Hairspiration! : Lola


Hey Lola!

Hey Guys. I’m Lola (African Remy) and I’m a 24 year old Tax Consultant (trust me, it’s not as boring as it sounds). I’m based and was born in the UK – London to be precise but I’m originally from Ondo State, Nigeria and visit when I can (although I much prefer Lagos. Shhh… Don’t tell my dad).

What inspired you to return to natural?

Unfortunately, I don’t have a big, tear jerking story about a horrendous experience with a perm or breakage – I just missed my natural hair. I first relaxed my hair when I was 14 and kinda always missed the volume, the curls and just the feeling that I had lovely hair. So after university, with a little help from a beloved friend, I took the plunge. Continue reading