#NHIC2015: What Happened Here


On Sunday, November 1, 2015, professionals, leaders, veterans, aspirers, enthusiasts of the natural hair industry came together in Baltimore for what I believe will historically be the first natural hair industry convention! It was AWE-filled and I spent 9 hours and everyday since feeling very inspired. Beauts, we DO have an industry that is alive and the goal now is to sustain and grow this industry into its full potential. This is not a passing fad. Continue reading

Let’s Talk! Haircare. How Much Are You Willing To Pay?

Crochet braids by The Kink and I. A few weeks old in picture, though .

On Saturday, after I posted that I was on my way to K.L’s Natural Beauty Bar, I got a DM asking me about the pricing there. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my hair has been to this salon twice, so I told the person asking- that it cost me 4,000 to do twists with cornrows on the side, and 2000 to wash and dry. She responded “Hian”. Out of actual curiosity, I asked her what exactly the Hian was meant for- the 4k or the 2k- or both services. And, it is this same question I put to you today.

Today’s post is just to set the conversation going. I really want to know what you think. Continue reading

Learning to Accept the Kinks: My Mother and I

Hi guys!

This post is dedicated to every girl out there who wants to go natural but is experiencing a lot of resistance from her mother. It’s a little long, but because of the emails I get now and again, from girls who don’t want to fight their mamas over hair, I decided this is something I should share.

A few times in the past, I have mentioned my mom’s opposition to my decision to go natural. I’ve been natural for three years and it finally hit me recently, that not only has my mom come to fully accept my hair, I can say she loves it, like really, she is a fan.

I talked about going natural with almost everyone important to me. Yes, even my dad! I remember calling him one evening when I was experiencing PEAK stress of transitioning, telling him I wanted to cut my hair. He convinced me to calm down- a good decision because I was SO not mentally ready at the time and school must have probably been too stressful for a yung thug that weekend. Having half my wash and set (roller set) revert on me in no time felt like THE worst thing that could happen- a betrayal on top of everything I was dealing withand I was so done. The point is, going natural was a very emotional decision for me. I mean, I talked about it for like two years before I finally took the plunge. 

To everyone else I talked to, it was mostly bants, or to get a feel of how the world would react but talking to my mother was a different story. I told her, and kept updating her at intervals of my decision to transition to natural because I KNEW she would not be happy about it AT ALL. 


Flashback Friday. Happily Relaxed :)

Flashback Friday. Happily Relaxed. Don’t look at my arm lol!

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Products & You: Shine Your Eyes!

Hey guys,

Happy Hump Day!

The word of the day is Green Washing. Natural Nigerian wrote about Green Washing on her blog yesterday, it’s a really brief one, do read it here, if the term is new to you, and for more context. NN wrote about the dangers of Green Washing, and today I’m sharing an experience with you about one of the times I let false advertising get the better of me.

With products, I think I am adventurous. Sure, I always scrutinise ingredients lists to know what I’m using and to get my money’s worth, but apart from those things called texturisers & relaxers & the new “texture manageability systems”, I’m not absolutely averse to any ingredients or products in particular.

When I started my hair journey, I stayed away from the ‘big bad 3’- Silicones, Sulfates and Mineral Oils. My first haul was all natural and all organic- whipped shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils, a spray bottle, and an Aubreys Organics conditioner from The Kinky Apothecary. Though now I’m wilin’ out lol, I still advise people to try the safe way when starting, free from the ‘Big Bad 3’ if they can afford it.

Let me tell you a story. Continue reading

10 Most Likely to Grace the Green Carpet with Natural Hair

Hey Beauts!

The SAG awards was a couple of weeks ago, and we saw darling Lupita Nyong’o and Viola Davis flaunt their kinks on the red carpet. In case you have no idea what I speak of, here is what they looked like on said occasion:


So I got thinking. Which Nigerian celebrities are very likely to appear in public and even walk the red carpet with their hair in its natural state? Turns out that I could find up to 10 and I’m pretty sure there are some more. So yay! I now present to you the 10 most likely candidates to grace the green carpet with natural hair.

1. Asa

Asa Hair

Inspiring in staying true to the beautiful music that she has always provided, Asa is known for her good head of poppin’ locs. As I have never known her to wear her hair in any other form, she has graced many-a-red carpet with these locs and will very likely do so in the near future.

2. Chidinma


Look at that smile! And that twa! Her rise to fame began in 2010 when she won the third season of MTN project fame. A singer-songwriter, it appears that she went natural a couple of years ago and has paraded this look enough to expect to see her and her twa on the red carpet.

3. Chimamanda


You cannot talk about natural celebrities in Nigeria and not immediately think of this woman. She is the first name that comes to mind for me when thinking about this topic. Wearing her natural hair proudly is the way we are used to seeing her… everywhere. There was that one time she surprised us and wore her hair in a threaded hairstyle on the red carpet. I was like, “get it, girl!” Oh and girl can wriiiiite!

4. Dakore


I have fallen off the Nollywood radar for too long. I remember when Dakore was cast in almost every movie I saw in my teenage years. I’m unsure if she is still prominent in the industry. However, like Asa, her locs have stood her out in the industry.

5. Denrele


People, our dear AB used to have a crush on this uncle right here once upon a time! (I might get killed for saying this, so if I don’t put up a post in the next couple please call the police.) I really could not have compiled this list without putting Denrele on it, please. He fierce! Proper eccentric, Denrele embraces his hair in all its glory and he plays with it on the red carpet in ways that might leave your jaws on the floor (well, more his outfits than the hair).

6. Nneka


The internet describes her as “German Nigerian”. I am currently listening to one of her ballads titled Restless. She has a very unique sound, I must say and look at those curls! I will go out on a limb and say that you will not find Nneka in anything other than these curls.

7. Nse


Nse, Nse, Nse. Fine actress and one of the ones that I enjoy seeing on my screen. There have been many pictures of her flaunting her natural hair, even on-screen.

8. Omoni


She’s the ones with the signature contact lenses eyes. Also an actress, I think that she is rocking this hair and will do so on the red carpet any day. Those contacts though…

9. Onyeka Onwenu


Mama di mama! She has been in the entertainment business for almost 25 years and I don’t think I have ever seen the hair on her head higher than this. She is also a politician in the country.

10. TY Bello

ty bello

Aunty TY Bello! Yes, she’s my adopted aunty. This her hair… I’ve always looked at it with a critical eye. I suspect sometimes she has extensions in but it’s quite difficult to tell when the hair is with or without extensions. The above picture of her hair is an example of it being tamed. She is a photographer and a musician as well.

Alrighty! There you have it. My list. I really didn’t think that I would find up to 10 names. But alas, I think the awareness of the beauty and acceptableness of our hair, while still facing opposition, is very present in the entertainment industry (an industry driven mostly by external beauty).

In other important news, TGIT!!! I don’t know what Shonda Rhimes thinks she’s doing but this Olivia’s suffering is becoming ridiculous!

That’s it for now beauts. Be Well!

– Mee Mee