A New Journey?

Hello Beautifuls!

How is the going going?

We are okay. MeeMee just moved into the apartment of her dreams, and I’m the new girl again, at a new (and better) job! Happy times over here. 🙂 We hope you’re doing great!


Yung Rapunzel

I’ve been in box braids for two weeks, I think I’ll carry them for one or two more.

I’ll be the third natural at work (whoop whoop) so I’m not worried at all about how my hair will be received.

I think my natural hair journey, or my idea of it, is taking on a different form- adding more layers. I did not think I’d get here when I started, but I’m changing. I remember seeing a tweet a few months ago, about how in the year 2035, every woman will be a beauty blogger, lol. It was funny, it threw shade on the surface- but there’s more under that. Maybe this is for a different day’s discussion, but one angle today. Beauty blogging in every form may seem superficial, but it’s definitely more than teaching or learning how to be pretty and ‘on fleek’, at least to me. I think it’s about self-care. And that at some point, it encourages you to look within. You start to ask yourself- does it really make sense to care so much about what you expose your hair to, and at the same time ignore what you do with your body? How sway?

I’ve been breaking out a lot in the last one year, and it’s getting to me, if I’m being honest. I’ve tried a few things, I’ve had people suggest SO much- and no, I will not be trying all the cures they propose. One lesson from all the advice I’ve been getting is this- skin care is really a very specific thing. If you expect something that works for others to work for you, you’re just going to be very sad. I’m drinking a lot of water (always have), I haven’t used a towel on my face in ages, I take off my makeup, I do not let my hair products get on my skin (I’ve always hated that), I change my pillowcase every week- and more. Trust me, I have used a few of the products suggested to me (before and after suggestions) and my skin is just not impressed. So. To paraphrase Ms Hill, how can you win when you aren’t right within? Instead, I’m going to do my best to focus more on nourishing the self- I think that’s a better plan than trying everybody’s solution.

I still don’t like to exercise. It’s harder now because I can only do it on weekends, and weekends I want to sleep in. And though I know it does make me feel better later later, I really don’t see me cherishing workout time, ever. LOL. But, I’m getting there. Hopefully, I get to a point where I make it a habit, whether I like it or not. I’ll let you know when I take the first step, haha.

I tried a DIY facial last weekend, and recently it occurred to me that since I ran out of lotion weeks ago, I have been using coconut oil. For months now, I’ve been using Hempseed oil on my face (2 drops), morning and night. Am I not a sheabutter carefree black girl already? JK JK. But really though. Whether they’re capable of being absorbed into my bloodstream or not, I’m just at a place where I’m trying to simplify things. Why use a lotion with a long list of ingredients that I don’t understand at first glance, when I could just use coconut oil?

I’ve flirted with the idea of going vegan or vegetarian once or twice but nope, not as a lifestyle. I love meat and you can’t really convince me that some animals do not exist to be eaten. (Hey, no offence meant to our vegan/vegetarian followers!) I’m trying to change my food habits though, it’s less about a diet, and more about changing my lifestyle- eat more fruit and veg, eat less processed food and sugar- the aim is to be as critical of everything as I am of hair products and practices. This part is not easy because I LOVE my sweets and my dairy. 😦

Altogether, eating clean can look like such a pain, but I’m beginning to see that it doesn’t have to be. I will be blogging more about food in the days to come. Sharing the ways I make this journey easier for myself. Raise your hands if you were already kickin’ it with The Kink and I in the beginning, when I did food posts? You were? And you’re still here, I appreciate you. We appreciate you all, new and old. 🙂

The lovely Kesia of Island Kynks featured me on her blog, please go see it and check her blog out here. Don’t forget that till October 12, you can get 10% off your Nazuri Curls purchases when you use our discount code: KINKANDI. MeeMee ordered a wig from them by the way, I can’t wait till she blogs about it!





26 thoughts on “A New Journey?

  1. This is a very tangential comment, but I think is great that in life, there is always a journey – multiple, even, at any one given time. We’re always always trying to figure something out. I think that your skin is going through a phase and if this is what will you help you do better with what goes inside, brilliant! But I feel pretty confident that this will pass.


  2. I have been battling acne ever since I hopped on the puberty train and believe me,there’s nothing I haven’t tried from tomato to lemon to all kinds of chemicals camouflaged as cleansers.I was surfing through the Internet when I saw “oil cleansing” with castor oil only or a mixture of castor and olive oil(try googling it)I have been using this since 3 months ago and it’s getting better by the day


  3. Awesome. At least I don’t have to do this alone. I recently started a this ”heathy eating and lifestyle” challenge 2 weeks ago in a bid to shed some weight. I found out that I have added a lot of weight in so little time. I realized that I haven’t been eating the right kinds of food at the right time in the right amount. But now, I can still eat 5 times a day and not worry about my weight. So I’m really working toward it. holding on to my water bottle and walking(+ my playlist) has really helped tremendously. it’s only been two weeks but i’m so glad am making progress and seeing some little changes. I really don’t know what to call it but whatever it is healthier lifestyle? It’s definitely working out well for me. I also recently signed into a gym hoping to workout 3 times a week. It’s really exciting.
    The most effective way to do it is to just do it. That’s what keeps me going whenever I feel like grabbing my favourite cupcake or some fried chips 🙂

    Coily Head of Hair


  4. hi Ekene,
    I agree skin care is very specific. I once was not able to find my body lotion cos I moved to a new country and I tried shea butter cos everyone says it’s good for the skin but i had rashes all over my skin 2 days after, then I stopped using it and my skin went back to normal.
    I have a hair related problem though, my back hair is cutting so badly. It looks like I shaved it, I have no idea why. I cant even keep my fro cos of the big patch at the back. The front, centre and the side are so full and doing so well but there’s a big patch at the patch at the back that looks even worse than a TWA. Its bin like 3 months now and I thought it would stop cutting and at least try to catch up with the rest of my hair but it’s even getting worse.


  5. Hello! welcome back to planet Earth 🙂 Congrats on the new job!

    Re breakout, I think you should see a dermatologist. I can testify to the goodness of one (I can send you before and after photos if you are interested). I think the dermatologist will give more evidence based guidance as to how to tackle this breakout issue. It is not easy mehn!

    Your braids is/are on fleek gurl *snappingfingers*. I have seen my next hair style.


  6. Hey boo! I definitely agree with MeeMee! It will pass eventually. I think you’re going the right way, simplifying and cleaning up your diet and improving your lifestyle choices. Just keep at it and you will see results. Congrats on the new job and on your new apartment, MeeMee xxx


  7. I want to comment on every single point in this post, but space. First off, that first picture is perfect. Take it from someone who’s been looking for a good selfie for weeks. You garrit.
    I can’t wait for your food and lifestyle posts. I’m doing all sorts of new things and it’s exciting to do them alongside you and Nafisah above.
    I love healthy food by default but I also love and will NOT be parted from my ice cream, chocolate and cakes when I crave them.
    As for exercise, you get to love it when you make yourself do it consistently. Believe me. Not before. An acquired taste of sorts.


  8. Congrats on the new apartment, MeeMee and the new job, Ekene!
    I’ve been struggling with eating healthy and working out but I know that I just have to stop making excuses and get off my lazy ass because I’ve added soooo much weight 😥
    Regarding, the breakouts, I am team it-shall-pass. A couple of years ago, out of the blue, I was breaking out so bad and I tried EVERYTHING. Funbact-A was the only thing that actually gave me a glimmer of hope but in all honesty, giving up and letting go did the magic.
    Nigerian and Natural


  9. rotflol at the vegan line, how many nigerians are vegan or vegetarian? it’s not in us. I too started this ‘at least a fruit a day’ thing (you cant take me away from Coke though). how about meditation or yoga for exercise?


  10. Lovely blog. Wouldn’t oils just help the bacteria in the pimples grow more?How about seeking for professional help? I know a good dermatology/aesthetic medicine clinic : Laserderm Clinics at Victoria Island. All the best


    • Thanks Leema. 🙂 Hempseed oil is supposed to be great for acne prone oily skin. Some call it nature’s most balanced oil. Using it hasn’t made my face worse than using a regular lotion, and, it’s just 1 or 2 drops per use anyway.


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