Product Review- Obia Curl Hydration Spray

IMG_5726Hey guys!

Towards the end of last year, I started writing short pieces for The Coco Magazine. This review you’re about to read was first published at Slightly edited for you guys. 🙂


Back in October after our Kinky Apothecary giveaway, I received sample sizes of the Obia Curl Hydration Spray & the Curl Enhancing Cream from The Kinky Apothecary, amongst other things. They weren’t sent to me to review or anything, she’s just nice like that. 🙂

Obia Natural Hair Care is a relatively new kid on the block. I had been reading good things about this handmade line, and was especially excited to get in there because the woman behind it all, Obia Ewah, is a Nigerian in the diaspora. I am happy to report that I was not disappointed!

Product Claims:

Invigorate and hydrate your hair and scalp with natural moisturizers like Argan Oil and Rose Oil. This pH balanced formula conditions, adds shine, and detangles hair without leaving build up or residue.


Purified Water, Vegetable Glycerin, Argan Oil, Rose Oil, Coconut Oil, Soybean Oil, Vitamin E, Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate, Fragrance.

Gluconolactone and Sodium Benzoate work together as preservatives.

First Impressions:

This product comes in a spray bottle with a cap. Simple and functional.

I was very happy with the list of ingredients for the following reasons:

1. This is the first product I’ve seen that advertises itself as enriched with Argan Oil that actually has Argan Oil in the first 3 ingredients. (I know Argan Oil is expensive but camman product manufacturers! Don’t be shouting Argan Oil if you’re only putting like a drop inside)
2. This spray is directed for use on hair and scalp, and unlike quite a few products on the market that claim to be good for hair and scalp, it’s really simple and contains nothing that could cause build up.

First impressions out of the way, did this spray work?

Yes. I used it to moisturize my hair in mini-twists and I needed to use it just twice a week. My hair was well moisturized, with decent shine and I did not experience any build-up. I did not use this to detangle, but I can imagine it working well to dry-detangle. To my very sensitive sniffers, the smell is light and pleasant.

It’s lovely, but you are probably wondering- why? Why spend money on this when you could just make your own spritz with the same ingredients? I guess you’re right. You probably have everything but the last three ingredients. If you do, fine.

But if like me, you’d rather buy a moisturizing spray than make your own, this is for you. Especially when wearing braids or a weave, this Curl Hydration Spray from Obia is an easy way to moisturise your hair and scalp.

This product does as it says, that’s why it gets 5 stars from me.

Where to Find:

In Nigeria: 2500 Naira for 8 oz at The Kinky Apothecary

In the Overs: $10 for 8 oz on Amazon & Obia Natural Hair

So guys. Have you tried this Moisturising spray or anything else from Obia Natural Hair? Do you like?





9 thoughts on “Product Review- Obia Curl Hydration Spray

  1. Reviews on Amazon are about 50/50.
    My biggest concern is one reviewer claimed it has a heavy scent. I have allergies and can not use perfume and scented products.
    Another reviewer, with 4C hair like mine, claimed it didn’t work on hers.
    Sorry. But I think I’ll stay with what works for me. But thank you for always sharing.


  2. Oh well.. I can’t wait for mine to arrive. I have just realised that I am quite the product junkie and it is now my way to harass anyone I know in the obodo oyibo land to buy me one hair product or the other! Seeing as people love me like that, they can’t dare to refuse *please none of them should read this ooo* LOL.


  3. I’ve tried this product and it worked well for me. I found it to be a good product to infuse moisture into my hair without worrying about shrinkage. I’ve also tried the curl enhancing custard, which I absolutely love and will repurchase, and the deep conditioner which is alright but with an over powering scent (at least to me).

    Back to this product, it has a nice faint scent… roses, and it didn’t really linger. As AB said, it’s also a good product to use to maintain braids etc. I definitely see myself repurchasing this when I run out.

    Really good line overall.


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