Product Review: Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade

Hello beautiful people!

I hope your week is off to a great start. You can think of today’s review as 2 in 1.  Here’s why:

Oyin Handmade offers two sugar pomades- Burnt Sugar and Sugar Berries. They are exactly the same, save for one thing, the fragrances. I wiped clean a 4 oz tub of the Burnt Sugar Pomade between October and February. I can’t tell you how the Sugar Berries pomade smells, but this review has you covered on everything else about it. 

The Burnt Sugar Pomade smells amazingggggg, like sugar biscuits. It’s a strong scent, but I love it and I am confident that you probably would too! 


Castor oil, Hydrogenated soybean oil, Organic virgin coconut oil, Mango seed oil, Olive oil, Unrefined hempseed oil, Candelilla wax, Cocoa butter, Broccoli seed oil, Fragrance… and love!

Product Claims

Similar in texture to an old school ‘hair grease,’ This blend of oils, butters, and veggie waxes acts as a humectant and protectant for hair, increasing shine to a high glossy sheen and locking in moisture. It’s packed with essential fatty acids to nourish scalp, and actually sinks into your hair and skin for a long lasting, non-greasy feeling. It’s great for braids, imparts shine and moisture to loose hair, brushes nicely into the hairline for a glossy finish, and adds luster to locks! 

Directions for use:

Rub between your fingers or palms to soften/liquefy. Use to moisturize scalp, to twist locs, to seal the ends of twists or braids, to polish a pulled-back style or an updo, to add weight to the canopy of your hair, to weigh down flyaways or control frizz, or to create waves on super short cuts. 

My Experience

When I first opened it, it was kind of gritty with granules. I think cosmetics people call this “beads”. The makers anticipated this, because on the label they said to microwave for like a minute. I did this, let it cool and that was that. It solidified, perfectly smooth with no beads. 

I used this pomade mainly as a sealant and a styler. I used it on its own to style my hair in mini-twists, and I used it in conjunction with hair puddings and hair mousse for curly styling- twist outs, perm rod sets, braid outs. It worked really well. I also used it to oil my scalp, and occasionally, to smooth my edges. It didnot give long lasting hold to my kinky 4C edges when compared to gel or edge control, but I think it would do better for this purpose, on less kinky hair types. 

This Oyin Handmade Sugar Pomade is a hard one to dislike. Multi-functional, it kept my hair feeling soft and moisturised, AND smelling good enough to eat. 

I can be a little heavy handed with products, but my hair was not greasy & it did not feel weighed down by this. However, at $13.99 for 4 oz and $20.99 for 8 oz, you may find it a litttttle pricey. ( ._.)

Where To Find:

Oyin Handmade Website and Amazon. 

I had MeeMee buy it for me last year, but I do remember seeing it in Calabar at Rita’s Beauty Solutions, Adiabo Close off Marian Road. Maybe she still stocks it. 

If you’ve seen this product anywhere else in the country, please share in the comments! 🙂




11 thoughts on “Product Review: Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade

  1. God bless you AB hunnay.
    I actually went through my NC newsletters for the week and some how bumped into Oyin Handmade products and I so desperately wanted to read a Nigerian review on their products.
    This helps a lot.
    If you know anyone who has reviewed the Hair Dew or any other, please holla at a sister.

    Bookie Kunlere


  2. Oyin handmade products, my hair loves dem. Dey re my stables, I use juice and berries, d hair dew, burnt sugar and hemp conditioner. I get my stock from amaila.


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