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The Month That Was

Hey guys,

How is the going going?

I know it has been a while since I did a proper post.

My Novembers are usually pretty unremarkable, but this year, November was FULL. Yep, that’s why I was M.I.A.

There’s a lot coming up on the blog, we’ll get to everything pretty soon. 😉

I woke up November 1 to hear that results were out! We had been waiting 2 months! It was a great way to start the month, to learn that I had passed the Bar, on my own terms!! I went back to stare at the result page like 20 times after the first time I checked because I somehow couldn’t believe it! Of course, that was the aim- but when it happened, I found myself wanting to keep looking, to keep checking just to be sure.

Shortly after that, I found my way to NYSC Camp. I took out my Havana twists two days before camp, washed & deep conditioned my hair and had the twists re-done. Camp was quite an experience. I had never been in such a huge disorganised mess in my life! To welcome us to camp, they made us hoist our luggage onto our heads and do frog jumps! Just imagine. I have a picture of this that may not see the light of day for years after I put it away! LOL.

I was so angry about everything at first, but after a few days, I decided to embrace the struggle and life got so much better after that. I fell madly in love with the military marching drills (THE BEST!!!) and I met many new people. At the end of the day, I had to admit that it was a good way to begin the service year in a foreign state 🙂


dead ( ._.)

the sun was a ghen-ghen

the sun was a ghen-ghen

during lectures. I was a little jealous of this guy yo.

during lectures. I was a little jealous of this guy yo.

why are they squatting in a circle?

why are they squatting in a circle?

still during lectures. The seats could barely take 20% of us. I was jealous of this guy too.

still during lectures. The seats could barely take 20% of us. I was jealous of this guy too.

Obubra winchhh. Skirt & blouse bite.

Obubra winchhh. Skirt & blouse bite. Thankfully, it was a small one!

beautiful :)

Simon tried his best, but he couldn’t really do this view justice. Beautiful 🙂

After camp came preparation for the Call ceremony and it was unexpectedly hectic. Between all that admin business and trying to find a suit and the right pair of Law school approved ugly court shoes, I felt drained. But all was forgotten on the D-day, last Friday!


5 years after I started the journey to the wig, I finally got to wear it! In Nigeria, lawyers wear black robes and special wigs in court. On another day, I may look into how the hairs are obtained from the horses, but not that day. I was too excited! All my girls passed the Bar too so imagine how happy I was! My uncles and aunts came all the way to celebrate with me and my parents, I was walking on sunshine *slide* 🙂


Iby, Abi mama, Me

my mommy and my girl, Deeva!

Mom and my girl, Deeva!

Later at lunch: Lu, F, me, Iby & Dilys. Lu isn't a learned friend though :p

Later at lunch: Lu, F, me, Iby & Dilys. Lu isn’t a learned friend though :p

Lu & F

Glowing: Lu & F

Iby's surprise at dinner :)

Iby’s surprise at dinner 🙂

It was a perfect day in every way. I felt very special and much loved! A few months ago, I’d think to myself wondering about the last time I felt truly happy, but lately, its been the very opposite.

Another phase is now beginning, and I’m so grateful to God, my wonderful family (near and far) and my awesome awesome friends for helping me pull through in the journey so far!

Did anyone else make it to Le Revitalize Rendezvous? The sun was so hot on Saturday, I kept waiting for it to go down. When it became clear that the sun had no plans of going anywhere till sunset, I headed out to the event at about 4:30, I think I was one of the last to get there.


Cheesin': Farida of Lumo Naturals & I

Cheesin’: Farida of Lumo Naturals & I 🙂

Last month, I think I clocked more time on my feet than I have throughout the year or maybe the year before that! Thank you, NYSC! Mscheew. My poor feet were in dire need of a pedicure, so I got one! I also had my big toenail taken out lol TMI? Please learn from me. Don’t commit yourself to long hours wearing a new pair of shoes that you haven’t broken into.


And the next day, I got to see the baby brother! ^_^

Shout out to NatMane and Lumo Naturals for my special hairrrrr! You need to see it properly- you will soon, in a post of its own! ^_^

November was great, December is definitely going to be better! May the Lord bless and keep us all!

I’ll be back to regular posting tomorrow. I just thought I’d check-in with you guys, share a little, let you know what’s been going on! Maybe I should do this more often?


A very happy bunny