For The First Time, Kinky Hair at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Pageant!

Jegzy 2014!

Jegzy 2014!

Hey guys!

Remember Leslassa? Last year, I was excited because Leslassa Armour-Shillingford represented her country Dominica at the Miss World pageant, probably the first woman of African origin to contest on the Miss World stage with her naturally kinky hair!

This year, one of our very own past Hairspirations on the blog Jegzy, is representing us with her big ass fro, at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant!! She is a psychologist, contesting as Miss Ebonyi. To learn more about her, see her MBGN Profile over here!

I’m so excited, and I can’t wait to see how she styles her hair for the big day!!

Now, online voting is open and please we HAVE to see Jegzy (real name: Sarah Jegede) go all the way at MBGN 2014! The winner of the Online Vote will be fast tracked to the Top 15!




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Remember, you’re voting: Miss Ebonyi, Sarah Jegede.

You can see Jegzy’s Hairspiration feature over here. 

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Want Shea Butter? Holler at Estella’s Pride!

Hello Naturals in Nigeria,

New on the scene is Estella’s Pride, here to bring you all-natural shea butter and oils you can trust!

Why buy from us?

A lot of Shea butter sold today isn’t the real deal.

When Shea butter isn’t authentic, it doesn’t have the qualities you seek.

The Shea butter Estella’s Pride stocks is gotten from the Middle Belt of Nigeria and neighbouring Ghana.

We are very familiar with the people who make it, and are well acquainted with the production process from start to finish.

What we’ve got

That’s not all. We’ve also got Cocoa Shea, Whipped Shea butter, 100% Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Grape Seed Oil, Ginger Oil, Jojoba Oil, as well as other oils.


Find us!

We are based in the Lagos area, but we do deliver to other locations!

For more information, contact us:

Email address:

Phone: 07032583692 /07052194358.

Hey boos.

This isn’t a sponsored post. 

The ‘Where To Find’ Directory is a growing resource that was started to assist the natural in Nigeria, and Estella’s Pride is our latest addition. For information on where to find Natural Hair Friendly products and salons, do visit the page. Let’s help you find what you’re looking for! 🙂

And if you’re a Natural Hair Friendly business in Nigeria- product retail or salon or mobile stylist or loctitian, anything related, please leave a comment under the Directory with your information or email, so that I could list you, it’s absolutely free!

Till next post,




Saturday 10 May, 2014. An update- Estella’s Pride has revamped their packaging. Don’t be alarmed when you see this, it’s still them. They have also expanded their product line. Whoop! 🙂

new label

new labels