Slay, Lupita!


Hate it or love it, you cannot not know who Lupita Nyong’o is today, in this year of our Lord 2015.

If I ever get to meet her, I must ask- “What’s your secret, Lupie?”

“How do you glow? HOW?”

These pictures of her in the October 2015 issue of Vogue are giving me life on this average day.

Enjoy and be blessed!







I love all of this. The black and white one is my fave. Followed by the one in the blue dress.

It’s her second Vogue cover, guys. I’m happy she isn’t fading away as some people said she would.

You can read her interview over here, on




Afrikan Butterfly #OOTD

friday, friday! 🙂

Hello nice people that read my blog!!! (*crickets* I hope I’m not talking to myself lol). I’m through with uni, graduation is in 6 (or is it seven?) weeks yes, so I’m pretty jobless at the moment.

I wrote my last exam last friday, and to celebrate, I went clubbing with my girls girls.

Bralets and mixed prints are hot right now, and I happen to love seeing both trends. I decided to try them out together. ^_^
It was a little different from the norm, so I wasn’t really sure if people liked my look, or they were just surprised lol

I think I pulled it off.
What do you think?

First Post

Duhhh its the first post. I know, I know. I didn’t have to title it that, but it’s my blog and I can title or not title my posts as I please. :p

I’m really really tired and I have to read this one case before I go to bed, just so I could say that my day hasn’t been entirely a waste. My brain has started slowing down, its almost done for the day.

Stumbled on this picture today. I already put it up like an hour ago on my tumblr

Color-blocking, turban-rocking, Solange.

Fabulous as always.