Lazy Washday

Hello beautifuls!

How is your week going?

Mine’s going okay. Yesterday was Washday for me. You know how something feels like a long thing and you keep procrastinating until you have no choice? That’s what happened. I’ve been too busy on the weekends, to wash my hair. It was rather dull looking and my scalp was making it rain with them flakes yesterday lol so I knew I just had to wash it. Thankfully, I got off work early but I still wasn’t quite in the mood.

I tried something new yesterday and so far, so good. Hair looks good and my scalp is not revolting.

1. First, I sectioned my hair. Twisted sections of the weave track by track, and I also twisted my own hair left out.

2. I applied shampoo (L’oreal Ever Sleek Smoothing Shampoo)to my dry scalp. Rubbed it between my tracks like I’d apply an oil.

3. Then, I filled a spray bottle with warm water, sprayed water on the shampooed spaces and gently rubbed with my fingers to encourage the dirt and debris to lift. This particular spray bottle is one of those annoying ones that don’t know how to spray lightly. It’s just all over the place, and so I’m happy I’ve found a new use for it now. πŸ™‚

4. Then bending over in the bathroom, I poured warm water all over my head. And distributed the lather. After washing, I rinsed till my hair was clean and free of the shampers. It felt soooo good to have a clean scalp.

5. This is where my laziness started. To condition, I applied my fave Nothing But Intense Healing Mask to my own hair, and the Herbal Essences Honey I’m Strong conditioner to the weave. I detangled the weave with my detangling brush (so good!) and twisted as I went. By the time I was done, I was thinking, hmmm I don’t want to have to do this again. Most of the times I wash my hair in twists, they loosen in the process and I have to re-twist again before I can call it a day.

So what did I do? I didn’t.Β 

I didn’t rinse out the conditioners. I was going to, but by the time I was done making dinner, they had been fully absorbed by hair and weave. Also, I remembered that two of our Hairspirations, Aboyowa (westafricanbaby on YouTube/ Insta) and Tosyn Bucknor from last week skip the deep conditioning step in their regimens. Aboyowa (see her feature here) just shampoos and goes straight to using a leave-in, as her conditioning step. And Nibi of ‘The Kinky Apothecary’ has mentioned that she prefers using the Shea Moisture Shea Butter Masque as a styler, and not as the deep conditioner it is intended to be. So I thought. Let me try this and see. Plus, the ingredients of the Intense Healing Mask are pretty clean so, it was an easy decision. No silicones, no mineral oil, nothing I’d be worried about leaving in my hair.

This morning, I just oiled my scalp with the Haitian Castor oil and wrapped my hair up still in twists (in a scarf).

I just know that the day I'd actually need to wear a turban, recreating this will be a struggle!

I just know that the day I’d actually need to wear a turban, recreating this will be a struggle!

I got to work early so I was able to take the twists down and prep my hair for the day.

I don’t think I’ll make this a habit lol but it feels good to know that I can buy or travel with just one conditioner- or that on a lazy day, I can use my DC as a leave-in.

P.S. If you have a sensitive scalp or scalp condition, you may want to have a plan B if you try this- just in case your scalp revolts.

When was your last Washday? What have you done differently lately with your regimen? And yes, we are now on the Snap. Let’s be friends on Snapchat: thekinkandi πŸ™‚




**this is part of a healthy hair linkup, The Wash Day Experience.**


19 thoughts on “Lazy Washday

  1. I love when you said “making it rain those flakes” I enjoyed this my wash day was yesterday and I as well have been procrastinating, I decided to leave in my conditioner over night and wash it out right about now lolπŸ’ this was a great read luvπŸ’


  2. You had me cracking up chica! I have wash days where my intent is just to use conditioner to detangle then co-wash…but I fall asleep! The next morning, I usually end up rocking a high curly puff and calling it a day!

    Thanks for sharing your #washdayexperience! Don’t forget to add your badge! You can find it here.


  3. The way you care for your hair ehn. Now I know why length retention is my headache. 😞 my wash day experiences are very far from yours simply because I wash once I feel my hair is dirty and I’ve basically been Co-washing for about a month now; Sometimes thrice in 2weeks. I need help!😱


  4. Once l left my conditioner (Aussie moist) overnight. It gave me an inexplicable itch when I washed it out. PS u are supposed to review Aussie moisture deep conditoner,I feel like I don’t use it properly.


  5. I’d love to get the “nothing but intense healing” conditioner but for how long does it last? And the “honey I’m strong” as well. Plus how much does it (honey I’m…) cost?


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