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  2. Hi, so I read about you on bbellanaija and thought I’d check it out. My hair is weak n thin and I’m planning to stop the weaves and stop relaxing n grow out my hair. What do I do, do I cut it short first (my hairs not long anyway), or do I just start treatments. What products do I use. My edges are also short. Please help!!!. My boyfriend says no more weaves and tbh I haven’t gone a day without weaves in almost 5yrears…..


  3. hello dear. i am so glad bellanaija made this post today. i just recently started the natural hair journey and so i don’t have an idea of how and where to start from. i don’t want to go for the big chop so is there anyway i can manage it? i also noticed a hair terminology of 4c, please what does it mean. i really have a lot to learn. and so i will appreciate if u help me out. please don’t give me the idea of weaves cos i have decided to stop it as well as the hair extensions for twists. i can do twists with wool (that is the look i am wearing now). kindly give advice please


  4. Hello!! I’m super elated about this blog!! I started my natural hair journey in April last year and was very excited about the possibilities of my pregnant fro!! I watched youtube, memorizing how i could style my hair…twist outs, bantu knots…errr damn thing! however, i have been very rudely awakened as my hair is not any kinda 4c girl! it is nappy as hell….! its at least a 10Z! it is so tough, it shrinks extra ordinarily, twist outs, bantu knots, or flexi rod curls only hold for about an hour. Howeverrrrr i LOVE my hair! I would just like some realistic help for my “10ZZZ” hair! How can i retain length, aid growth, reduce shrinkage, keep it soft and GROW OUT MY EDGES 😥 JBCO and Biotin pills don’t seem to be working. HELP a fellow Nigerian Kinkster (Kinki Sister -{Trademarked!! lol} )….


    • lol hey Georgia!!
      We are excited to meet you too!
      Everybody swears their hair is 20Z until they learn to work with it 😛
      For length retention, our strategy at present is to protective style, and finger detangle a lot. Have you tried the Maximum Hydration Method? It could help your moisture levels, and encourage your curls to clump and hang more (thus reducing shrinkage in a way)


  5. Hello
    I went to 45 Evo road, Gra in port harcourt for the hair products but I didn’t meet the person selling. I was told by the gateman(who was rather rude) that she comes back by 6pm. I asked for her number so I can send her a list of the things I wanted but he wasn’t nice at all, so I ended up leaving disappointed. Is there anyway I can get her number and pick up some of the products today.
    New Naturalista🐾


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