2016: New Year, New Hair Resolutions!

Hello beautiful people!

We hope you had happy holidays. We know we did, but now, it’s back to the grind. Yay Monday!

Do you make new year resolutions? Do you think they are lame? We don’t. This year, my resolutions or plans may be grouped in the following categories: Money/Career, Hair/Blog, Personal Development. I feel shy to share the others with you (I don’t want to bore you lol) but here’s where our minds are at, fro-wise, for this new year, 2016.


I’m not actively pursuing any changes to the way my hair is. I know now what works and what doesn’t (may I not jinx it!) My edges need to grow though but at this moment, I am not fretting over sorting that out ASAP. Everything takes time, I believe, and so while I’ll not neglect my healthy hair journey, I will not be obsessing or focusing mainly on any one aspect of my hair. Who knows? I may feel differently about this in February but we’ll see. One day at a time.


Thinking about my hair journey in 2015, one word easy comes to mind: Manipulation. Over-manipulation.

I spent more money and time at the salon than I did in the 2 previous years combined. When you are busy and tired all week, you don’t really want to do hair on weekends. I can’t remember the last time I pre-pooed with coconut oil, 8 hours ahead. I slacked on finger combing too. I would just run through the six my hair with a wide-tooth comb or my curl detangling brush.

My hair didn’t really grow last year, but I’m officially armpit length I think, at least one part of my hair is, hahahaha.

Moving forward, this 2016, I definitely want some sense of structure back. I work well with routines- don’t you? I mean, no matter how free you aspire to be, I think it’s a great idea to reduce to routines the predictable stuff- the things that you (have to do) every day. As boring as this sounds, it does give you freedom to do more. Planning your outfits ahead a whole week of workdays is a good idea. So is having a method to your hair. Hair time for me is Friday night, while I catch up on my favourite shows. I pledge to stick to this this year.

I also intend to be less of a junkie this year- meaning, I don’t intend to just buy stuff and have them get dusty on my shelf for months before I get to use them. The motto is “don’t take what you don’t need.” I will also be trying more indigenous products, whoop! So many Nigerian brands are out there doing really cool things. I want to be more supportive.

Okay. That’s it from us, for now. What are your plans for your hair in 2016? Do you have any hair goals? How do you intend to achieve them?




P.S. We believe in the power of making resolutions, setting down goals. If you haven’t made yours yet, no worries. January 1 is cool but, it is no deadline. Here’s one resource that helped me make mine for this year, the ‘Plan Your Best Year Yet’ workshop over at Sisi On A Budget. Check it out here.


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25 thoughts on “2016: New Year, New Hair Resolutions!

  1. My goals are to retain my length, ease up on manipulative styles, have a structured regimen and go all natural,over the past few months I’ve realised that my whole body reacts well and twice as fast to natural products positively so I’m starting with making my own shampoo, cream, body scrub and gradually make up and other stuff.

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  2. Thanks for the sisionabudget link. I need to get financially literate. This medicine didn’t cover half of everything.

    You and my new cousin look like the want to look 😍
    Hair goals- sane as always: growwww. I started being more true to an actual regimen late last year so I’ll just keep it up. I also want to try a few new products.

    Naija girl next door

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  3. I want to attain bra length this year. I also need to pay a lot of attention on my edges. Doing less hairstyles that pull my edges is also on the list. Have a stable routine that works great for my hair. Happy new year everyone. Have a lovely 2016.

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  4. I just recently moved to Lagos and I’m already wondering how you guys do it especially with a demanding 9-6 job. New Year Resolution for my hair? Not to lose my hair due to jet lag tiredness(for lack of a better word)

    Your blog has been very instructive;I hope to get more tips to helping me in my hair journey.


    • Archie! My thoughts exactly after spending the holidays in Lagos and watching AB on her grind. She is the real MVP! Her and other bloggers with full time, demanding jobs in Lagos. Whereabouts did you move from and was Lagos home in a previous life or is it all new to you?


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