This Lazy Natural’s Confessions

Hello people!

Before I go into today’s post, I’d like to apologise. On this blog, we try hard to keep things simple, to show that this natural thing isn’t as hard to do as people think it is but sometimes I do a lot. So, if I have ever made you feel discouraged like natural hair is super high maintenance, I’m really sorry. I like to play with my hair, but as I’ve said time and again, I know my hair doesn’t NEED all that attention. 4C hair actually prefers to be left alone.


Pamper your hair when you can, as often as you can, but your hair won’t leave you if you don’t have time to baby it. I’ve been a very lazy natural lately. This is quite interesting for me because I am (or I used to be) a major planner. Lists for days. Shopping planned wayyyyy in advance. Between the end of last year and the start of this one, I amassed a great haul that saw me through most of 2015. I don’t have as much free time as I used to, so I have had to prioritise. If I’m stressed during the week, the last thing I want to spend my weekend doing is installing mini twists, or even washing my hair. And it’s nothing to feel bad about.

I realise that my attitude has somehow become much more like MeeMee’s, and we call this an “anywhere belle face” attitude. You don’t feel like washing? No wahala- we’ll figure it out. How to style? Oh snap. I don’t need this right now. I’ll sort it out in traffic or something.

I don’t always like the outcomes of spontaneous hair planning, but this is definitely freeing. It has reminded me that it’s not that serious. Sometimes, you have to ask yourself- are you wearing your hair or is your hair wearing you? *fake deep much? haha*

My cheapest trick remains mud washing. Bentonite clay + ACV + Honey is enough to wash my hair, free up tangles, and impart super moisture to my strands in one step. It occurred to me a couple weeks ago that instead of clogging my drain with the clay, I could wash my hair under the tap at the back of my house. LOL. Don’t judge me, haha. It’s definitely more comfortable to do this outside than in my small shower stall, where the water pressure isn’t all that great for rinsing. Plus, that drain doesn’t get clogged and it’s much easier to clean. See? This is one of the side-effects of being a lazy natural, you get creative. I’m naturally a big sufferhead (personality bordering on extreme Type A) but now, I find myself thinking about short cuts. You know how they say working hard isn’t the same thing as working smart? It’s the same thing here.

I’ve realised that I don’t quite like the way my hair looks in a puff if there isn’t some sort of manipulated texture to it (that is, from braids or twists or something).

A rare, nice tight puff.

Super puff. Stretched after 3 days as Simbi, see below. This was a good day 🙂

My hair is dense, so when it’s dry and shrunken somehow, it’s not that easy to fluff into a puff I can be proud of. But, the less fluffy puffs are still good to go. I could start the week with a fluffy puff, and go to bed like that every night. By Thursday, Friday, it’s too “tight” for my liking but it’s all good still.

Tight puff (  ._.)

Hard day. Tight puff ( ._.)

I’ve worn my hair like this a few times.IMG_1329

The first time, they called me Simbi at work, but the people loved it on Instagram. I was feeling like Wizkid or Davido or something that day. Like Insta was my own Ojuelegba Shitta. (What am I saying?) It’s really simple. You twist your hair in chunky twists and hold the twists together somehow. I like doing this on dry hair because it’s easier for me to make neat twists. It’s cute, and functional. Just make sure the parts are neat. Also, I love the super-stretch it gives me.

So, I must confess that right now, I do not have a fixed regimen per se. I wash my hair in some way on the weekends (co-wash, mudwash, sometimes I shampoo & deep condition). As I mentioned in this post, my staple products are tired of me, my stash is pretty much gone now & my anyhow attitude won’t let me buy products that I haven’t researched well well- so I have had to scrape and make the most of the stuff I have. In scraping, I recently rediscovered a sample of Design Essentials shampoo that was in my goody bag from The Nigerian Natural Hair and Beauty Show in May. IMG_1423

I’m in love with it, and I absolutely have to find it later in life. I have never really really liked a shampoo before but this one? Design Essentials sabi the work! I also discovered by accident, that while the Nature’s Gentle Touch leave-in conditioner isn’t great, their Cholesterol treatment is a great help. It has amazing slip. I used it to detangle my hair one day before washing, and that was amazeballs. I then co-washed after, and my hair was in great condition. Loved it. There was also one weekend where I washed my hair, moisturised with the Nature’s Gentle Touch leave-in and sealed with Kuza Indian Hemp cream. Terrible idea. Hair was so dry by the next day!

Last week, I received product lines from Ultra Black Hair and Midas Naturals to review. I will have my reviews ready in some weeks time, so on the product front, you can say I’m going to be having some consistency for a while. 

What's in the bag? 👀 @brazencurls, the new line from @midasnaturals. First impression: it's cute.

A photo posted by Ekene & Marilyn (@thekinkandi) on

This “anywhere belle face” life is alright but, I’d like to return to having structure in my hair affairs. One of the advantages of having a routine is, you don’t have to spend so much time on certain decisions. Planning for my hair (at least loosely) is definitely something that will help me as I try to be more fiscally responsible, and more productive with my time. The way my mom looks at me sometimes when I’m fussing with it on weeknights ehn, the thought that she might cut my hair when I’m asleep has crossed my mind a few times. For these reasons, going forward, I’ll definitely make sure I have a plan for at least the first quarter of 2016.

Also, it’s important to note that while I have been skipping vital wash day elements like pre-pooing, sometimes deep conditioning, I do not detangle my hair dry without using a conditioner, and I almost always go to sleep with a hair bonnet. Styling on dirty hair is still a no no. Tried that last Friday night and my flakes were seriously on fleek, lol!

That’s all from me for now. Any law school people in the building? On request, I’m preparing a post about coping with natural hair, and life generally in NLS. Let me know if you would like that. 🙂

I know I’m definitely new to the Lazy Naturals Club. If you’re here too, it’s your own turn to confess in the comments. The Kink and I remains a safe space to be your own type of natural. ^_^




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20 thoughts on “This Lazy Natural’s Confessions

  1. Hi Ekene,

    “anywhere belle face” cracked me up majorly. XD

    I enjoy reading your hair update posts, always feels like sweet gist.

    I like the pic of the chucky simbi twists, your hair looks so thick and lush. Well done.


  2. I can confidently raise my hand and say I am that girl who washes her hair in the sink at the back of the house, so I don’t clog up the bathroom drain. It’s easier, the water pressure is better and you don’t have a clogged up drain as the drain at the back is quite big. I am quite lazy with my own hair, but I pour all the love into my daughter’s.


  3. Welcome to the club! Being a lazy natural is allowed. Sometimes, I think that’s just what’s best for my hair and I. My fine strands are always happy with a basic shampoo and dc session and are usually styled from medium-sized twists. Styling is never really styling. Go-to hairstyles are the basic twist outs and puffs. I’m happy, my hair is happy. Nothing like a prepoo in my vocabulary. if it aint broke, I don’t try to fix it. That’s my motto. I can definitely relate to digging ”textured” puffs. they are more protective than plain, afro puffs. And trust me, I really do hate giving the impression that natural hair is high maintenance or expensive. It discourages lots people. And ooh.. the products from midas naturals looks so amazing.
    Coily Head of Hair


  4. This post is hilarious! You have me laughing out loud, pray my housemates don’t think me crazy >.<
    Recently joined the lazy naturals club too and this post made me feel better about not pampering my hair weekly, let alone daily *hides face*
    Wish I had a sink in my garden D: Uk version would be sticking my head outside my window and letting the rain have it's way… somehow I don't think the result would inspire me to do it again hehe
    Anyhow keep on with the awesome posts! 😀


  5. I am also very lazy with my hair. I am addicted to crochet braids and most recently, some curly wigs. I do keep my hair moisturized and protected but I am over playing in my hair and dedicating time to styling sessions.


  6. I have become lazy too! I laugh at my *My regimen* page. Haven’t done ayurveda in forever- the stuff grew mouldy from lack of attention and I threw it out. Sometimes I don’t have the energy to twist or braud at night and have to deak with a shrunken sponge in the morning.
    Not the best idea but I agree, liberating.

    Naija girl next door


  7. I’m more of a simple routine person, I love wigs & braids and these save me from detangling especially wigs as I get to wash & dc my cornrows. I’m a lazy natural when it comes to hairstyling though, I don’t mind rocking only puffs throughout this natural hair journey. So far so good, I’m happy with the way I’m going.


  8. Guess my newest laze-enabler – styling shrinkage!!! It’s so much fun! I don’t have to worry about stretching at night, just wrap my hair, wake up and fluff with fingers. Fine, detangling eventually will be a rhymes-with-witch but that’s every 2 weeks so no biggie.

    Berry Dakara Blog


  9. Lol…I think I ought to be called the bee mother for lazy naturals (I’m so lazy about my hair…damn!) I do simple routines, I don’t even know what a co-wash means (lol, please can you enlighten me?) I wonder what a pre-poo means or what it does, does that mean before shampoo??? Well, you know I’m in the NLS and I’d def love to have post from you on what to do…I mean no time here to even be wasting time on hair mehn. I’ve been on protective styling (box braids) since the 2weeks I came to Yola campus and I’m wondering whether or not to loosen my box braids…I mean the school is a virtual prison and the outside walls are not safe which means I’m restricted to d school environs…they have just one salon here and I can’t imagine their plan. The price here is times three in Lagos and I’m wondering how will I survive if I loosen my box braids plus this dinner thing is in the next 2 weeks or so…my hair can’t be in a mess…s your post is a def for me…plus I can see that coffee brown pillow I got from you! 🙂 🙂


  10. Hi Ekene. I swear I just entered the lazy naturalista mode too. Over the last couple of months I’ve started washing my hair every two weeks or so as opposed to every week. I still try to do the most to get it moisturised then let it be till the next washday. But now, I’ve resumed at the Lagos Law School so I haven’t had a washday in close to a month *coversface* and right now my hair is in a weave. I’ll be taking it down next week for the first dinner tho’. Please Please Please do the post on Law School soon. Thank youuuuu.


  11. I love your I’ve-worn-my-hair-like-this-before look. I usually use a scarf [to the horror of my mother] so my hair isn’t usually out and when it is, it can be a pain to style. But I’ve realized that no matter what I end up doing, my hair is going to look nice. Nice enough at worst. Which is good cos I usually hate the way the styles I plan to do end up and am stuck with last minute fingers-crossed and my-hands-had-better-work-some-magic type things. Last last, i know i can fall back on a puff [this means I no longer hyperventilate as much when I get worried]. And i can’t wait to show my sister this lazy natural post. I shall look smug when i do ^_^


  12. Well with all the talk about hair regimens, I decided to sort of “structure” one. I think it worked for only a month. Mostly cos I don’t even know if it makes a difference. I don’t know what products work for my hair (yet??) so the thing is usually dry. So I wash/moisturize/dx when I please, how I please, with whatever I please. I shall keep trying to try and I’m pretty sure I’ll get it. Eventually.


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