Product Review: Ultra Black Hair

Ultra Black Hair- Product Review

Hello loves!

If you’re on Natural Hair/ Healthy Hair instagram, you’ve probably seen some buzz about this American brand: Ultra Black Hair. Created by Cathy Howse, these American products are in the motherland now, and the campaign is fairly serious. Cathy is also an author. Her first ‘Ultra Black Hair Growth Book’ was published in 1989, so even without reading it, big props to her for being invested in the healthy hair movement since before I was born.

I was sent these products (Satin Creme Moisturiser on the left, and the Deep Conditioner on the right) by @ultrablackhairafrica to review. I was not paid for this review, but because we love you guys so much, we convinced them to sponsor a giveaway- which we ran on Instagram (@thekinkandi), and announced the winners yesterday.

This review (like all the reviews you have read and will ever read on this blog) is my honest account of my experience with these products. They have seen me through like 4 washdays and the DC is actually almost finished, so I feel ready to talk about them.

Let’s dive right into it, shall we? Continue reading

Product Review: Brazen Curls, The Entire Line!

natural hair products- midas naturals- brazen curls

Hey, hey, hey guys!

Back in 2013, I got some products from Midas Naturals. I loved the healthy butter in particular, and I reviewed it here.

As the saying goes, the only thing that is constant in life is change, and since then, the brand has been through some changes. Currently, they have a new line of products- Brazen Curls, and they sent it to me towards the end of last year to review. I have used them, and so has MeeMee, so, here I am with our unbiased views on the products.

This is not a sponsored post. Though made in the UK, Midas Naturals is owned by a Nigerian woman, so it gives us great joy that these products are quality stuff, and we definitely think you should know about them. Continue reading

Oil Rinsing

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If you love protective styling let me hear you say “heeeey”

If you love twists let me hear you say “yoooo”

If you love twists so much that you leave them in so long until they look like you were born with them, make some noooiiissseee!!!

Yeah so it’s almost been three months since I’ve had these Marley twists in. Sigh. I admit, part of the reason is that I’m afraid to deal  with my hair what with everything that I have going on. At first the reason was that it was simply too early to take them out. I am still not used to having to pay so much just to get my hair done. So when I do get my hair done, I like to utilise my money. But now, winter is upon us and I just don’t see the point in taking out my twists and letting my hair out. I have redone the twists twice now just to refresh them. However, in recent weeks, I have noticed that my hair care habits have deteriorated. Heck, I cannot for the life of me figure out where my spray bottle is. So you know what that means. The most moisture my hair has been getting is stray drops from my overactive shower head and tiny showers from when it rains. Bad bad bad. So basically, I was tempted to take them out today. But I did not have time to deal with take-down plus post-take-down care. Not today, not this week, not ever. And then it came to me. Oil rinsing! (this has been a lengthy journey of words to get to the point of this post. Forgive me)

I have only known about oil rinsing for about a month and some now. I stumbled upon it when I fell into the dark unending vacuum that is youtube. Oil rinsing. I see those words and I think of oil just dripping down from weighed down hair and onto one’s face. Ugh. Some of that image might be true… especially in the process of doing oil rinsing.

What is Oil Rinsing?

It is basically saturating your hair with any oil(s) of your choosing before your condition your hair after a wash. It should not be confused with pre-pooing. Pre-pooing requires certain oils that need to be left in hair for an extended period of time before washing is done?

How do I oil rinse?

Simples. Get some oil that you like. For my first experience, I used Taliah Waajid African Healing Oyl. It smells divine, this oil (or oyl as the product prefers to be called. Fancay). After shampooing or first cowash, pour oil generously onto hair and scalp. Leave for about 5 minutes, as you would a conditioner while in the shower. I reckon that having warm water running in the shower may allow the process mimic a hot oil treatment for a little bit. Now there are two variants of the next step. Some people rinse off the oil and then condition as normal. Others add conditioner and then rinse both a while after. I did the latter (because, longer time for oil to be in hair). And that’s it really. Nothing elaborate.

What oils are best for oil rinsing?

So you read this post and it turns out today is washday for you and you want to try out oil rinsing. You’re good to go if you have an oilsaid oil is liquid and will continue to be liquid at all temperatures while in your hair, and you like said oil. That’s really it. Even melted shea butter can be used as an oil for oil rinsing.

So what are the benefits of oil rinsing?

  • It rescues dry hair. Especially after a protein treatment or henna.
  • Increases hair moisture and softness
  • Aids easy hair detangling because the extra oil you will get in your hair adds slip to hair.
  • Can help reduce frizz
  • Hair shine

Having said that, if you do not like shiny hair, if you never shampoo your hair and if you have a problem feeling the presence of oil in your hair, then mayhaps oil rinsing is not for you. With oil rinsing, you have to remember that because there is a tendency for the oil to attract dirt and what not, it is necessary for you to wash hair occasionally.

So as I started to blab about in the beginning, I tried oil rinsing on my twists and I have to say I’m ready to have these on for another year week. It completely rejuvenated the twists and the undergrowth.

While I have no before pictures of the dull, dry, brittle mess my hair was this is what it looked like after oil rinsing:

Ignore that bald patch. That's the result of a bad decision to get ghana braids done.

Ignore that bald patch. That’s the result of a bad decision to get ghana braids done.

I will definitely be doing this again and I am  interested in seeing the effects it will have on my beautiful fro when I decide to let it free.

I hope this was helpful to somebody. Has anyone else tried oil rinsing? Any advice? Testimonies?

Take all the positivity for the week. I wish you lots of good hair days!

– Mee Mee

Hair Blues- No Moisturiser x Fairy Knots!

Good morning, my people! How are things? Good good, I hope? I know, I know its been a while since I posted anything. I can’t say I’ve been busy. Just adjusting to the proper academic schedule at the law school and though I haven’t really invested myself into it yet, I can tell you that it is not beans. It’s really demanding but not impossible. Really demanding is good 🙂

I’ve been rocking my hair the same as I was the last time I posted. Same routine- detangle, moisturise, seal, fluff and go. I’ve also been drinking at least 2 litres of water a day sha, because you know, moisture works from the inside too.
The harmattan is really present with us here, and my hair and skin have been really crispy! Not so bueno. But, there’s one thing I want to be dry right now, it’s my nose! I’ve had this annoying cold for five weeks, been on two different prescriptions- been swallowing meds for 3 weeks and also taking the usual precautions. I don’t know what else to do at this point!

I ran out of moisturiser two days ago! I’m in a village-town, so I don’t know, I’m not keen on running around trying to find a product. I doubt I’d be successful. Sha sha, my hair has been super dry. I’ve been going on with my routine (minus moisturiser) but apparently, just water isn’t enough for my curls. At least, not in this weather. I miss my yummy Cantu like crazy! On the bright side, I’m going home tomorrow for the holidays (yayyy ^.^). Home to my wonderful family, home to my city, home to moisturiser!

My second problem- FAIRY KNOTS.
Fairy knots are single strand knots, a common experience with tightly coiled hair. Like a single strand of your hair just knots. Because hair strands are so thin, it’s practically impossible to try to untie the knot (?) And even if it were possible, you can’t do the same for every single hair strand with fairy knots. And I’ve also found that when some strands break, the broken bits curl/knot themselves halfway down other strands. I think I’m done fiddling with my fairy knots because every time I try, I end up breaking off the hair after the knot point. Okay. Problem identified. What am I going to do?

I think I’m going to stretch my hair soon, do a protective style- braid it, or get it threaded (haha yes I said threaded! I’ll be back to this in my next post). The fairy knots arise as a result of the curling/coiling so I imagine that stretched hair won’t be so knotty. I’m still doing my reading on the phenomenon so I’ll get back to you guys and let you know how it goes.

If you have any tips on coping with fairy knots, or any secrets on staying moisturised without being overly dependent on daily moisturiser, please kindly let me know in the comments. I also want to know your hair/weather blues. What seasons does your hair like? Let’s talk!

Till next post, be happy and safe!