Products & You: Shine Your Eyes!

Hey guys,

Happy Hump Day!

The word of the day is Green Washing. Natural Nigerian wrote about Green Washing on her blog yesterday, it’s a really brief one, do read it here, if the term is new to you, and for more context. NN wrote about the dangers of Green Washing, and today I’m sharing an experience with you about one of the times I let false advertising get the better of me.

With products, I think I am adventurous. Sure, I always scrutinise ingredients lists to know what I’m using and to get my money’s worth, but apart from those things called texturisers & relaxers & the new “texture manageability systems”, I’m not absolutely averse to any ingredients or products in particular.

When I started my hair journey, I stayed away from the ‘big bad 3’- Silicones, Sulfates and Mineral Oils. My first haul was all natural and all organic- whipped shea butter, coconut oil, essential oils, a spray bottle, and an Aubreys Organics conditioner from The Kinky Apothecary. Though now I’m wilin’ out lol, I still advise people to try the safe way when starting, free from the ‘Big Bad 3’ if they can afford it.

Let me tell you a story. Continue reading