Get 10% Off Your Nazuri Curls!

Hello people!

What’s good? 🙂

My long weekend hasn’t been too awesome, thanks to bluddy mosquitoes, they finally got to me! >_< At the same time, I’m pretty thankful I’ve been down this weekend and not during the week. Better when you’re comfortably at home with nothing much to do, right?

So. If you follow @thekinkandi on Instagram, you already know that I’m kinda sorta protective styling again with my Nazuri Curls extensions from last year.


I’m getting to know the hair again, wearing it differently, so I’ll be sharing a lot of this in weeks to come. How I’m blending, managing, styling, and so on.


The lovely ladies at Nazuri Curls are offering 10% off Nazuri Curls extensions (from now till October 12, 2015) if you use our special discount code: KINKANDI.

If you have any questions about this hair, anything at all, feel free to ask in the comments but please visit their website first:






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