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My name is Tosyn Bucknor and I am a wordsmith (I love to work with words). I sing, write, and also host the morning show on Top Radio 90.9 as well as vlogs and podcasts. I stay busy! I live and work in Lagos and wow, I have done that all my life although I do love to travel!

I also love experimenting with my hair, health, face, etc. So I am one to try new diets, beauty tips, etc. I once tried the lemon water thing, the no-carbs diet, and even washed my hair with coke… Yup! You can read all about that on my blog

Have you always had locs? What inspired you to get them? 

I had my hair relaxed when I was in primary school, so no I have not always had locs although my dad and sister were born with natural locs. I hated salons, relaxing my hair, braiding etc. Like it took too much time and just stressed me out. Plus my hair was so tough that I could put relaxer on, sleep, wake up and it still would not have relaxed.

 Eventually, spurred on by a friend’s lie that her afro was natural and she had cut her hair, I shaved mine. Made me so happy! It grew out and I was really aiming for an afro but it was so tough that combing made me cry. One day I braided then loosened it but did not comb and I liked how it looked. Then I cut my hair again and when it was short I started to twist. Took me the whole day (it was a  Sunday) but I liked how it looked and I have done it myself since then. Till today i call my hair twists, not locs.

How did your family and friends feel about your going natural/getting locs, how do they feel about your hair now?

My family is a bit eccentric so twists was the least of their worries. I did have to cut it for Law school though… that made me angry. 

Tell us about your hair! Does she have a name? how does she feel? What do you love the most about your locs? 

Err… lol
My hair is stubborn, loves to be pampered and cooperates with my experiments. I just love that it is easy to maintain and just beautiful and lovely and can be glam depending on styling. I love it!

What do you like the least? Is there anything you’d change?

I love it all and if I could change anything I would just re-twist it a lot tinier.

Are you a less-is-more girl with your hair or do you go all out?

I am both. More less-is-more but when I have an interview, or need to host an event, my tv shows and some vlogs I will go all out.

Shrinkage- is it a feature of locs? How do you fight it or embrace it?

Oh I do not know about that o. Not sure I experience it…

What’s your regimen like? 

On Washday, I use my favourite shampoo (no free endorsements), dry and then put baby oil.
Weekday mornings, I am more focused on rushing out so I tend to put some hair cream and style quickly. I have some great hairstyles I do in ten minutes or less. 

Go-to hair style?

My go-to hair style is either the ten minute braid for a simple but glam look, or packed in a bun with or without a fringe. 

Hair product or step that no woman should ever skip?

I think every one is different!

2 absolute loc DON’TS?

– Don’t compare; no two locs are the same
– Don’t hate it

If you had one hair regret, it would be…

My hair being relaxed!

2 things your hair cannot do without?

Baby oil and sleep!

Share your favourite styling tip/secret?

Use an old toothbrush to brush your hair, use baby oil, alice bands, wraps and accessories transform simple to glam in seconds!

Greatest discovery in your hair journey that totally changed your hair game?

Someone said, I cut my hair and went ‘natural’ because I saw your hair journey. That really put things in perspective for me. I wear my hair because it is easy for me but for it to be aspirational? Made me want to take even better care of it.

Any hair challenges or bad habits you’re trying to break?

I keep forgetting the last time I washed it so I either wash too close to the last wash or leave it for too long

Please don’t go 😦 Where can you be found?

The Tosyn Bucknor Company
Twitter: @tosynbucknor 
Thank you so much Tosyn for sharing your journey with us today! 
If you’d like to be our Hairspiration soon, just email:

4 thoughts on “Hairspiration! : Tosyn

  1. She strikes me as the kinda gal u can just talk to freely and have fun. Her full of life personality even reflects in her hair-styles.

    she is right about one thing though, your hair can be an inspiration to someone else.


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