The Washday Experience: Making the Best of What You Have

Hey guys!

It’s Monday, it’s a new week, a new month, and I’m excited. I have a very good feeling about the month of March, and I’m extra extra excited for Naturals in The City 10, happening on Saturday! I hope I’ll be seeing you! ^.^

The theme for this meet-up is Making The Best of What You Have and this morning, I realised with gladness that I successfully did quite a bit of improvising last week, with my hair and in the kitchen.

I washed my hair last Monday, intending to twist it when I had more time, at the end of the week. I didn’t want to manipulate my hair in any way, so I spent the week in my mother’s pashminas. I wrapped as my spirit led me and it led me to tie two new styles that I quite liked. My regular Turban style doesn’t look so good when my hair is flattened.

Photo 2-24-15, 14 12 55

Fake-Serious. I was going to a meeting.

Sunny Saturday & I was feeling bright!

Sunny Saturday & I was feeling bright!

By Saturday, I was ready to twist but I could not. My hair smelled a little stale (EWWW lol) From going out into the hot sun with my head wrapped tight, and being indoors with a satin bonnet on and no AC (thank you, PHCN!), my hair had not had much space to breathe. I am determined to carry these twists for at least 4 weeks, so twisting slightly unclean hair just doesn’t sound right even though I’d still wash my hair while wearing the twists.

So. What To Do??

I didn’t want to shampoo, or cowash. My hair wasn’t dirty, I just needed it to feel fresh. I needed something that would be good for my hair as well as my scalp. I thought- mudwash? And then- nahhhh. I had no Aloe Vera Juice or honey to mix my bentonite clay with as I normally do. Mudwashes can be drying if not mixed with the right ingredients, and that was the only way I knew how. Coincidentally, Dumsy of Grow! Growing! Grown! tweeted me at that moment about mudwashing. After talking about it for a bit with her, I thought, why not? Afterall, I had the most important element, bentonite clay itself.

I poured some clay into a small bathroom bowl, and added my oils: JBCO and olive oil. My Thayer’s Rose Petal  Witch Hazel Astringent has some Aloe Vera Juice and glycerine in it lol so I started pouring that too, but stopped myself after like 30 seconds because pleeeease! I’m not ready to buy another bottle for 3000 naira. ( ._.)

So I went to the fridge and I found a bottle of Forever Aloe Living Orange Flavoured Aloe Vera Juice. Lord knows I would have used it, but again, thank you NEPA, it looked like it had gone bad, so I trashed it. I took one last look and found a miserable looking bottle of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar in the fridge pocket lol and decided to risk it, despite my not great experience with ACV in the past.


Clay + Oils + ACV (+ like a tablespoon of Thayers Astringent) went into the bowl. I had no plastic spoon, so I mixed it with my hands. It was really lumpy but I did not care. No photos because I was too busy struggling to make it work!

I wet my chunky twists a bit, and twist by twist, I smoothed the mudwash into my hair, and rubbed it onto my scalp. I covered with a shower cap and went to finish with dinner. By the time I was done, about forty minutes later, I stepped into the shower to rinse. I don’t have a shower mirror, so I took my time with the showerhead, rinsing until the water leaving my hair was clear.

Photo 2-28-15, 20 24 55

Scalp clean now, my coils were happy, hydrated, and poppin! My hair was BUTTER SOFT, touching it felt like eating white chocolate, I’m not even playing!

When I try a Wash N’ Go again, it’s definitely going to be after a mudwash!

Photo 2-28-15, 20 25 27I barely needed any detangling because it was stretched in twists all week, but I’d like you to know that mudwashes always leave me with tangle free hair.

I finished off with chunky twists after applying Cantu Leave-In Conditioning Repair Cream and Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey. You can say that I did the L.O.C method- Liquid Oil Cream, using the sealant before my creamy leave-in, but it wasn’t intentional. I usually go with the leave-in first, and then seal, but my hair didn’t feel any different. *shrug*

Since I got my trim, it has been hard to hold my hair in chunky twists because I don’t have any thin ends to secure them. Again, I improvised. After chunky twisting, I pinned the twists down like so:

Photo 2-28-15, 20 50 48

Not the best picture but you get the idea?

I oiled the spaces between sections with the Wild Growth Hair Oil. I should commit to using this oil consistently for a while and see what happens. I do not have any expectations though. 🙂

Currently wearing my hair like this, about to put on another headwrap and head out to drop off an order (yes, you can now shop our favourite things here)  but I shall twist my hair tonight, or tomorrow!

I hope you have a great week! To leave you with a quote like my favourite fake journalist Mary Jane Paul:

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. (Arthur Ashe)




P.S. You really should consider trying a mud wash! I wrote about my First Mudwash in detail here.

22 thoughts on “The Washday Experience: Making the Best of What You Have

  1. I love that first turban! I didn’t reall have a great experience with the Rhasoul clay I got from kl’s naturals. It was too messy and my hair was just bleh afterwards. For all that mess its not worth it for me. I might try it again with acv before the year runs out, and if I don’t get good results its byebye birdie!


  2. Hahahha nice. Your turban looks really nice and the mud wash results look amazing!! I am going to tecount my experience with the rhassoul on my blog later this week. Thanks for the shout out btw. ☺️😳. Oh about your trim, did you do it yourself? I need one to get rid of the little straight ends i have, but I am scared to do it myself.


  3. Wild Growth!! My hairdresser when relaxed used that religiously in her salon (and still do) but I haven’t used it in forever. may stop and get me a bottle and see if it does anything. Happy hair days to you 🙂


  4. That first turban looks sooo beautiful on you!!!! My go to style for bad hair days/lazy days/busy schedules…lol..reminded me of when I went full force with the turbans for 6 straight days!!! two weeks back. I was just waayyy to busy with school! By the way….my turbans never come out looking nice on flattened hair. so i always double wrap for fullness…(is that healthy for my hair?). I would be trying a mudwash soon. Never Have I done it before, but I’m excited!


  5. I’ve yet to try mudwashing. I just have a number of products I feel like I need to get through before trying new things lol. That’s probably just my frugality talking! But your results make me want to jump right in 🙂


  6. I love your head wraps!…I have never tried a mud wash,but hope to do so.About the PHCN issue;they’ve been giving us light regularly since the campaign for election started.Sorry for all the suffering,o well


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