4 Reasons Why You Should Blog!

Aaaaand it’s a wrap!

Ladies (and gentlemen), we have come to the end of the ‘So You Want To Blog’ series! Dear newbie blogger, dear person who has been thinking about starting a blog but has been putting it off for months, years, for whatever reasons you think are valid (but really aren’t), I especially wrote this series for you! Continue reading

Be Seen! : How To Put Your Blog Out There

Hello boos!

In Week 5 of the So You Want To Blog series, we are talking about how to get your blog out there. Last week, we talked about Creating Great Images For Your Blog. To catch up on everything you missed, you can read the whole thing here. Continue reading

No DSLR? How To Create Great Images For Your Blog

Hello lovers!

Welcome to our 4th session in the So You Want to Blog series! Just joining us? No worries. Let’s get you caught up. This series is mainly for the newbie blogger, and everyone who has been wanting to start a blog, but doesn’t know how to go about it. In this series, my aim is to ginger you to get started, and sharing the things I’ve learned that I think you should know at this point. Sure, you may be already savvy in these things, but I’m sure you could still learn a thing or two!

Week 1 was about the ginger! Getting you in the positive blogging state of mind!

Week 2, we talked about ‘Choosing The Best Blogging Platform For You’

Week 3, we started talking about your blog content. In this post, we talked about appearances, and some notes about your Writing. Read this here.

Welcome to Week 4, and the word of the day is Images. Let’s talk about your Photos and Graphic Art! Continue reading

Ready to Blog, Let’s Go! Part 1

starting-a-natural hair-blog

Image Source: Create Her Stock

Hello lovelies!

You are welcome to Week 3 of our “So, You Want to Blog?” series. Yay!

In Week 1, you got the extra ginger you needed to get started. In Week 2, we talked about choosing the best blogging platform for you. I believe we are ready to move on to the main, the main, blogging itself.

You know what you want to blog about- pick anything, how does the spirit lead? My first post on this blog was so creatively titled ‘First Post’, haha, so no pressure. I’m going to leave that bit to you. It’s your blog remember?

Today, I am here to share a bunch of things you should keep in mind as you prepare, and blog your content. Rules to live or blog by, so to speak. 🙂 Continue reading

Choosing The Best Blogging Platform For You

starting-a-natural hair-blog

Image Source: Create Her Stock

This is the second Wednesday in the ‘So You Want To Blog’ series, whoop whoop! The first one is still here.

Welcome, welcome. I’m happy you are here. 😀

For the next couple Wednesdays, we are here to demystify the process with the inspiration, encouragement, and information you need to start your very own blog. If you’ve been thinking about starting, if you’re a newbie to blogging, you’ll learn more than a thing or two if you stick around 🙂

The big question for today is “Where?”

Continue reading