Learn to Make Your Own Organic Cosmetics!


Come Saturday March 14, (a week after Naturals in The City 10) Natural Nigerian & licensed Formula Botanica tutor Nkechi Ofoegbu will be schooling you (if you sign up) about how to make your own cosmetics. There will be more classes organised in the future, but this one is going to be limited to Anti-Aging Products- serums, face masks and all that good stuff people often pay a lot for. This could be a valuable opportunity to you personally, or with starting a business in mind.

Registration for this workshop will cost you 40,000 naira only. Your 40k will cover the instructional lessons, the materials you will be given to make your own products right there, and a light lunch too.

There is no deadline for registration, but they will stop accepting payments once they reach the maximum class size. Yuup, first come first serve. No crowding!

For more deets, see the poster (above) and if you have questions, email nn@naturalnigerian.com. Before you email her though, you may want to read this FAQ post on her blog here and this one here.

Formula Botanica is a reputable Organic Cosmetic Science School. formulabotanica.com

P.S. In case you missed it, we shared some big news yesterday! Go read all about it here. ^.^




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