Best of 2015!

2015-Confetti-New-Year-Card2015. Wow. What a year it has been.

We feel very lucky to be here, healthy and happy and strong. We are happy you are here too. Thank you, dear reader, for every second spent on the blog, every time you took that extra time to interact with us here on the blog, and away.

We originally intended to have a big recap like we had last year, and the year before, but we don’t. I am at work as I write, and MeeMee is getting her hair braided. So, let’s just quickly recap your 10 favourite posts of 2015 in the year 2015, shall we? 🙂

Top 10 Posts of 2015 (in the year 2015)

  1. On My Mind: Bob Box Braids
  2. Product Review: Mane Choice Metabolism Hair Vitamins
  3. Product Review: Aunt Jackie’s Curl Defining Curl La La Custard
  4. Shop Our Favourite Things
  5. Frequently Asked Questions: Kinky, Marley, Havana Twists
  6. More Scalp Than Hair: Styling Solutions For Fine &/or Thin Hair
  7. Hairspiration! : Esther Tom
  8. Hairspiration! : Aboyowa
  9. Wash and Gos Don’t Work On Nappy Hair?
  10. Henna and Me: 6 Months Later

We both love to celebrate. We love the idea of New Year’s. Same lives in progress, but we appreciate the newness. A new year. A clean slate. A new chapter to the story, anything you want it to be.

So here’s to you. To good health, to love and happiness, to purpose, to peace, to progress, to fresh, new, inspiring experiences, and to the getting of more wisdom and understanding.


AB & MeeMee


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