Curls Popping! My (Short-lived) Second Perm Rod Set


Hello loverssssss!

How is the going going?

If you follow us on Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter (wait, why aren’t you following us?! JK, social media links are at the bottom) SO. As I was saying. If you follow us, you kind of know what we have been up to, what I did with my hair this weekend.

I wanted curls, so I thought I’d get a perm rod set that would last me all week. It did not last all week, but it lasted me long enough to go to church, and go on my date thereafter. Good enough for me. 🙂

It’s really not a long story. The first time I tried a perm rod set was back in March. I did it on dry, stretched hair, with the aid of my bae ting, the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Frizz-Free Curl Mousse. It took me like 4 hours to do (perm rods are a long thing, and my hand coordination isn’t the stuff you’d be envious of) There was a frizzy portion where I used too big rollers, but the end result was cute. MeeMee also rocked a pretty fabulous perm rod set in this post here.

I was trying my best to rest over the weekend, so I outsourced my hair styling in part. I’m doing this a lot these days, right? More about this later. I washed my hair and chunky twisted it in the afternoon. At about 6pm, I went to my regular salon, where I get my hair braided, with my bag of perm rods. One look at them, and my hair, and Aunty Ebere declared it was a lot of work, and she would not accept anything less than 1500. She rejected my counter offer of 1000, I accepted her own offer, and so we began.

She worked section by section, and applied the mousse to damp hair before rolling (rodding?) I was happy that she finger-detangled only, and didn’t think to use a comb. It took one hour to put the rods in, and then I sat under the dryer for 30 minutes. I threw a scarf over the perm rods, and went home like that. I wore the rods overnight, and took them out the next morning before church.

I used the pink, white and grey rods.

I used the pink, white and grey rods.

I oiled my hands with coconut oil before taking out the rods, to avoid frizz. I tried my best to minimize the touching, but the perm rods have these tiny “teeth” which don’t really make sense to me. My hair got caught on them, and it was just, struggz. But I made it without destroying the previous night’s work. ^_^

I loved the curly outcome, but I didn’t want to get so excited because the way natural hair is set up, and the way Lagos humidity is wired… eez like football, anything can happen at any time! Here’s how my hair looked three hours later, after church:

Here, I thought they had started reverting a bit

Here, I thought they had started reverting a bit

And, here’s how they looked by the next morning:

Monday Poofy Curls

Monday Poofy Curls

It was really nice while it lasted. I was a little worried about the Monday poofiness. Good for me by myself, great even lol but I wasn’t sure if they were “professional”. I work in a law firm, so I can’t be as *ahem* wild and free as I want to be with my hair. I like to get to work early, and do my hair before 8. I had no idea what to do with it, so I just combed it out and put my hair in a bun. Interestingly, one of my bosses saw me when I had just got in. So when he saw me a few hours later with my hair in an uninspiring bun, he asked me what I did with my “interesting” hair. We talked about it for a bit, and he said no, it was good the way it was before (poofy curls) and definitely wasn’t “unprofessional”. Good to know for next time. I’ll definitely be trying this again. Let’s see if I can make that one week stretch a reality. 1500 cannot waste. ^_^

What have you been doing with your hair lately? Please share with me, I want to know!

P.S. I got my perm rods on Amazon, but if you’re in Nigeria, you can get yours on Olori.

A few bottles of the Shea Moisture Mousse are still available in our blog shop, here.




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13 thoughts on “Curls Popping! My (Short-lived) Second Perm Rod Set

  1. Love the curls! I really like the style and may have to try it out so thanks for sharing.
    To get a hairdresser to put perm rods in for me here (in the UK) would be the equivalent of N3500! So 1500 is pretty good!


  2. Your hair is sooooo nice! I’ve been eyeing all updos lately, will try one soon_i hope.

    I totally understand the unprofessional thing cos I’m going through the same thing at work but maybe I’m overdoing it sha, I dunno. Presently I’m on big curly kinky twists(crochet braiding) and before that I did crochet braids, without the twists. So sadly, I hv to take out my twists this weekend but a plus is that I can reuse them and experiment with my hair- or not, haven’t decided yet ;). Very soon sha, I shall go all straight weave on them 😀


  3. I think the perm rod set came out nice. I once tried loose twists on my hair and kept it for only three days because I felt I didn’t do them neatly and the style may look unprofessional. When I loosen my kinky twists, I hope to keep practising how to style my hair myself because paying £60 when I want to kinky twists with extensions is not nicest way for me to part with my money.


  4. Lol @Berry Me too! Esp in a law firm. I got my perm rods at Tunmise Naturals @surulere in case you wanna try this style immediately like me 😁 and cant wait for orders and you live around there. Call first tho. The thing finishes like grilled fish and chips.


  5. Hi! can the outcome of curl formers and perm rods said to be alike? or are there differences? does one curl outcome look nicer than the other? which is more suitable for people like me with short natural hair going for the curly afro look. I hope my question is not ambiguous, I am just a bit confused..


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