Towards Healthier Hair: Baby Steps!

Hey everyone!!!

How are you? How have you been?! I hope you are well!

I wrote my last exam on Friday so right now, I’m on a much-needed break from learning the Law and it feels so good I tell you! SO GOOD to be back to my life, to be back to you guys a free woman. It may take a little readjustment to resume blogging as usual.

Hopefully, I’ll soon be back in full swing, but till then- here’s a little 500-word piece I wrote for Complete Fashion magazine. It was published on their blog during the time I was away.

Good hair is healthy hair and as I keep trying to say on the blog, it is well within your reach. You just have to make a little effort and when I say little, sometimes “little” really does mean little. You don’t always need drastic changes to see results. In the article, I just pointed out a few simple changes you could make that would definitely contribute to your hair’s health and happiness- kinky-curly-coily or relaxed.

Please check it out here, and share if you like. 😀

I’ll be back soon!




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