Weekend Chit-Chat + Slightly Unrelated Giveaway

Hello beautiful people! How goes it?

It’s a good day for me here in Lagos, not bad at all for a Monday morning!

My hair is in two cornrows- goddess braids abi crown braids, according to Youtube 🙂


What did you get up to over the weekend? I spent Sunday resting and moving slowly lol, trying to recover from the busyness of the days before.

One of my favourite girls in the whole world, M, was in Lagos. To prepare for the turn up ahead, I loosened my two week old mini-twists on Friday morning, and put my hair in a puff.



After work on Friday, we went to the Muri Okunola Park for DisFix, a contemporary dance show featuring disabled and non-disabled dancers, hosted by the British Council. Were you there? Or did you go see the Saturday show instead? I know nothing about contemporary dance, but it was some pretty intense stuff. Two of the disabled dancers were deaf but did they move??? Deaf people feel the sound of the music without actually hearing it, and they can move to the same rhythm, in time, and as well as the rest of us. God is wonderful, guys. That’s all I’ll say. Some people can actually hear music, but cannot coordinate their bodies to move to that music. Just, wow. I really wished we could stay, but we had to leave to get my friend T, and join the rest of Lagos at Freedom Park for Afropolitan Vibes.


M, T & Me

It was only my second time at Afropolitan Vibes. Getting in was a struggle (struggle to park, and the super long line to get in, I heard we were about 5000 at the Park that night) but it was worth it. I spent a good deal of time struggling to get drinks- so, I think the next time I go, I’ll go like the first time- get there early. The palm wine was finished, but I managed to get theeeee last bottle of Radler. (Victoryyyyy!) Burna Boy was everything. E-VERY-THING! I was also there with my work buddies, so it was pretty good vibes all round. There’s almost always something happening at Freedom Park, but- you should really try to get to Afropolitan Vibes one of these nights- every 3rd Friday of the month.

We left Afropolitan Vibes, and headed back to T’s place, but not without some drama. One one-way road led to another, and Google maps led us astray. First, we found ourselves in Balogun market. Then, Google maps tried to lead us through Idumagbo Avenue. I didn’t want to go there, because my mom’s driver had complained about that route before. We got on another road, and long story short, we saw road signs pointing us to Ibadan, Ikorodu and Apapa. My heart cut! Lord. There was no turning back, and stopping to ask strange men for directions was not an option. So we had to trust the same Google maps again, and went down to turn at Costain, heading back to the Island through Eko Bridge- Apongbon- CMS. What a night. I was so scared LOL but we made it safely. We also got a pretty nice view of the National Theatre! I wanted us to stop and take a photo but the girls were not having it, haha. I know that not so long ago, I read about the National Theatre being horribly neglected. So, it was really nice to see it lit up so beautifully, looking like the national treasure that it is- at least on the outside.

On a normal day, I’d have just taken the fact that I missed road as my cue to go lie down- but M was in town, we could not just give up. We changed, and went out dancing at Spice Route. All’s well that ends well, abi? 🙂

The next day, Saturday, I had to wake up early to go to my friend’s wedding.


I may have found a Lagos tailor, at last. And I don’t mind sharing lol hit me up if you want deets 🙂

I can count the number of weddings I’ve been to in the last 8 years on one hand lol. After the wedding, and navigating through a ridiculous amount of traffic for a bluddy Saturday, I made it back to Dolphin, to get my hair done at Kemi Lewis’ salon- K.L’s Natural Beauty Bar and that was one good decision! See, my hair was super tangled, and needed some major work.


I was soo so tired. Also, my bathroom had been cleaned on Saturday morning, and I don’t like washing my hair right after my bathroom is done. It makes no sense because I feel like I have to do the bathroom over again. I’ll be back to tell you about how that went, and also I think we need to talk about the way we view our salons and hair stylists. All this and more to come this week! 🙂


Oh yes, I almost forgot. The giveaway. October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, and a lot is going on. Did you celebrate No Bra Day? I have two pretty cute bras that need an owner, or owners. They’re from Marks & Spencer. My lovely godmother got them for me almost a year ago and they’re definitely not my size, so I did not even try them on. They’re new new. I know my chest has deflated from what it used to be before I lost a little weight lol but 38A really? If this is your size, please holler at me. This giveaway is open for one month, ending November 19. All you have to do is email me with proof that this is your size, and you get it mailed to you sharp sharp. The first two people to email me (thekinkandi@gmail.com) win. Now, if I get only one entry before the giveaway is over, I’ll mail the first person the second bra as well. I don’t think 38A is that common a size, and it’s really important to me that I re-gift these special gifts to people who are actually going to wear. If I don’t find anyone, well, then I’ll sell.

Alright lovers. Please be back tomorrow, we have things to discuss! You could also subscribe by email, so you don’t miss a post!

What did you get up to this weekend? 🙂




10 thoughts on “Weekend Chit-Chat + Slightly Unrelated Giveaway

  1. Love crown braids so much! My weekend was so busy I’m still recovering, and it’s MONDAY. But it was good busy and very productive. Spent Friday night with my girls too which was nice 🙂 I enjoyed reading this! And looking forward to the rest of the posts 🙂


  2. I’ve learnt from experience not to trust Google map to give directions in Laos or Nigeria in general.It’s not accurate.So many times I have ended up in a close.Beautiful dress and earing you have on.


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