate as last year’s own but. It’s the holidays, and we are feeling rather lazy haha so we made a vlog about our 2014 & some plans for 2015, on Saturday night. You can watch below, please watch below! We must warn you though. It was impromptu, so not as organized as we’d like. The original video was 34 minutes, and MeeMee did  a good job, editing 64.7% away. And it is totally okay to cringe at the footage at the end, because I am. LOL.

2014 was a beautiful year for us here!

This year, MeeMee officially came on board. 😀

Early this year, the lovely Ijeoma of Klassy Kinks mentioned us in one of her Bella Naija articles here, and this referred a lot of you lovelies, and thankfully you have stayed with us! It was a great push, very much appreciated! ❤ We also made our own list of some of the Nigerian Hair Bloggers we love, check it out over here. 

This was a year of many collaborations! It was so lovely to work with Natural Nigerian, Jessicurl, Midas NaturalsThe Kinky Apothecary, Sizzelle, Nazuri Curls, African Hair Accel, and now, The Mane Choice! Half our collabos yielded Giveaways! Shoutout to our generous friends!

Many good things happened in our lives, and here. We were a part of Calabar’s first hair meet-up in October, Natural in Paradise!

It was a great year, guys. We are thankful for every opportunity, and for every single one of you! ❤


According to our stats, here are ten of the posts you guys liked the most this year:

1. A Picture Tutorial: Crochet Braids with Kinky Extensions

2. Maximum Hydration Method, Anyone?

3. On My Mind: Genie Locs!

4. Styling Adventures: Finger Coils!

5. Our Regimens

6. Finally My Review: African Hair Accel Hair Vitamins

7. Stretch Your Curls Heatlessly With African Threading

8. Hair Review: Nazuri Curls Afro Kinky Curly Extensions

9. Hairspiration! : Eki

10. Natural in Nigeria & On a Budget


We always love to hear from you in the comments! Our Top Commenters this year are very lovely bloggers as well! They left the most comments on the blog in 2014, we heart you guys ❤

1. Isleofazure; Kesia of IslandKynks

2. Sandra of NaijaGirlNextDoor

3. Jen, Nigerianandnatural

4. Donttouchhair, Uzo of Donttouchthehair

5. Berry Dakara


Our Where to Find Directory is still flourishing, and ever so often, with your help, we make new additions. Our two latest additions are Whitney Madueke (Independent Natural Hair Stylist) and Varater Ava (for 100% Moroccan Argan Oil, at competitive prices in different sizes. For those that know, 5,500 naira for 8oz of the liquid gold is really not bad at all!) Whitney can hook you up with a wide range of services- steam treatments, twists, coils and natural hair styles, coloring (highlights, lowlights), and give you a blow-out or flat iron safely for you, if you want! See the Where to Find: Salons and Where to Find: Products pages respectively, for their contact information!


After #LindaGate, we finally decided to get a domain name. We will build a lovely site in 2015, but until that is done and unveiled, you can reach us now at thekinkandi.com. Typing this into your browser will directly lead you here, to the wordpress blog. thekinkandi.wordpress.com is such a long thing to type, and you don’t have to anymore, but it still works!


We are still in Marley twists and Holiday Hibernating, so no posts from us for like the next three weeks! We’ll be alive on other media though, Twitter- @thekinkandixx, Facebook: /thekinkandi and Instagram: @thekinkandi. You can also follow us on BlogLovin’ 🙂

You can write us hello@thekinkandi.com to talk hair, we’ll help in our little way. If you’d like to sponsor a giveaway, or advertise, or collaborate with us in any way, write us too!

If you’re a vendor of Natural hair products in Nigeria, or a Natural hair stylist or salon in Nigeria, also email us your information. We’d love to add you to our directory, and this is free! If you have a natural hair event coming up, mail us about it with a banner and event info, we’ll share the word, at no cost to you.

We love to show your kinks off! You don’t know how many people you could inspire to embrace their kinks by showing off the way you rock yours. Its been a while since we did, and we’d love to have more Hairspiration Fridays in 2015. If you want to do us the honour of being our Hairspiration, just mail us and we’ll take it from there! 🙂

Alright guys. Have fun, but be safe. We’ll talk about 2015 in 2015. 😉

Love, Love,




14 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Hello US,

    Compliments of the season.Your blog has been inspiring and very helpful.Thanks a lot.

    I am a foreign trained hair stylist/aesthetician.I do have a new salon in Port harcourt which is natural hair friendly and we stock natural brands products like Cantu, Shea moisture, essential and carrier oils too.

    The name and address is:

    Havilah Salon & Spa Suite B6,1st floor No 36 Okah Daniel’s Plaza Old Aba road. Port harcourt 07065047601 Instagram: @havilahsalon

    Looking forward to see you add us on your Natural hair salon list.Thanks in advance. Wishing you a splendid 2015 God bless.

    Blessing Havilah Salon & Spa

    Sent from my iPhone



  2. Heiii, commentators of life! U can’t sit wirrus! But.. But.. But.. AB and MeeMee why no giveaway for top 5 commenters na. LOL.
    Hope you guys are having a great holiday; happy new year in advance! *insert fireworks*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. merry xmas nd a wonderful new year AB & mee mee.cant belive its being a year of stalking ur blog.wish u d very best of 2015,personally nd blogwise.yipee my email inspired blogpost made top 10!!!!


  4. I didn’t realize I comment that much. 🙂 Love the blog and keep up the great work. I’m looking forward to what you will do this year.

    The vlog was super cute. Do you plan on doing more YouTube videos? I hope so since there aren’t too many Nigerian hair vloggers (based in Nigeria). I think our 3rd world internet isn’t helping the situation. What did you end up getting from Carol’s Daughter?


    • Thanks Uzo! 🙂

      After exercising much restraint, I only got the Chocolat Blow Dry Creme & the Mimosa Hair Honey from Carol’s Daughter. Still thinking about getting their Healthy Hair Butter. The blow dry Creme is a small 3.9oz tube for $20. Reviews have been very good & very bad, so fingers crossed!

      I hope to vlog more this year. As soon as I figure out the tech stuff & lighting & everything. It’s not easy work but hopefully I’ll get to it. Thank you for watching! x


      • I actually like the Chocolat Blow Dry creme. I got the Chocolat line (shampoo, conditioner, and creme) as a sample like 2 years ago. The creme is left but I hardly use it because I don’t really blow dry my hair.

        I also used the mimosa hair honey and healthy hair butter many many years ago when I was natural. I found the hair honey a bit greasy at the time. However, I should add that I knew nothing about taking care of my natural hair then. There wasn’t all this information available about hair care (like there is today) and CD was relatively new. Looking forward to your review.


    • #1 Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji does not own a domain name because years ago, someone went to register LindaIkejiBlog & other similar names- basically holding her at ransom because to have it, she must pay the person. Having a free subdomain on a platform like Blogger or WordPress, is with limitations. Someone (probably the same person) reported her for plagiarism and her blog was taken down by the Google/Blogger admin for a few days.


    • Most popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji doesn’t own a custom domain name, and is still at lindaikeji.blogspot.com because years back, seeing her potential, someone went to register lindaikeji.com and similar variations. To get it, she has to pay that person and as you can guess, the person wants a lot of money.

      Being on a sub-domain (lindaikeji dot blogspot dot com, thekinkandi dot wordpress dot com) has its limitations. Your host community can exercise certain actions over your content. Someone reported Linda to Google/Blogger for plagiarism, and they took her blog down for a few days. Plagiarism is totally not cool- but If she wasn’t under their control as a sub-domain, they would not have been able to just take her off the internet like that.


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