What’s In Mee’s Bag

photo 2 (6)


This is a long overdue tag by Afoma of ihundasmusings.com. I was a little reluctant because my bag = dump. But hey! I finally gave it a good spring cleaning and overhaul. You’ll be surprised how much money ends us hiding in my bag, never be to discovered until decades later. I’ll probably be one of those grandmas that’ll bequeath her handbag to her favourite grandchild. This grandchild will get mad when she finds out that all she gets is grandma’s old, cluttered handbag. But one day, three years later, when she decides to clean out the bag, she’ll find so much money stashed away, she won’t know what to do with herself. Nollywood, knock yourself out.

Alrighty, here are the contents of my everyday bag:

photo 1 (7)


(Bottom – Top):

1. Wallet: My mum ‘bought’ this for me for my 19th birthday (she probably doesn’t know she did). I can’t bring myself to change it after all this time.

2. Glasses case.

3. Umbrella: Yup, spring is sorta kinda here. Which means non-stop rain.

4. Glam Body Lotion: Kim K’s product line. I really like it. It’s shimmery and smells really good. I use it as a hand lotion.

5. EOS Lip Balm: Whoever invented this packaging basically discovered gold. Everybody and their mother has one of these, if not multiple.

6. Keys: You see that keyholder with the star? My romantic friend, Uby, named a star after me for my 21st birthday. The keyholder was sent from the astrologers as a memento.

7. Revlon lip butter (pink truffle)

8. Painkillers. Not sure why those are in there. I probably got them once, a year ago, on an emergency, and they just never left the bag.

9. Flowery tag thingy: Supposed to be for IDs and keys or something. Everyone was getting one at work and I got one too because, crowd mentality.

10. Little book: I write. I prefer pen and paper to typing. So I use this book for when I’m on the go and am hit with a brilliant idea.

11. Work ID.

12. Blister lip balm: perfect for winter.

13. H&M matte lipstick

14. Revlon (black cherry): Favourite lipstick.

15. Hand sanitizers.

16. Index cards: I have no idea why I carry this around.

17. Baby wipes: From spills to runny nose to bathroom saviour. I have made a habit of having these in my bag. They’re great.

And that’s my bag’s content.

That’s all folks! I hope you have a brilliant start to the new week, beauts!

– MeeMee


4 thoughts on “What’s In Mee’s Bag

  1. That notebook is so pretty! I’m such a pen and paper girl but I’m always so worried someone will start reading all I’ve been writing so I stopped carrying a book around.


  2. Gosh you bag is so organized and the contents are similar to mine including the random cash…but add to that a clutter of receipts, little slips of paper with phone numbers I never discard and an empty biscuit packet I gave up looking for when I finally found the trash can and you can guess why I’d be reluctant to show my bag…lol!

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