Hair Lately

I’m at this point where I don’t really know what to do with my hair, but I’ll work it out.

Having long established that I like to deal with my hair dry and stretched, my greatest challenge now is to figure out how to keep it so for like 3 days at least. In other words, I REALLY need to learn how to cornrow and flat twist. Anyhoo… Here’s what I’ve been up to since I took out the Nazuri Curls.

I really can’t remember how I wore my hair on Monday morning lol. Maybe I wore the struggle flat twists I was given over the weekend? Can’t remember.

Tuesday, I tried to convince my hair into some kind of updo lol. Plenty tuck in here, tuck in there action at the back, with twists in front.


On Tuesday night, I braided and twisted my hair with a combo of the Curls Creme Brûlée Lotion and the Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste. Fine, my hair was super dry so I applied a bit of product (like 2 oz for the whole head) because I thought my thirsty hair would drink it all in before morning. Nope. I loosened all the senrenren on Wednesday morning to damp hair with zero definition, shrinking right before my eyes. Plan B? A puff.


Thursday? I had a better updo, I think. Similar to Monday’s but it needed less bobby pins. It was more like fold and pin. IMG_8259

On Friday, I went with le shrunken fro. I was so tired on Thursday that I slept off without twisting my hair at night. I woke up with serious bed head and I didn’t even bother trying to detangle. I spritzed the hair, rubbed a little conditioner, raised it with my Afro pik in many places and patted down for shape. This resulted in a lot of tanglesssss my days.

tears on tears on tears

tears on tears on tears

Still, your girl had no time over the weekend. NO time. It wasn’t being lazy, I just had to make a mental list of all the things demanding my energy and hair had to have a few seats. This is one of the times I say it’s just hair. Sure, I’m going to take time out soon and treat my hair to a nice relaxing spa day, but when you have a lot to do, it’s totally okay to do less. Your hair won’t fall off, lol.

I simply got in the shower and after wetting my hair, I saturated it with Hello Hydration. I detangled with my fingers and a wide tooth comb, chunky twisting each section as I went. Then I rinsed with cold water, but not entirely, leaving some of the conditioner in. Standing in front of the mirror after this co-wash shower, I applied slight dabs of my Carol’s Daughter Mimosa Hair Honey pomade to each section to seal in the moisture. I untwisted the loose twists (loose because of the washing) smoothed the pomade in & loosely twisted back.

About an hour later, my mom helped me thread (I didn’t know she had such skills lol 🙂 ) For the sections that were too wet, I blotted them with paper towels. She’s a busy woman but I hope we can make this a regular thing ( ._.) I wore the thread till Monday morning.

See. The way Lagos traffic is set up, 10 minutes can make all the difference in the world. I wake up at 5am and I’m out the house most days, by 6. I refuse to wake up at 4:30 because of hair. And I can’t afford to stay till 6:30 either. So I do my best to leave the house early, and then I do my hair in the bathroom at work before 8 or before anyone else gets there. So. I’m not ashamed to be out in the morning with rods in my hair or a scarf tied in a funny way. Not sorry at all. No time.

My hair was dry, and super stretched. Loved it, loved it! Threading is nice o, but I don’t know how I feel about wrapping my head every weekend, because I’m rarely home. I don’t have that many scarves, and my head tying game is really not that strong.

You know, the next time I straighten my hair I think I’m just going to thread and give myself time to air dry in advance. I arranged it into my best style yet, and I really liked it.





This work or professional styling thing, I’ll figure it out. Yes I will. 🙂

In other news, my phone fell on Saturday and though there are no signs of breakage, my main camera has stopped working. The front one still works but what’s going on with the main? Where there is life, there is hope, abi? On the bright side of things, I’m getting my blogging mojo back!

I want to know what you’ve been up to lately with your hair, anything in particular you’re dealing with, talk to meeeeee. 




28 thoughts on “Hair Lately

  1. Hello Ab..
    I’m 8months PostBc and my hair is about 5”.
    I too am having the same problem with styling..
    Yesterday i did bantu knots all by my self (I have a pretty full head of hair) and ended up taking them out this morning and i’m so lost on what to do with my hair.
    By the way your hair is lovely.. :*

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  2. Hey Dear, I’m transitioning. It’s been 7 months since I relaxed and I have very stubborn hair so it looks more like 1 year. But my hair texture is just not cooperating. Should I used a texturizer or not. What are the pros and cons if I should. And would It still be considered a natural hair? I also heard about the mega growth pills, is it an advisable option to acquire more length?

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    • Hi Jay, do you deep condition often? There’s no stubbornness that consistent DCs with a product your hair loves can’t fix. Technically speaking, texturised hair is not “natural” BUT at the same time, I know a few people with 4C hair who texturise their hair. They don’t see any difference in the coils as they appear. Still, try DC-ing, it can change your parade. Growth Pills are yet to convince me. If you grow half an inch a month, pills may give you an extra half-inch. Not worth the money, in my opinion.


  3. LOL I thought I was the only one going through this phase, I don’t know what to do with my hair anymore. Tried a bantu knot, my head looked funny, knotted it out the hair wouldn’t curl, did a twist out and it didn’t even last a day. I wonder if my hair is protesting, I know it will get better though. Right now I just flat twist at night and wear a puff the next morning- the hair’s sure happy about this. I’m thinking of straightening it soon. Lovely hair you’ve got on your head!

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  4. I’m really loving all these ‘tuck in here & there’ and ‘fold & pin’ styles you’re doing. I’ve been thinking of trying these kinds of styles since my hair never works with twist outs, or bantu knot outs or anything really. Right now, my hair is just flat twisted on my head, there like that, but school is starting in less than a week’s time, then I’ll be like ‘what to do now?’ #foreverclueless.


  5. That puff though!!!>> beautiful and on #fleek.
    Lol at “She’s a busy woman but I hope we can make this a regular thing ( ._.)”
    I love the threading results and the hairstyle afterwards. My hair is in twists such as your post threading hairstyle. I am trying to get my edges back. I lost some because I left my braids (I got done in Ghana) in a little too long and they started to pull out my edges. Such life…lol
    Great & detailed post. I’m glad your getting your mojo back 🙂

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