Happy Independence Day!

Hello lovers!

Happy Independence Day, my Naija sisters and brothers! How are you spending your day off? 

I’ve finally figured out how to cope with my new schedule, and I’m almost done developing my next hair policy. Yes, I said policy lol. Pictures from NITC 12 will be up tomorrow, so come back for that but today, I’d like us to do something else 🙂

It’s Independence Day, and a lot of time is spent on this day analyzing Nigeria, and we are almost always doing the same thing- moaning about the state of the country. We can choose instead, to think about how to make it better. Private charity can be NO substitute to proper governance & institutions, but still it helps. 

And you, yes you, little you, can help an orphan go to school. The Pearls & Springs Foundation runs an academy for less privileged orphans called the Renaissance Academy. They need so many things- but top on the list right now, they need to move to a better building, and pay one year’s rent for it. They also need new classroom furniture. And the target is pretty small guys. 500,000 naira. Five hundred thousand naira only. 

If 500 people give 1000 naira each, they can make it. It’s really simple. You can donate online, on RSVP here. Or you can pay it into, or transfer to their bank accounts. 1k is only the minimum, feel free to give more if you want!

Account name: Pearls and Springs Foundation

GT Bank: 0164429670

Diamond Bank: 0058836155

For more information, visit: Facebook.com/pearlsandsprings

God bless you as you give. Please share this with your friends too. 

Have a great holiday!





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