Henna Update (Second Month)

Hey guys! I henna’d in April and May, and will continue to do so for at least the next four months. This is a fairly long post, I hope I don’t lose you. To fully get this, you may need to see my first post on Henna. This post is only making notes about changes and […]

Best of 2015!

2015. Wow. What a year it has been. We feel very lucky to be here, healthy and happy and strong. We are happy you are here too. Thank you, dear reader, for every second spent on the blog, every time you took that extra time to interact with us here on the blog, and away. […]

Product Review: African Naturalistas

Hello loves! The African Naturalistas review I promised is here. At our last Naturals in The City meetup, I was given a nice bag of African Naturalistas products to try out. April was all about me and them. Though I did not buy these products, you have (and always have) my deepest assurances that this […]