The Quarter Café

Hello people!

My hair is still in Havana Twists, and true to its wriggly nature, it’s sticking out in various places, this is not a problem though because it blends in nicely. Kinky extensions for the win!

I was in Abuja for a few days. On Monday, my home girl Iby and I made our way to The Quarter Café. It was a really hot sunny afternoon and I didn’t feel like packing my hair in a ponytail or a bun, so I decided I’d do two rolls. To achieve this, all I needed were my good old two hands and a rubberband. Nothing fancy. I may try it again in the future, refine it & make it pretty, but it did the job. My hair was up to spare me the heat and it stayed up till bedtime.


It has been a while since I did a food post on the blog, so here’s a quick one! 🙂

The Quarter Café is a new place, just opened in September.


It is a “bourgeois boutique café” hidden away in a very quiet corner of Wuse 2.

There is no big or small sign outside the gate and though I didn’t ask, I have a feeling this is deliberate.

It’s a really small, cosy intimate place. Iby & I counted the seats there and they were 19 or 20 in total. I LOVE small spaces.

We really liked the simple white & black décor, with windows letting in lots of natural light.


The feel was so intimate that I felt a little odd taking photos. Do you ever get this feeling when you’re out? Anyway I liked it from the moment I stepped in and as it’s new, I thought more people should get to know it, so I had to take a few photos for this post.


Iby had a Mocha Frappé with a Beef, Ham and Cheese Sandwich grilled Panini style. At first, the sandwich wasn’t cheesy enough, but once she made this known, more cheese was added, at no extra cost.



I had 2 of their Signature pancakes topped with Whipped cream, Orange-mango juice and White Chocolate Mousse.


We both loved my pancakes, they were so light and fluffy!

I could have just stopped there, but it’s almost impossible for me to resist anything white chocolate.


I loved the mousse, and I thought the milk chocolate crown thingy was a nice touch.


We were served by a waiter and the owner herself, Kadijah Mohammed. She was nice and when we were done, she wanted to know if we enjoyed our food 🙂

Here’s what Iby had to say about The Quarter Café:

I liked the ambience, the privacy and the size of it. The food was great, it had a really personal homely touch, like some thought went into preparation, not commercial at all! And the Café smelled really comforting, like coffee and baked goods. 🙂

Lovely food, good vibes, great service. Did I already mention there’s free candy? 

Altogether we spent 4,950 naira (inclusive of 10% VAT). So, I leave it up to you to rate the pricing!

Though our main food choices were Breakfast/brunch-y, (which is served at all open hours by the way- we had our “Breakfast” at 3pm!) Lunch & Dinner are also on the menu at the café! You just want Tea or Coffee? A salad? Steak? They’ve got you!

If you want to go somewhere new, somewhere quiet for breakfast or lunch or brunch or dinner with the girls or family or significant other or even first date, anyone really, or you just want some quiet time with good nibbles and your favourite book, I WE suggest you visit The Quarter Café! 🙂


The Quarter Café

6 Tapeta Street

Off Thaba Tseka Street

Off IBB Way

British Village

Wuse 2,


(Black gate, white fence 😉 )

Phone: 08184144444 email: thequartercafe [at] gmail [dot] com. Website:

They deliver, and they also offer exclusive catering services.

They’re on twitter: @qcafeabuja, facebook: and on Instagram: @qcafeabuja.

I’ll be back the next time I’m around. The Gourmet mini burgers and Belgian waffles looked very interesting!

Over to you! Have you been to the Quarter Café? What are your thoughts? The next time I’m in Abuja, where should I go?

Share! 🙂

Till next post,




photos by AB & Iby.

Casual Dining: La Mango

Good morning guys!!

This morning, I’m here not with curl talk but the occasional food post! I was at a place called La Mango on my birthday with a few luvvies.. It was a bit of a gamble as I did not know what their food was like and I could not find any reviews on the internet. So I put this out now for anyone who may someday be considering it.



Ikeja GRA can be pretty busy sometimes but La Mango is easily accessible, a little removed from the bustle. It is located at 2 Adekunle Fajuyi Way, off Mobolaji Bank Anthony Way. It’s like on the road between Bank Anthony Way and Isaac John (the end Megacare Pharmacy is on).

We ate in the dining room, which is backing or facing the pool (Depends on where you are sitting). Pleasant vibes.



The staff were efficient and polite. I’d like to say though that a few days before b’day, I went there to make sure it existed lol and two waiters asked me if I was eating or waiting for someone. The 1st one asked me this when I was just about to enter the building. I was confused, wondering why she asked. She was stepping out as I was stepping in, so I wondered if she was the only waiter around. I just looked at her and went in anyway without saying anything. Inside, as I made my way towards the dining area, another waiter accosted me, asking me the same thing. I asked him how that was relevant and why he would not at least let me sit down first.

Really though, are these 2 mutually exclusive? Can I not do both? Could you not let me sit down first? If I were a man, would they ask me that? Yes, I went there. So anyway, he apologised. Mini-rant over.

On my birthday, the lovely patrons (so lovely) were around and the staff were on their best behaviour so I guess it was just human beings being slimey as usual. Why act right when it’s not your father’s restaurant?

We were the only people in the dining area for most of our time there, and they treated us like it. We did not have to wait long for the food. I put my cake in their fridge, so later when they brought it out to me, they put a sparkler in it and came round to sing to me. It was completely unexpected and definitely made me happy. 🙂


The presentation could have been better, but let’s go into the main the main, the eating. First of, everyone polished their plates (lol not literally, but we did eat). So more specifically now,

I loved my pasta.

Tagliatelle with grilled chicken in a creamy sauce

Tagliatelle with grilled chicken in a creamy sauce

The chicken was good. I had some with my pasta and 2 friends had theirs with rice.



Steak & Mashed potatoes

We all agreed that the steak was a miss. It was too dry and all that thyme (or was it rosemary?) There were suya jokes lol but even good suya is juicy. LOL. Yap. The steak was one-kind, but the mash was good.



My cocktail was delicious.


For some reason, snails make my skin crawl and I don’t think I’ll be having any ever, or in the future. My cousin D had peppered snails with his fries and declared them “dry”.


These prawns!! I don’t think we let Melie eat in peace. I am very wary of seafood, but after this, I think I can be converted. Loved the sauce too!


  1. I love that the VAT and service charge are already included in the menu
  2. The cocktails are pricier than I’m used to- so for just drinks, La Mango isn’t going to be top of my mind.
  3. For the food, considering that it’s not Mr. Bigg’s and what it takes to keep the lights on, I think the pricing is decent.


Looks/Ambience 4/5

Food 3/5

Pricing 3.5

All in all, 3/5.

Will I be visiting again?



There’s a VIP lounge and some other space upstairs, poolside and a bit more. Bridal shower or a party or event? You may want to give them a lookie.

You can also have La Mango delivered to you via Hello Food. You can view the menu on the Hellofood site here.

Have you been to La Mango? How did you like it?

Till next time,





La Mango Restaurant & Bar

2 Adekunle Fajuyi Way (off Mobolaji Bank Anthony way /Isaac John), Ikeja, Lagos.

08191914220, 08083031583

EATING OUT: Serendib Restaurant & Bar

Its been a while since I did a food-related post on the blog. Hair isn’t all I’m about. Food is also one of my loves. I love to cook, I love to eat-out when the plan permits it, so as part of the perks of reading this blog, you’ll be getting the occasional restaurant review ^.^

I was walking to the Zenith Bank ATM on Aminu Kano one lovely Saturday when I noticed the Serendib sign on the other side of the road. On my way back, I crossed the road and went in to see it. I was greeted by the sweet smell of yumminess in the air. I was only there for about ten minutes but I knew I had to go back. A week later, I went to lunch there with the Mister.

Serendib Restaurant & Bar is located at the Ville Regent Hotel, Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, Abuja. Aminu Kano is such a long road, but you could easily walk there from Di Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen (which is Plot 97 on the Crescent), and Zenith Bank.

You could go in through its side entrance on the left or through the hotel’s front entrance.

Side entrance on the left

Side entrance on the left


I liked it.


I found the yellow table tops very cheery, there were blue ones as well. I liked the chairs- the rich red of the wood and they were comfortable to sit on. There was some art on the walls- wooden carvings and paintings on canvas. I think minimalist is the word? Very simple décor.

I’m not claustrophobic but I love my space. I liked the clean, easy spacing but the Mister said it was a little too much, and he felt the décor was altogether a little too simple, like it didn’t have any character, like they weren’t doing enough with the space.

Too much space or just right?

Too much space or just right?

I didn't get a shot from this angle, so I got this photo from Google.

I didn’t get a shot from this angle, so I got this one from Google.

My favourite thing about Serendib? The window wall. There are high glass windows on one side where a wall should be. You get to look out onto the street. The view is not what I love about it because honestly there isn’t that much to see. The view of the little green park may be a little calming for you. I love that it lets in a lot of light and it was perfect that not so sunny day. #teamPhotographsWithNaturalLighting #AmateurPhotographer :p

Window Wall :)

Window Wall 🙂

The lighting at Serendib is also very good so don’t worry, it’s still a delight at night. 🙂

The Serendib menu features mixed cuisine. Predominantly Asian: Sri-Lankan, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese- it’s got barbecue as well as Nigerian dishes. The staff were friendly and nice, and the food was served proper quickly too.

We decided to eat nothing we’d had before- so we started with Vegetable Pakora and then moved on to the main dishes, Nasigourang (Nasi goreng) and Kottu Rotti. Nasi goreng is Indonesian Fried Rice and Kottu Rotti is a Sri-Lankan meal I find hard to accurately describe; Chopped meat, vegetables, gravy and something bread-y.

Clockwise L-R: Nasigourang - Vegetable Pakora- Kottu Rotti

Clockwise L-R: Nasigourang – Vegetable Pakora- Kottu Rotti

Close-up: Nasigourang

Close-up: Nasigourang

I liked the Kottu Rotti best. The Nasigourang was what it was. I’d have liked to throw it in a pan briefly and break a cube of maggi over it but I’m no judge of Indonesian cuisine. And I do tend to lean towards food that’d be overspiced or overly salty for most people. (now that I think about it, there was Salt and pepper on the table, don’t ask me why I didn’t think to use it. Momentary lapse of brain function ( ._.) )

The Vegetable pakora was really interesting because I’d never thought anyone would want to deep fry vegetables in flour batter. Haha. It was crunchy though, an interesting snack- I’ll tell you that. The Mister had more fun than I did with the food so I feel this is conclusive evidence of its yumminess. 🙂




Serendib Restaurant & Bar. & Bar.

& Bar.

& Bar.

That’s the bar. I don’t know if you’re thinking what I’m thinking but technically, a bar is any place that serves alcohol over the counter so yarrrrr, that’s a bar. I just felt the & Bar thing invited a little more expectation of how it’s supposed to look. Maybe a few stools around it would be more convincing. The place itself is very Restaurant-y, and between the tables and the lounge-y space, it doesn’t really give the Bar vibe, for someone who’s only there for the drinks.


Look at this lounge-y space.


AND Serendib is open 24-hours a day! If you finish late at work, or after the club you feel a strange craving for an Asian meal or a steak or whatever, you know where to go. 🙂

I find it interesting that this is the fourth business I’ve noticed on Aminu Kano Crescent that’s open 24/7.


I think the pricing at Serendib is decent. All prices are inclusive of the service charge and VAT. I think it’s more pleasant when the extra charges are included since you’re going to pay for it anyway so yay, Serendib!


All in all, I’d say 3 stars out of 5. I’d definitely be going back again. Maybe to try something new or something familiar next time.

Have you been to Serendib? How was your experience? Share!



Serendib Restaurant & Bar

Ville Regent Hotel, Aminu Kano Crescent,

Wuse 2, Abuja.

*Photo credit: all but one of the photos are mine.

Update: 10th February, 2016.

Serendib has relocated to 29, Umaru Dikko Street, Jabi. 


What do you think about going out to eat alone? Have you tried it, or thought about it? Was it awkward or weird? Do you think it would be? Especially if you’re a female, some people may just presume that you’re waiting for someone. Even worse when it takes a century for your meal to arrive.

Are you perfectly comfortable in your own skin? You’re doing your own thing, and you believe the people giving you pitying glances are the ones that are sad, not you. You’re living your life, and they are very welcome to watch you live it.

I think it’s important that I’m comfortable doing anything, or going anywhere by myself. I’m not 100% there yet, but hopefully, soon. Some people think going to see a movie on your own is sad. This makes me wonder because I’m going to see the movie, not anyone, so why should my lack of a partner matter? I had to ask myself this question again, a few weeks ago, but not about a movie though.

I spotted Da Maria Italian Food & Delicatessen on my second day in Abuja, and I immediately made a mental note to check it out. Three months later, I finally got to go. I went to lunch there (a little late though. What’s the ‘brunch’ of lunch and supper?), with my friend D two weeks ago.

I got to the restaurant first, and my friend D met me there soon enough. If D hadn’t agreed to go with me, then I would have come alone, and I worried that it might be awkward. While I was there, I found myself thinking that it would not have been. I got there, and I was greeted by a friendly waiter-“Table for one?” I settled in, and I was actually the only other person in the room till D came. It was a pretty, well spaced, well lit place. I liked the simple decor and the soft Italian music. I felt like I was in a cosy, warm(I’m not talking about the room temperature), homely dining room. I loved the ambience, the food really kept me occupied, I really wouldn’t mind being there alone.

We didn’t have to wait long (say, ten minutes) before we were presented with our first courses, and the next course came just as we were finishing our firsts, and the third came before we were done with our seconds. The portions were generous, and we really couldn’t finish every single one.

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen

Up up we go

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & DelicatessenDa Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen

My lovely friend D

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen
Carpaccio Carne- beef carpaccio with rocket, parmesan cheese and lemon.

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen
Spaghetti Carbonara

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen
Filleto Merluzzo Con Patate (the Codfish dish)

yayy fish ( ._.)

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen
The Deli

Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen
bye! 🙂

Yummmmmmmm. The food tasted as good as it looks. Don’t you think it looks good?

I didn’t really like my Codfish, but this was probably because I don’t like fish. Fish is a much healthier alternative to meat though, so slowly, I’m hoping that I could get myself to like fish.

Anything else you should know? Mmm I don’t have specific criteria for rating pricing yet (I’m going to be doing more restaurant reviews) but as a student, I say it’s pricey. If you’re taking someone on a date, or you just want to treat yourself, it’s a very nice place to go. If you want to cook anything Italian or you just want cheese or salami, you could pop by, go see what they have at the deli.

Have you been to Da Maria? How was your experience? What do you think about eating alone? You could let me know in the comments.

Till next time,



Da Maria Italian Restaurant & Delicatessen

Plot 98 Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse II, Abuja.