Quick Review: Skincare Products 2015 (Part 1)

Hello beautiful people!

No hair talk from this end right now because I’m in mini-twists, and MeeMee is rocking her beautiful Nazuri Curls wig. So instead, today, I’m talking skin care.

Before we proceed, can I clear something up first? I’m good, guys. I am. I really appreciate all the love and suggestions and positive affirmation I’ve been getting since the first time I shared that I’m struggling with acne, I really do. I never hesperred it. You are too too sweet. I’m good, though. I know it could be much worse, and I’m positive that this too will pass. Actually, I’m realising that there is a method to the craze- my face acts out on a schedule, so I’m learning to work with it. Plus, in the last two weeks, my face has been pretty calm. I’m trying two things that I think are really good to me. I’ll observe some more, and share them in my next post about this.

One of the facial washes recommended to me by someone ‘Clean and Clear- Morning Burst’ actually made me break out like crazy about two years ago when I wasn’t even having issues with my skin. Oil Cleansing, tried and trusted for generations- isn’t something I’m a huge fan of either. I committed to it for some of my time in law school, and it did not help. SO. My point is, skin care is something really specific to individuals. Don’t just hop on everybody’s suggestions without thinking them through. Save yourself the heartache too, by not having high expectations.

Today’s post is dedicated to the things I’ve tried so far. Again, skin care is unique to each individual, but when you’re feeling in the dark, looking for things to try, you scope reviews right? I know I do. So, maybe this post will help you manage your expectations if you ever want to try any of the things here:

1. Sebamed Clear Face Anti-Pimple Gel

Sebamed-Clear-Face-Anti-Pimple-Gel-166332(1)This is supposed to be a spot treatment. The idea is for you to apply the gel to zits, for it to neutralize them. This, was, crap. LOL. It did not do anything for me, not for one day but on the bright side, it didn’t harm me either. So I used it, till I finished all of it because money cannot waste. I can’t remember the exact price, but I got it for 1000 and something naira, at Health Plus or Med Plus.

2. Macleans

Macleans Complete Care Toothpaste (125ml)-500x500You’ve probably heard it said before that toothpaste can help with acne. I tried this in the past with red Close Up and it didn’t work. White toothpaste is reportedly the way to go. I chose Macleans because it is believed to be quite harsh. In the beginning, it really dried up my spots- but after a few weeks, it just stopped working. 😦 SO. Instead of buying the fancy Sebamed gel I discussed above, for almost 2k- do yourself a favour and buy a 100 naira tube of the most basic Macleans instead. If you’re in the obodos, I’m thinking Arm & Hammer toothpaste may be a good one to try, since it’s baking soda based.

3. Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Scrub


Source: Ifys Musings. You can read her own review here.

Hmm. It’s complicated. At first, when I used this scrub, my skin felt exfoliated. Like something had been lifted. I would see my pores look free, and sometimes, half-exfoliated white heads would be on the surface for me to wash off. Then it stopped. I continued using it religiously anyway, as again- it wasn’t harming me. I eventually dropped it. When I picked it up again, it started working well again. So my conclusion is that, it’s complicated. We like each other, but the terms of engagement are yet to be determined. I could buy this again (it cost me 2,250 Naira), but it’s obviously not the one. I need a product I can be consistent with.

4. Thayers Rose Petal Witch Hazel

Oooooo my days. This scam. LOL okay I’m sorry, it is not a scam but let me explain.

I got this for $6 off Amazon last Christmas. But, if I got it at Health Plus for over 3k, I’d be feeling a little bad.

I had read a few blog posts about this product, and it’s a nice, simple toner. The ingredients are simple- water, aloe vera juice, glycerin- rose water & witch hazel extract towards the very end- and a few preservative chemicals. Is that worth 3k? No, darlings. No. Don’t buy it for 3k. I mean, do it if you’re a cash mama but, I’d rather you bought cake and ice cream.

Why do the bloggers love it so? Well. As I said, it’s nice. After washing my face, I apply it to my skin with a cotton pad. It sets me straight y’all. Probably the AVJ or Glycerine, trust me when I say my face looks okay, with no need for lotion. It’s also a nice refresher- if during the day, you feel a little too oily. It’s gentle so you can use it any time. This toner is really just water and humectants + preservatives + tiny witch hazel so, if you’re a DIY gal, you should just make your own. Witch hazel is the active acne fighting ingredient and it honestly isn’t THAT present in this product so, I guess what I’m saying is, it’s good for skin in general, but if you are concerned about your acne, I don’t think this toner will affect those blemishes.

I will repurchase this for $6 and definitely not 3k.

5. Coconut Oil

Gosh. We were in love. I was enjoying my simple coconut oil routine, but alas, as I definitely confirmed this morning, it is burning my skin. I’ve been applying a lot of it, especially on my legs- and the hot Lagos sun has apparently been side-eyeing me. I have been using this on my body, not my face- because non-virgin coconut oil is highly comedogenic (that is, it blocks pores and isn’t good for acne prone skin) and now, I’m going to have to stop- or at least, limit use of the coco to night time. I’m going to scrub my legs with brown sugar & probably a little of the same coconut oil tonight- and will definitely buy lotion this weekend. I can’t shout.

Alrightie boos. That’s all for now. 

As promised, I will write about the products that are working for me, in a later post. I just need more time to observe them.




14 thoughts on “Quick Review: Skincare Products 2015 (Part 1)

  1. I feel you on this.I have used so many things for my pimples,I can’t keep count.From tomato to lemon to aloe Vera gel.Oil cleansing can be tricky…you have to get the right combination of oils for your skin.


  2. I think this products are just like using antibiotics. You kind of set aside for a while and use another. The clean and clear morning burst has been my holy grail for years but of recent it started to cause break out on my face. 😐


  3. I completely agree that skincare is very personal. What works for me may not work for you. I also struggle with acne but it has calmed down … for now. Like you, I’ve tried almost every product under the sun. I even saw dermatologists. Plus I’m allergic to some of the ingredients used in acne products. Some would work for a while and then stop. It was so frustrating. I think simplifying my skincare really helped me. I use 3 products for my skin (apart from make-up). I hope the products and routine you’re using work for you.


  4. Thank you for the post. I agree 100%,it is very personal. For example, you see..the pink grapefruit scrub is ‘trying to work ‘ for you, but it broke me out like crazy!!!.Guess what works for me -NOTHING. No products, no pimples. Funny .I gave up on all the products and my pimples disappeared .All I do now is, steam my face, and home made honey+eggwhite+lemon juice mask,once a week. My face hasn’t been happier.


  5. i totally agree with you, had a break out sime time aga. I tried every thing that was recommended to me but it made it worse, at the end it was the juice from fresh garlic that worked for me. In just 3days everything disappeared.


  6. Hey AB!! Nice post! I use Sebamed Clear Face soap fr my acne Nd it works!! Didn’t know they also have a pimple gel..By the way, so u were able to maintain a regimen in Law school? dats really nice to hear. which of the Law school campuses did you attend? Cheers to prettier faces!


  7. Ha! Sorry o. SebaMed acne medication doesn’t work for me. Neutrogena hates my face. Breaks me out every time. I remember one time I was using that pink one during Nysc camp. It broke me out so bad that my face felt like a land full of mountains. Had painful boil-like pimples! Clean and clear and clearasil are like the only products that work for me. Recently I have been using Apple Cidar Vinegar + tea tree oil and it has sent most of my pimples packing. You can try that though. A lot of people testified that it worked for them.


  8. Used all of these except the witch hazel thingy. None of them work for me. It is eextremely persignal. Also I realised that for me it’s more about the routine than the products. Cleanse with something that cleans out my pores but isn’t harsh (for now that’s biore acne scrub), acne treatment and moisturize with whatever. Btw if anyone knows a good acne treatment that doesn’t dry out your skin I would be happy to hear it. Neutrogena, drying. Mary Kay, drying. Oxy, drying. Only proactiv doesn’t dry me out and I’m not about that constantly having to ship life cuz I can’t find it in naija.


  9. I think maybe u should watch your diet because you may never know what is negatively affecting you. It took me until last year to discover I had a tree nut allergy though not severe.. I only breakout on my chest and arms and forehead and it didn’t itch so I really just looked past it.. You might also consider professional help..A one time consultation with a Derma.. The ingredients in the makeup you use should also be taken into account. Sometimes, I mix a lil tea tree and lavender oil in water and use it atleast once a week, I got this from loveifeyinwas blog when she was battling acne. I also do a sugar scrub and a mud mask every 2 weeks too… These things work for me so hopefully might work for you…

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I will say that in acne treatment what works for the goose will definitely not work for the gander. I have used the sebamed clear face pimple gel and it did nothing for me. Finished it so my 1k will not waste and never bought another one. The neutrogena I use only at night to clean my pores of make up. Twice a day will be too abrasive and can actually irritate the skin more, that’s why it may cause some people to break out because of the particles. Also I don’t rub too hard when I wash with it. My holy grail is benzoyl peroxide without it I’m finished. Every other thing is just an addendum. If you have sensitive skin you can use the lowr preparations by profective and neutrogena they are both 2.5 percent. Also using it at night may be better. So the combined effect of it and the sun won’t irritate your skin. It’s anticomedogenic and anti bacterial so it will stop two of the trifactor of acne. The third is clogged pores, so regular washing with a gentle cleanser will do the trick. I have gone on and on. So bye for now. Hope this helps.
    PS: used the toothpaste stuff it helps with the inflammation but will not combat the root cause of the acne. The others are mainly apocryphal stories.

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  11. How late is this comment?
    Honestly this skin thing, I’m finding out all the time how truly personal it really is. It’s like, everybody work out your own salvation.
    I’ve also tried the toothpaste trick for the odd hormonal pimple, and the plain white kind shrinks it overnight but my sensitive skin issues…


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