Product Review: Mane Choice Manetabolism Hair Vitamins

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Hey beauts!

Happy New Year from MeeMee! The first month in 2015 is almost over and I hope we’re all settling in decently. I just want to say again how amazing you guys are, and you will be reading a lot more from me this year. You have my permission to hold me to that statement.

Now to the business of the day.

Remember when I shared my excitement about trying out the Manetabolism vitamins? I am done with all 60 capsules and I shall now share my results (or nah?) with you.


Before trying these vitamins, I had salivated at the major progress many girls claimed to have with this product on social media. I had never taken any hair/skin vitamins prior to this one. And so, as expected, I had high hopes. Maybe too high. For me, it was about the length and not even the thickness at the time. I had my hair in Marley twists during the month when I took these vitamins and so I had no idea how my hair was faring underneath. But I was really positive. After having my twists in for a little over 4 weeks, I took them out, did the usual ritual with eagerness to do that length check (not pictured here. Perhaps it was anger, but I somehow deleted that picture).

L: 2 days before R: > 30 days after

L: 2 days before R: > 30 days after


What went wrong?!!!

Well, the low hanging fruit will be the fact that I am currently treating heat damage. So right now, my hair is not very healthy. At my last wash day though, I didn’t lose as much hair as I expected so perhaps the pills reduced shedding? But my hair is a lot thinner than I remember it being. I admit that I have not always had dense hair. I also admit that I thought becoming natural will automatically equal high density hair (this deserves a post on it’s own. Can I get a show of hands from my mid – low density sisters in the house?). But this thinness that has accompanied the heat damage is not of God. Comparing the thinness from before I started the pills to after, there has been no significant change.

Lost comrades from the battle of the wash day

Lost comrades from the battle of the wash day


Any side effects

I don’t like that side effects has a bad connotation. It shouldn’t, because it’s basically any off-target effect (i.e. effect that you were not expecting or that the medication was not aimed at). Apart from noticing that my nails feel stronger, there were no noticeable side effects from taking these vitamins. I did not break out, contrary to some reports, neither did I notice any improvement in my skin condition.

Will I be buying this product again?

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Yes. But not immediately. I will like to nurse my hair back to life and have my hair be healthy and stable. When this happens, I want to give these vitamins a second chance to prove themselves to me. If I don’t notice substantial change to my hair, only then will I give up on them.

On Hair Vitamins…

Like I said earlier, before manetabolism, I was a hair vitamin virgin. I had never even thought about using them to facilitate hair growth. I am not one to pop pills and I struggle with taking regular everyday vitamins. I don’t believe that hair vitamins are magical. I would like to see the original growth rate of these girls that have shown amazing change in their hair with these vitamins. Chances are that there won’t be any substantial difference with and without vitamins. What this means is that, genetically, they have rapid hair growth while some of us, don’t. So while I think that hair vitamins can help your hair to be healthier and can do its bit to improve your keratin structure, it cannot suddenly turn you into Rapunzel (btw, if Rapunzel had a big ass afro, that “let down your hair” story would not have sufficed) if your ancestors haven’t blessed you with such growth.


What have I rambled on about in essence?

1. My hair doesn’t seem to be growing much.

2. Manetabolism’s magic didn’t work on me in the way I thought it would. Although, it did decrease my shedding.

3. I am not Rapunzel… yet.

4. Vitamins are not magical.

5. Fix my hair, Jesus!

I know Joy, one of our readers, has tried Manetabolism and was not blown away. Has any one had a different or similar experience with these or other hair vitamins? Not to overflog this issue of hair vitamins but any chance your thoughts have changed since the last time we spoke about them? Let’s talk!

We had faux snow days where I live on Monday and Tuesday so my own weekend is just coming to and end and it is my first work day of the week. I hope your week is going really well. Remember, always gauge the type of hair your Rapunzel has before you rely on her letting it down for your transportation. Ok bye!



Heat… Heat… Heat Damage



I’m sorry, I just don’t know how to say this.

Okay. Remember that time I spontaneously straightened my hair? Well, yup. My beautiful coils got heat damaged.

How did I determine it was heat damage?

1. Smell.

By the morning after I straightened my hair, I could smell the burn. It smelled like someone had lit my hair on fire and it absolutely irritated me, the smell. When I finally decided to wet my hair in the shower, and the smell lingered on, I knew that I was screwed. Sigh.

2. Loss of coil elasticity.

The beauty of natural hair is how versatile it is. Shrinkage has to be the 8th wonder of the world. Usually, when straightened natural hair is wet, it ought to go back to its natural curl pattern. In addition, when the hair is pulled at by fingers, it ought to spring back and curl back in. Granted, my hair, after washing, was shrunken, however there were visible straight tips. Also, when I pulled at any part of the hair, it became straight and would refuse to spring back. Sigh.

photo (8)

3. Loose curl pattern.

For me, this was the third indication. I twisted my hair one night in preparation for a twist out and my hair felt too fine and thin. I am not thick-haired, but the thinness that I felt was definitely strange. That was when I studied my coils in the mirror and yup, most of my coils were really loose. Sigh.

What to do? What to do?

I decided that I was going to restart the Maximum Hydration Method. Basically, the changes that follow heat damage all point to one thing – moisture.

Different people have tried different things that have worked in helping to deal with heat damage. Here a few examples:

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse.

Well, clarify. That’s the purpose of the rinse. Usually, when your hair is straight, more products go in and there is high build up by the time you are ready to revert to curly/coily hair. So cleansing and clarifying hair properly is highly necessary. However, in nurturing your hair back to life, it is advisable to do the ACV rinse every so often (say, weekly).

2. Protein Treatments.

One baggage that heat damage comes with is weak hair that tends to split a lot at the ends. I actually noticed that when my hair was straight and I combed through, there were broken strands of hair on the comb and the table as well. Ugh. A store-bought protein treatment (e.g Aphogee 2-minute reconstructor) or a DIY treatment will suffice. But be careful! Don’t overdo it with the protein now.

3. Deep Condition.

Ah yes. Deep condition! Deep condition!! Deep condition!!! Choose your favourite highly moisturising deep conditioner and use it regularly and freely.

4. Hot Oil Treatment.

The point of most of these is to retain as much moisture as you can. Your hair has been robbed of its natural oils and is basically dead. So you will need to overcompensate for a while until it gets back to being independent. Hot oil treatments help. I will also add that you try oil rinsing with your frequent washes.

6. Allow hair to be slightly damp more often.

You know how sometimes we like to do our favourite styles on dry hair? Yeah, you can’t anymore. At least not yet. Have a spritz bottle handy with a water/conditioner or water/oil mix handy to spritz your ends with. In the state of damage, they get dry really easily and this will help to train your hair to be more accepting of moisture.

7. Cut/Trim.

Shiver. They say this is the last resort. If all fails, you gon need to go to the scissors (or even the clipper! *screaaammm*). If your damage is horrendous, you will need a lot of patience. However, as  you treat your hair delicately, you will need to imitate a transitioner. What this means is that you will need to trim off the ends regularly until all of your hair is back to being the hair that you once knew. Sometimes, people take the plunge and do the big chop. I. Will. Not. Be. Doing. This. No no no. I mean I only have one year of growth but please, it is never that serious. I shall nurse this hair back to life.

How can you prevent heat damage?

1. Don’t do it too much!

Usually, heat damage affects naturals that abuse the straightening iron. However, as in my case, even doing it once without proper safeguards can destroy your hair. The number of passes the iron makes through your hair should not be multiple. Two passes, and move on please. I didn’t count mine, but I bet she made more than 5 passes. When you start to see and/or smell those fumes coming from your hair then you should be afraid and stop what you’re doing.

2. Heat protect

Always, always, always use a heat protectant serum with any form of heat, especially a flat iron. I have no idea what was used on my hair (which was a very stupid thing to do. Do not be like me.). I advice that if you will be going to the salon, take your product with you or at least trust what the salon has before proceeding. There are more and more straightening kits in the market now and while I am not sure about the post-straightening services that they offer, at least they have heat protectants that help prevent damage.

3. Healthy pre-straightening practices

This is just as important as using a heat protectant. Make sure your hair is clean and deep conditioned before the blow-drying portion of the straightening process.

Because of the weather and because I was overwhelmed by what was happening to my hair, I am now currently caring for my hair in Marley twists. I shall let you know how that goes when I take down to assess progress.

So, yes, I was stupid and I’m paying the price. Thankfully, heat damage is not irreversible. On a similar note, I came across the idea of heat training. Apparently, it is applying heat regularly to cause hair curl pattern to become looser. The idea is to have healthy hair but loose curls and texture. It has been argued that heat training is not heat damage as it does not come with the dryness and brittleness of heat damaged hair. What are your thoughts on this? Have you had heat damage? How did you rescue the situation

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Be smart with your choices this week.

– Mee Mee