Going Grey On Purpose


Hi Beauts!

Two weeks ago, on the gram, I made you guess which one of us will be going grey on purpose this year (if you don’t follow us on the gram yet, I really don’t know what to say to you). To my surprise, you got it right! So, yes, ’tis I! Last year, I became a big fan of the grey fad. I have always admired naturally grey hair. I remember thinking a long time ago, that I would not dye my hair black once I start greying. My mother believes that I will change my mind once the actual process begins, but hey! Just in case my mindset changes then, I would like to rock some grey hair while I am in awe of it. While this post is dedicated to some grey hairspiration that I have been drooling over, I will cover some facts about hair dyeing that is applicable across the board. However, please note that this is not an extensive post that will guide you about hair dyeing. If you would like an extensive post about dyeing natural hair, leave a comment for me below! Continue reading

Gorgeous Grey

I have a grey hair. A lone grey strand nestled with the rest of the dark.

I wonder when it started growing. Or how it turned grey without me noticing at all.

I found it on Tuesday morning as I fluffed and pik’d my fro. If I’d seen this last year, I’d probably have pulled it out instantly. I wonder why I used to be so afraid of growing old and all things associated with old age. Have I truly gotten over it? This is a question I’ll ask myself another day, but let’s stay on the topic, grey hair.

Since I decided to go natural, one thing that has always managed to grab my attention is kinky-curly textured grey hair. I remember the first grey mama I admired. She was buying fruits at Commercial Area. Since then, my appreciation for grey hair has continued to grow. I think it’s so beautiful. I no longer wonder why my mom refuses to dye her abundant grey. It’s gorgeous.

Last week, I stalked the internet for Grey natural hair and it did not let me down. I want to be as fly as these women when I’m their age.






giant puff

toni morrisson


grey locs 

Back in August, Rihanna had a moment with Grey hair. I wondered if it’d catch on, but she was off it in a blink. Maybe it’s better this way, maybe grey really should be just, grey. Mother nature’s own makeover and not a trend. Anyway whether it’s naturally occurring or bottle obtained, I’m definitely a fan of this colour.

All photos sourced from Pinterest.

Black is beautiful, and grey is gorgeous!

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