#ThrowBackThursday: Shuku, No Base.


Shuku Ologede

Hi beautifuls!

What’s good?

I just remembered that I did not document my short-lived hair adventure from a few weeks ago.

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For a while, my mother had been suggesting that I did shuku. For our non-Nigerian readers, shuku is the Yoruba name for the braided hairstyle I’m wearing in these photos.

I really wasn’t sure about wearing shuku, but then, I saw E in my office rocking it quite beautifully. I finally decided to give it a try after I took my braids out. It cost me only 500 naira (less than $3) to do.


I did it the day before Naturals in The City 12. And as it always is, when I try something new with my hair, or something I’ve never done with a particular stylist, I’m never comfortable with it in the beginning. It always takes some getting used to. It didn’t help that my mom who instigated this experiment did not like the outcome. She suggested that maybe I should have done it with the inverted braids (didi), and that the top of the shuku should have been placed higher, to be easily visible from the front. Valid points for next time if there’s going to be a next time. She also said she thought the hair was basic (bahahaha) and not funky at all. She really said BASIC, and that I looked like (my name was) Shukurat. Laaaawd. In my mind, I was like wow, thanks mom, thank you so much! As an after-thought she added, “Well, you can wear it to your event”. And I said, “No mom, I am NOT going to look basic at my event.” I wasn’t in a good mood that day, and having basic hair on my head was compounding things. Yes, I can be dramatic.

The plan was to loosen it the next day and wear my hair in a puff. But I got so busy with all the setting up, there was no time for me to start doing that. Plus, Isioma, NN, Nat Mane, Anu and others at the meet-up assured me that it was okay, and not basic. Advantages of going to meet-ups guys, upliftment if you need it, haha. I won’t lie, they encouraged me. ❤

I wore the shuku for 5 days. I had to take it out because, the centre (where all the cornrows met) hurt so bad. It had been picked very tight, and the area felt very sore. Two days after taking out the shuku, it was still sore. I’m convinced that a few strands must have been pulled out at the root. If you’re going to do shuku, be mindful of that middle point!

For the last two days of the shuku week, I wore my hair up, and bunched in two buns.


Now I’m in mini-twists that I love-hate so much. Love the convenience. Hate the look after Day 2.

Can my hair grow already so I don’t have to stretch it first to throw into a bun? So I can do 4 twists at night instead of 12?

Long hair, I’m ready for you! Over-ready sef.

Actually, my dream on Tuesday night was about hair. I needed to blow dry my hair so I went to the salon and they blowdried my fro and it was bra strap length! Gaddem. I was so happy. But then I woke up to shrunken mini-twists. I claim that dream o, I claim it for every single follicle on my head! LOL

Have a beautiful day, you.




21 thoughts on “#ThrowBackThursday: Shuku, No Base.

  1. Lol. XD

    Your hair posts always ”kee” me with laughter.

    I did the didi banana shuku a few months ago, my boss told me that I looked like Baba Ijebu’s wife. I liked the feel of cool air on my scalp, my hairline at the nape was sore though.

    I love how thick you hair is.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. that your dream, LOL… I claim it for you. Amen to four twists instead if 12. Amen. 2 in fact.
    I like the shuku, I thought it was different and bold. Your mum sounds like mine =) )
    Although my head would look like a sacrifice in shuku compared to your fashionable head

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I was at Naturals in the city 12 and I thought your hair was beautiful asin nothing wrong with it. I really liked it with your outfit combo and you looked good. I feel only ladies with oval or round shape of head can try this style and look good. It’s a style I’d love to try but I don’t think it will fit my head with its 2 orpon on the side. Then it will be too visible.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Basic ke? You were blazing at the meeting up o. Plus the outfit really complemented it. Cos of u am thinking of trying it on my transitioning hair.( haven’t made up my mind though) . Your mum sha…. after suggesting it. Lol.


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