Why You Should Go To That Hair Meet-Up

Hey lovelies!

If you’re in Abuja this Saturday May 31, make it a date to be at Baytown Lounge for Capital Naturals 3! Details in the flyer below.


Capital Naturals 3

Naturals in The City 8 is coming to you Lagos beauties on June 28, and on that same day, Locitude presents the first Locs Appreciation Day in Nigeria! There’ll be more information about these events in a bit, but if you’ve never been to a Natural Hair meet-up, you may be wondering “Abeg, why? What for?”

I’ve been to Capital Naturals, Naturals In The City 6 (both hosted by Natural Nigerian) and The Great Kinky Hair Christmas Affair (organised by The Kinky Apothecary, Klassy Kinks and Geraldine The Great), and I’m definitely a lover of these gatherings and so I’m going to tell you why.


I know, I know, sometimes it feels like lush hair only exists on the internet. If you’ve ever felt alone in your hair journey, going to a Natural hair meet-up will clear your doubts. If you’re a newbie natural, a transitioner, or your kinks are becoming too much to handle, I think this’ll be good for you. Seeing kinky sistas will inspire you, encourage you on your hair journey, remind you that good hair isn’t magic. Feel free to ask about how a style was achieved, don’t be shy to ask that girl to give you the dish on her regimen. Any hair issues? Just ask.


The main point of these hair meet-ups I believe, is to educate. To get you closer to healthy hair, to get you at least start thinking about healthier hair. There will be hair talk, presentations, and the opportunity to ask all the questions you want after. 🙂


This Afrikan Butterfly is not a very social butterfly. Seriously. I’m that girl that you may never hear her voice except she’s with her people, or until she gets to know you a little, or it’s absolutely necessary that I speak up. Let me just say that meeting new people usually sounds great to me only in theory. If you’re an extrovert, you’ve got nothing to worry about. If you aren’t, I’m here to say you don’t need to sweat it either. Everyone you meet at a hair meet-up is there for the same purpose as you, to talk hair. There will be warmth, and laughter, don’t be shy to reach out to the next person, to blend into the conversations, take photos. There’ll be plenty to compliment, so be generous with the wash-wash. Perfect icebreaker.


Natural hair events are a great place to shop. There’ll be plenty on display- hair products, hair accessories, and even beauty products, clothing, food- anything, really, depending on who’s organising. For once, you won’t have to worry about delivery costs. Be ready to shop, but hold yourself please. It’s SO easy to go over budget 😉 Whether you shop or not, be sure to get business cards. You may need the vendors’ info later.


Are you a hair or beauty blogger? Do you sell hair products or are you interested in starting a hair-related business? Hair meet-ups are the best place for you to connect with other like minds, and this is just wonderful in itself. Networking here could also be a tool to make valuable connections for the future. And if for nothing at all, it’s just nice to say hello properly, to faces you just know over the internet. 🙂


Natural hair meet-ups are not for kinky-curly girlies alone. There will be no talk of relaxers here, but that’s just as far as it goes. Good hair is healthy hair, and this is the aim. Come show off your relaxed tresses, lay your slick weave down for the gods, no one is going to bite you. Natural, Relaxed, Transitioning, Hair Curious, just drop by, you’re welcome to gain something.


Who doesn’t love osho free? Capital Naturals 3 does not require any fees or tickets from you to enter. So, I don’t know why you should be dulling. On the other hand, if tickets are being sold for meet-ups in your city, that’s not a reason to run oh. That’s definitely not money wasted.

So, what do you say ladies? Have you been to any meet-ups in the past? Especially in Nigeria. What are your thoughts? Are you a fan of hair meet-ups? Why or why not?




Capital Naturals 2!!



Capital Naturals 2, the second edition of the fun Natural hair meet-up is happening in Abuja on Saturday, the 1st of June, 1:30-6pm at The Hut, Plot 20/22 Aminu Kano Crescent (SoHo Lounge), Maitama.

Everybody is welcome- man or woman, boy or girl, natural or relaxed or transitioning!

Hair talk + hair goodies. You don’t want to miss this, you don’t want to be late!

Please read the flyer for more info.

Oya pencil it into your busy diary now now. Save the date!




I promised to share what I learnt yesterday, here it is. 🙂

You read blogs, or watch vlogs and one really awesome product is being reviewed, and then another. You’re here in Nigeria and you know that 99% of the products in the regular stores have silicones, or SLS or any of the bad stuff you’ve been warned about. Shampoo is shampoo. Dye is dye, hair colour, simple. Nobody really cares if this product has silicones or SLS or any of the bad stuff you’ve been warned about. You can’t blame them though- few people are actually curious about what really goes on inside, and to them if you’re worrying about these things, you clearly have too little on your mind. But you do care, and this is a good thing! You don’t have to sweat it though. God has got your back. There are quite a number of natural remedies for your hair cravings. Managing your natural hair can be easy (on your curls, your mind and wallet!) for you here too, much easier than you think!


Courtesy: NatMane. If you want to know more, you could swing by her blog here, leave her a comment or something. 🙂

  1. Want a natural hair dye? Try Henna (a.k.a. Laali- not sure if this is Yoruba or Hausa) Henna darkens the hair. If blacker hair isn’t what you’re going for, mix Henna with tea for a brown tint, or Henna with hibiscus for a reddish tint.
  2. Did you like me just wonder whether you’re supposed to grow a hibiscus bush, or where you could possibly buy hibiscus leaves? Worry not, sister. Hibiscus petals = Zobo leaves. Yuuuup. I was so shocked by this information. I reaaaaaaally love zobo. Bar 1, I used to drink it like every day. I’ve even brewed my own before, but never did I think that zobo leaves were dried hibiscus petals! I think somebody suggested that once and I just brushed it aside without blinking like “haha, right.” So you could get to mixing that red dye asap!
  3.  Henna loosens tight curls. Mixing henna into your deep conditioner could temporarily loosen your curl pattern, if that’s the look you want to go for. Wonderful henna!
  4. Olive oil softens the hair. You could use it on the daily, or make it a part of your deep conditioner. Apparently, there is Olive oil and there is Olive oil. NatMane recommends Goya, from her experience.
  5. Mai Shanu is great for deep conditioning too, and it’s also a good pre-poo treatment. It’s supposed to be available at Wuse market and maybe any market really. Fresh mai shanu is supposed to look and smell like yoghurt. Saw a picture though, I will be going to a market to find it soon enough.
  6. We live in Nigeria. If you’re going to pick a product, try to pick one that you know is stocked at a store easily accessible to you- except you travel a lot, or know someone that could always get it for you. This is just so that when that awesome product that you feel was specially designed for your hair finishes, you won’t be stranded. Consistency is important.



I also learnt that I’ve been doing it all wrong, with my daily regimen. I gleefully set out my wrong steps in this post here. I learnt yesterday that my steps haven’t been in order, so this is going to change.

My daily hair regimen was this-

1. WET WET WET my hair.

2. Seal with Coconut oil

3. Put in my Cantu leave in

Do you see the problem? The P is supposed to be MOISTURISE and SEAL. My leave in is a water based moisturiser, so I’ve been breaking the moisturising process up- sealing in the middle. It really should be-


1b. LEAVE-IN (definitely water-based) and then

2. OIL



Too much of everything is bad, they say. I read somewhere that there really is such a thing as OVER-MOISTURISING. I’ve read some naturalistas say that they wet their hair only once a week and each time I wondered how they manage to comb. I also read somewhere that you can never be too generous with the water you wet your hair with. Confusing.

Sha sha, I’ve been really dedicated to wetting my hair in the morning, sitting with it for 15 minutes, letting it drink it in. But on Friday, I gave my hair this wet wet treatment twice. In the morning and at night. I let it air dry for a bit, and covered it with my satin bonnet when I was ready to go to bed. I woke up Saturday morning and my hair was SO dry. Like I noticed. I was surprised cos it was supposed to be SO not thirsty after the day before, or so I thought.Even when I was wetting it again, I felt like it took a little longer than usual to open up, and get soft again. It sounds weird, perhaps I was imagining? O_o

So I asked about this at Capital Naturals, and I was advised to not let my hair soak all the time. Instead, I should sprinkle some water with the assistance of a spray bottle, and then put a water-based leave-in conditioner. Apparently, though type 4 looks really coarse and dry, it doesn’t mean that that’s actually how the hair feels inside. Someone called my hair soft sef (I almost laughed out loud). I’m going to try this, and see how it goes. Only going to wet wet wet on Wash day (Sunday) and mid-week co-wash day (Wednesday), for obvious reasons. Let’s see how my hair responds to this.

Have you ever experienced over-moisturised hair? How did you get there? How often do you wet your hair? As always, I’d love for you to share.



Happy Sunday, everyone! The weekend is almost over, how is yours going? Saturday was pretty awesome for me, I’m about to tell you one of the reasons why.

So yesterday was the first ever Natural hair meet-up in Abuja, the ‘Capital Naturals’ meet-up at the Casalinda Hotel in Maitama. It was brought to us by these three nice naturalistas- Natmane, Natural Nigerian and Bibi Naturals. I quite liked the venue. It was a nice cosy place, with a warm, very intimate feel. I don’t like crowded spaces, and I’ve never been a fan of big big spaces- so it was just right for me.

Good vibes were radiating all around- there were over thirty naturalistas there (present and future), some rocking their hair in different ways (too bad I didn’t take photos), some guys even came out with their women which I thought was really cute.


I was actually late >_< The time stated on the flyer was 1330-1730, but I wasn’t sure if 1:30 was really going to be 1:30, or 1:30 African time, my bad. By the time I was ready to head out, my cab guy took almost an hour to get here! Bwari is like 40 minutes away from main Abuja town, so by the time I got there I was really late! I got there at about 3, and I regretted being late as soon as I walked in.


I didn’t miss everything. I caught the last 5 minutes of Bibi Naturals’ presentation. Natural Nigerian had already done her thing before that, so I probably missed some really good stuff! (‘probably’ is me trying to make myself feel better) Then there was an interactive Q & A session; we asked, they answered.

After this session, we listened to NatMane tell us about Natural hair products that can be easily found around us. Like really there are quite a lot of things grown or you could grow, things used in our culture, for us to work with. Her hair is so full and long! Loved her twist-out! You could find out what I learnt in the next post, I didn’t want this to be too long.


There were two giveaways (I didn’t know the answers to the questions cos I missed the first two presentations, shame) and there was also a raffle at the Kinky Apothecary stand! Lumo Naturals, Bibi Naturals and Natural Nigerian also had their stands. I got me some very yummy cocoa butter, tea tree Essential oil and an Aloe + Coconut Clay Bar. Did I mention that there were free coconut oil samples for everyone? 😀


It was a wonderful afternoon. I learnt a lot. I am shy, but I actually got to speak with some cool people. Baby steps to networking and ting. My only regret is not getting there early enough. There’s going to be another event in the first quarter of next year, so no excuses, better planning, I’m going to be there, God keeping me. 🙂

And I’ll be early too. Oh yes.


On Saturday, Abuja is getting its first Natural Hair Meet Up.

Time: 1330hrs to 1800hrs.

The First Natural Meet Up in Abuja. Come and listen to Nat Mane, Chioma Momah and Natural Nigerian speak about hair. Fati Mamza will be there to speak about make-up. Win in our giveaway and buy hard to find Natural Products.

Tell a friend, bring three! See you there!



P.S. This isn’t for only Naturalistas. EVERYONE is invited. There’s SO MUCH you could learn from the Natural community that could benefit your relaxed hair; practices and products- no harm in trying, it’s all God given. Good hair is healthy hair. xo