Product Review: Mane Choice Manetabolism Hair Vitamins

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Hey beauts!

Happy New Year from MeeMee! The first month in 2015 is almost over and I hope we’re all settling in decently. I just want to say again how amazing you guys are, and you will be reading a lot more from me this year. You have my permission to hold me to that statement.

Now to the business of the day.

Remember when I shared my excitement about trying out the Manetabolism vitamins? I am done with all 60 capsules and I shall now share my results (or nah?) with you.


Before trying these vitamins, I had salivated at the major progress many girls claimed to have with this product on social media. I had never taken any hair/skin vitamins prior to this one. And so, as expected, I had high hopes. Maybe too high. For me, it was about the length and not even the thickness at the time. I had my hair in Marley twists during the month when I took these vitamins and so I had no idea how my hair was faring underneath. But I was really positive. After having my twists in for a little over 4 weeks, I took them out, did the usual ritual with eagerness to do that length check (not pictured here. Perhaps it was anger, but I somehow deleted that picture).

L: 2 days before R: > 30 days after

L: 2 days before R: > 30 days after


What went wrong?!!!

Well, the low hanging fruit will be the fact that I am currently treating heat damage. So right now, my hair is not very healthy. At my last wash day though, I didn’t lose as much hair as I expected so perhaps the pills reduced shedding? But my hair is a lot thinner than I remember it being. I admit that I have not always had dense hair. I also admit that I thought becoming natural will automatically equal high density hair (this deserves a post on it’s own. Can I get a show of hands from my mid – low density sisters in the house?). But this thinness that has accompanied the heat damage is not of God. Comparing the thinness from before I started the pills to after, there has been no significant change.

Lost comrades from the battle of the wash day

Lost comrades from the battle of the wash day


Any side effects

I don’t like that side effects has a bad connotation. It shouldn’t, because it’s basically any off-target effect (i.e. effect that you were not expecting or that the medication was not aimed at). Apart from noticing that my nails feel stronger, there were no noticeable side effects from taking these vitamins. I did not break out, contrary to some reports, neither did I notice any improvement in my skin condition.

Will I be buying this product again?

photo 2 (2)



Yes. But not immediately. I will like to nurse my hair back to life and have my hair be healthy and stable. When this happens, I want to give these vitamins a second chance to prove themselves to me. If I don’t notice substantial change to my hair, only then will I give up on them.

On Hair Vitamins…

Like I said earlier, before manetabolism, I was a hair vitamin virgin. I had never even thought about using them to facilitate hair growth. I am not one to pop pills and I struggle with taking regular everyday vitamins. I don’t believe that hair vitamins are magical. I would like to see the original growth rate of these girls that have shown amazing change in their hair with these vitamins. Chances are that there won’t be any substantial difference with and without vitamins. What this means is that, genetically, they have rapid hair growth while some of us, don’t. So while I think that hair vitamins can help your hair to be healthier and can do its bit to improve your keratin structure, it cannot suddenly turn you into Rapunzel (btw, if Rapunzel had a big ass afro, that “let down your hair” story would not have sufficed) if your ancestors haven’t blessed you with such growth.


What have I rambled on about in essence?

1. My hair doesn’t seem to be growing much.

2. Manetabolism’s magic didn’t work on me in the way I thought it would. Although, it did decrease my shedding.

3. I am not Rapunzel… yet.

4. Vitamins are not magical.

5. Fix my hair, Jesus!

I know Joy, one of our readers, has tried Manetabolism and was not blown away. Has any one had a different or similar experience with these or other hair vitamins? Not to overflog this issue of hair vitamins but any chance your thoughts have changed since the last time we spoke about them? Let’s talk!

We had faux snow days where I live on Monday and Tuesday so my own weekend is just coming to and end and it is my first work day of the week. I hope your week is going really well. Remember, always gauge the type of hair your Rapunzel has before you rely on her letting it down for your transportation. Ok bye!



21 thoughts on “Product Review: Mane Choice Manetabolism Hair Vitamins

  1. I had the same result as you did when I tried out pantovigar (a Russian drug for hair)… my sister with permed hair had amazing results on the contrary so you can imagine my frustration😠😠… I decided to try them some time in the future tho… Thanks I thought I was the only one with hair that didn’t have positive results with vitamins and yes my nails rather grew like crazy!


  2. Well, I think it doesn’t take a month to notice if it works or not, they are meant to be taken over a long period of time, say 3 to 6months. I just started taking NATURES AID, Hair skin and nails, it’s 90 tabs. I am hoping that in three months I would be able to tell if it works or not.


    • Hey, I think it takes a month, because of the product claims. The results Manetabolism shares on facebook & insta show growth within a month, and if one month’s supply isn’t enough to see a difference, I don’t think they’d have sent us just one month’s supply to review.
      If you grow half an inch every month, most hair vitamins (this one included) claim to help you grow twice as much, that is, a full inch. At the end of 3 or 6 months, it’s easier to see the difference of all the months combined, but clearly from these length check photos. Hair has not moved at all. When I tried African Hair Accel vitamins for a month last year, I measured & saw that I grew one inch in front & at the back, and half an inch on the sides, which are twice as slow as the rest of my hair.


  3. I haven’t heard of Manetabolism before, but thanks for this review! I’ve been taking Hairfinity, and I’m just about to approach my 30-day mark. I was all hyped about taking Hairfinity, but now I’m braced for disappointment as I probably will be if my hair hasn’t grown much since I started taking those pills. I can, however, notice that my hair is thicker than when I first started taking them.


  4. I did my had bra strap length but decided to chop due to damages. It was driving me up the wall. I decided to try the mane vitamins as well because I though it was a miracle in a bottle. My hair grew but I’m not sure if its because of the vitamins. My issue though is that my hair is as thin as can be and i never had an issue with my hair being thin. My hair is shedding out of control, i basically have no hair left on my head. I have 2 1/2 more bottles left so I’m wondering if i should continue taking them. Any suggestions to help with me hair?? Desperately in need of help. :(.

    Ps. Not getting it again


  5. I have been taking manetabolism for 2 months and my hair has grown about 3 inches since. The only thing that has suffered is my skin. I have daily breakouts that leave black spots in my face. Once I started increasing my water intake and taking my multivitamin, the breakouts were no longer an issue. My hair had thinned some before I started taking them due to illness but it has thickened back up some. So i guess I am satisfied for the most part. I can just comb my longer hair over the side of my face where the breakouts happened most frequently. 🙂


  6. I thought i was the only one.. I’ve always had a head full of thick hair, that has never been my issues. I started taking Mane choice vitamins for length, not only did my hair get really really thin my hair was shedding like crazy while on the vitamins. At first i thought it might be something i was doing or not doing but i have been taking these vitamins since Sept 2014 till now (may 2015) and my hair is a mess. I’m not upset at the vitamin but i realize they just are not for me. My hair thickness is everything to me. I am going to stop taking these vitamins today with 3 unopened bottles left. 😦


    • girls send them to me im doing my first month but i want to give it at least three months to see any changes but im tight on cash if you dont want them ill try em out for ya email me if you want to send them my way i’ll pay you for the shipping.


  7. I have taken both hairfinity and manetabolism and have found results with both.
    Hairfinity grew my hair an inch and a half in one months time. My hair may only grow a centimeter normally. I noticed it growing the first two weeks then it stopped. Did a little research and found a few things….this all links to manetabolism bare with me…consistency is important as well as nurturing your hair a8 you should normally. Eating right and a regular multivitamin is helpful as well. The thing that speed my growth was water! When taking these vitamins and Any others like manetabolism you need lots of water. Think of your hair as a plant.
    Vitamins are food, but without water it isn’t absorbed efficiently.
    So I took these and a few other tips with me to manetabolism and two weeks…one inch! They are the truth for me!


  8. Once you stop taking Manetabolism be prepared for lots of hair shed. I’ve been trying to get mine back to pre-Manetabolism for 8 MONTHS!!!


  9. I am taking the vitamins and finished my first bottle. I take a multi vitamin and drink plenty of water and I am in the in between stage. No break outs so i plan on taking the next bottle to see if they truly work then on to hairfinity! But this was super helpful and i appreciate this blog!


  10. Hi! are you still taking them? I read that after to stop taking them, you hair growth stops dramatically.Is that true?


    • Hey! I’m not, no. Hmm I won’t say my hair growth stopped dramatically. It has slowed down, yes, but I don’t think it’s because of the vitamin stop.


      • why did you stop taking them? and, have you tried any other hair growth vitamins brand or do you know of any other? thanks honey ❤


  11. I took them for over a month and I had to quit. I was feeling many side effects. Apparently it was because of all the silicons and added fillers that are very unhealthy.. Now what I’m using is all-natural and it has no chemicals. It’s working pretty good for now


  12. Hello ladies! I just would like to say as someone that has taken hair vitamins of different brands in my lifetime. Just want to say that anytime you take a vitamin supplement of any kind that you need to give it time to work! At least 90-120 days to truly see some major results. Depending on your weight and maybe what your body is going through, time is key! If you started to notice your hair shedding less then that means the pills were finally starting to work just imagine another full 3months you really would have had a testimony!!! I know that alot of people give claims of seeing a difference in a week aday or two weeks IMPOSSIBLE!!! It has to really get in your system for some months CONSISTENTLY!!! Long story short does vitamins work yes if you let them does manetabolism work yes if you let them patience is key!!! When you see some progress don’t stop keep going!!! Good luck ladies


  13. Hi has anyone tried their five step silk ending system full of alcohol black hair care products should never have alcohol in them, because it eventually will dry the hair out. Bad decision to buy it . I tried it and I’m not impressed.


  14. Dis is curious I swear I just start taking my mane choice day b4 yesterday trust me all my body is inching me seriously and guess wat I got twoo bottle of mane choice I just took three out of it. Anybody wan na buy it pls I can’t cope again!


    • Did you say you were itching. You maybe allergic to something in it. I chatted with one of the reps and she could not tell me how much MSM is in this product. All other quantity of ingredients is listed. Usually whatever is listed first for ingredients has the largest percentage in the product. Check with your physician.


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