Hello 2015! We Are Back! :)

IMG_5514Hey guys!

Happy New Year!

We went away, but we are back now. Did you miss us? Because we missed you! 🙂

Christmas was really special. This our LDR is not easy, the last time we saw was Christmas/ New Year 2013/2014, so it was a real blessing to be together & run around for a few days. Not enough time, but still, very very thankful.

Another Video!

We made another video (baby steps, we will get there!) and the lighting is much better in this one. Get to know us better in it, please watch, it’s less than 6 minutes long! We hope you enjoy it. 😀

What Do You Want To See?

As we go into the New Year, we want to know what you guys would like to see. In the past, we had occasional book reviews and Restaurant reviews. You can see the last Restaurant review from October 2013, The Quarter Cafe. We are considering having them as a more regular feature. Beyond these ones (that is, book reviews, eating out reviews) we’d really appreciate it if you let us know what you want to see more of. Thank you. 🙂

Hair in 2015: The Plan Is That There Is No Plan

In our last post, we said we’d talk about 2015 in 2015. Now we are in 2015 and unlike last year, there is no elaborate plan. We are both wondering what our ‘fros are up to, we both feel they aren’t growing. Like after all this good good loving, is this how they repay us? Lol JK.

So for us, the plan for 2015 (as far as hair goals go) is that there is no plan. It remains our priority of course to keep our hair healthy, and we’ll definitely stay woke, and observe any changes but we’ve got no length goals, no nothing goals. No strategy, no plan. As the days come, we’ll be sharing what we are doing, any things we want to stick to, and such. But no pressure this 2015. We are just going to continue being good to the ‘fros and see how they respond.

Alright guys, what are YOUR hair goals this year? And what would you like to see on the blog? We want to know!



23 thoughts on “Hello 2015! We Are Back! :)

  1. Yep it’s definitely good to have you back…. I think book reviews would be good (at least then I can have bragging rights books I probably won’t read on my own🙈🙈 and be encouraged to buy some)… my hair goals would be to reduce breakage and have maximum length retention to sum it up advance from the TWA stage I’m in.


  2. Welcome back!! I don’t believe Ekene doesn’t have friend in Lagos…I would like to see restaurant reviews and other lifestyle things. Maybe more salon reviews too.

    I just started Empire too and Cookie is my fave. 🙂


  3. Welcome back! It was long overdue and I hope i get to win me some goodies this time else… Please more restaurant reviews would be appreciated by me #CertifiedOfoodie


  4. Why am I just seeing this? You both have such beautiful smiles and I want the same superpower as meemee. My bed and I have a special relationship haha! But things won’t get done themselves. *shrug*


  5. I’m glad u guys r back! What I would love to c more of, is u guys tracking down people who want to go natural, and featuring deir transition/BC journey. And also seeing wat products dese natural beauties r curious to try out, whether they are product-junkies or not, and if they feel d natural hair journey is an expensive one,and how much their initial budget for their first set of products is. You guys could also feature shops and super markets in town that sell natural hair stuff, cos not everybody likes to shop online.


  6. *waving vigorously from the back* I’m in Lagos o! What’s the way forward AB?
    I love this video, you guys are cute! Friendship💗💗
    Yes, definitely more reviews


  7. Finally!!.Lovely pictures you two. My goal for this year,2015 is to retain hair growth to the maximum,no breakage or fairy knots, not this year abeg.I would really love book reviews on the blog * I was the kid who slept very late in the night because of a book*


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