We Are Moving!

Hello beautifuls!

What’s good? What’s new? 🙂

Pretty sure you agree with us that thekinkandi.com is definitely way cooler than thekinkandi.wordpress.com!

We are happy to announce that very very soon, we will complete the move to our permanent site, thekinkandi.com *sprays confetti*

For this reason, we are going on a very short break, to tidy a couple of things before the move.

We’ll be back on April 11. If you’re already subscribed to our posts by email, you’ll be notified as soon as it’s official! If you aren’t yet, you can sign up to our mailing list over here.

I started this blog when I was transitioning, and the 4th Anniversary of my Big Chop is in May. MeeMee joined officially in 2013. Hard to believe how much time has passed since then! We love this space, and always want you to know how encouraging it is, to be on our hair journeys with you.

At this point in the blog’s life, it’s about you, as much as it is about us, and we want to hear from you.

What do you like about The Kink and I?

What don’t you like?

What helps, and what doesn’t help?

What would you like to see more of on this blog?

We look forward to building more of a community around here, getting to know you guys better. Hopefully, in a couple months, we will host a little meet and greet thing here in Lagos. Would you come?

Webinars have become my thing in the past year or so, and I learn so much every time. The word Webinar, I believe, is short for Web Seminar- like an online class. Having benefited so much from others’, it’s only natural to want to share more with you guys. We’ll stream live, and can answer any questions you have, directly. Is there anything you’d like to learn from us in particular on a Webinar? Think about it, let us know, and we’ll make it happen.

You can leave your answers to these questions in the comments, or you could fill out this very simple survey HERE anonymously. We’d really appreciate this, thank you.


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Barbados for Less than $1000


Hello Beauts! Huge apologies to Telema’s friends. Forgive me! I am not snatching her from you just yet. You will read Telema’s stories for a few more weeks this month before she says goodbye to you! In the meantime, you can catch up on her previous stories here.

Today, can we just forget about the ever rising FOREX rates and appreciate this guest post from my darling roommate, Toyin of ATribeCalledHer. Continue reading

Learning, Unlearning

Photo 30-01-2016, 21 08 47

January was a tough month for me.

It could have been worse- actually, some pretty good things came through for me this last week but, it wasn’t smooth sailing for the most part.

On January 2, I nearly had an accident. My right tyre’s ball joints gave out, so the tire dislocated. I had just begun to ascend a small flyover bridge, so thankfully, I wasn’t speeding. I was alone, it was kind of late, 8:30pm, and my night would have turned into a horrible story if it weren’t for one man, and a lovely couple that stopped to help me. My mom keeps telling me that Lagos is dangerous. She once said, “The day Lagos will show you ehnnn…” That night, Lagos nearly showed me. I was alone, and I had barely hopped into my deliverers’ car, when a good number of area boys surrounded my vehicle. Before we came back with a tow truck, more had joined. It was the makings of a crazy night. How would I have handled that on my own? Continue reading

So, You Want To Blog?

starting-a-natural hair-blog

Image Source: Create Her Stock

Hands up if one of your new year resolutions is to start a blog.

Hands up if it’s something you have been thinking about for years now.

Or, you haven’t really thought about it and I just put the idea in your head?


You want to blog? Do it.

This is our message to you- ou- u. Continue reading

Best of 2015!

2015-Confetti-New-Year-Card2015. Wow. What a year it has been.

We feel very lucky to be here, healthy and happy and strong. We are happy you are here too. Thank you, dear reader, for every second spent on the blog, every time you took that extra time to interact with us here on the blog, and away.

We originally intended to have a big recap like we had last year, and the year before, but we don’t. I am at work as I write, and MeeMee is getting her hair braided. So, let’s just quickly recap your 10 favourite posts of 2015 in the year 2015, shall we? 🙂

Top 10 Posts of 2015 (in the year 2015)

  1. On My Mind: Bob Box Braids
  2. Product Review: Mane Choice Metabolism Hair Vitamins
  3. Product Review: Aunt Jackie’s Curl Defining Curl La La Custard
  4. Shop Our Favourite Things
  5. Frequently Asked Questions: Kinky, Marley, Havana Twists
  6. More Scalp Than Hair: Styling Solutions For Fine &/or Thin Hair
  7. Hairspiration! : Esther Tom
  8. Hairspiration! : Aboyowa
  9. Wash and Gos Don’t Work On Nappy Hair?
  10. Henna and Me: 6 Months Later

We both love to celebrate. We love the idea of New Year’s. Same lives in progress, but we appreciate the newness. A new year. A clean slate. A new chapter to the story, anything you want it to be.

So here’s to you. To good health, to love and happiness, to purpose, to peace, to progress, to fresh, new, inspiring experiences, and to the getting of more wisdom and understanding.


AB & MeeMee