Product Review: Elizabeth Cress Handmade Ankara-Silk Bonnets

Hola beautiful people!

Today’s review is a pretty quick one, very long overdue.

Elizabeth Cress is a Nigerian brand of handmade accessories, run by the lovely Funmi Kehinde.

If you were at Naturals in the City, 12, you probably met her at my table.

As we were taking a batch of the bonnets for our blogshop, she gave me one from her glitter collection to review. 

 Now, how does one review a hair bonnet? What really is there to say?

Hair bonnets have been a staple item for me since I went returned to natural in 2012. Hair bonnets and scarves made of silk and satin are great for all hair types, particularly ours. Why? Cotton, though a nice and absorbent fabric for hot sweltering days, is not as gentle on our hair. Laying your head on a cotton pillow at night, the cotton can draw moisture out of your hair, and if you toss and turn so much, the friction with the cotton fibres can contribute to hair breakage. This is like a little war you can’t see with your korokoro eyes lol but yeah. It’s not the best. Plus, I’ve found that sleeping with silk/satin can help preserve my curls for a weeeeeeeeee bit longer.

Alright, so that’s what satin bonnets are for. However, my issue with all the satin bonnets I’ve used on this journey is that they are quite flimsy. After a wash or two, they slack. Even before you wash sef. And, they are easily torn.


The Elizabeth Cress bonnets are pretty strong, they definitely did their double stitching right lol so that’s what you need to know about these bonnets, they are built to last. Also, they are Ankara-Silk bonnets meaning they are satin on the inside, but ankara on the outside. I think this is where people’s views will differ. The ankara (African print, or more accurately, print we Africans like to wear) is thicker than satin, so, if it’s too hot, you may want to sleep with a regular single layer bonnet for a fresh head.

If you want to get one, please email:

They go for 2,000 naira a pop, but for you, we are taking 10% off. 1,800 naira per bonnet, so you can be cute while you sleep!

If you have ever tried an Elizabeth Cress bonnet (or other creation), let’s talk in the comments!




9 thoughts on “Product Review: Elizabeth Cress Handmade Ankara-Silk Bonnets

    • I like my SavvyChic bonnet; sadly the elastic is so slackened I have to tie the excess in a knot so it can stay on until I can buy new elastic. Presently in that uncute state trying to sleep.
      This one looks durable. Maybe I’ll get when it’s time to shop


  1. i would love to try. ive been looking for a better bonnet. im not sure where the company is but do they ship to MN?? and how much is it in dollars?


  2. It’s pretty.I use satin scarves instead,so that I can tie it anyhow I want and when I don’t feel like putting anything on my head,I use it to cover my pillow


  3. hi Kinkandi I want to stock natural hair products in my studio in calabar. please can you help me with ideas on where to get natural hair products on wholesale?. I’ll really appreciate any info I can get from you. thank you


  4. I got the satin pillow cases from her and i have to say, they are the best investments i’ve made hair wise in a while. I sleep anyhow so no matter how strong the cap or scarf, it will slide off my head

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