Introducing: The Natural Hair Blog Directory!

When I first started learning about Afro hair and hair care, one of the most prominent points was classification according to curl patterns. There were (and still are) rules or tips attached to curl patterns by different naturals. For instance, I remember reading in several places that 4C hair is highly porous. My hair is tightly coiled 4C and is as low porosity as can be! I was moisturising my hair heavily and sealing just as heavily like a high-po girl, with frustrating results. I was also Deep Conditioning all wrong.

Hair typing goes beyond your curl pattern. There are other more important factors: porosity, strand texture, overall density. [For more info, you could visit The Hair Basics series]

With all the information that abounds now in these times, it can be a little overwhelming. It’s great to learn across the board, but sometimes, you just want specific information.

For instance, I enjoy watching vlogs of all kindsa naturalistas for inspiration, but I always like to see how styles turn out on 4C sistas like myself. And for tips on regimen building, curl pattern isn’t a filter for me. I’m much more interested in the person’s porosity.

Here’s where the Natural Hair Blog Directory comes in.

This is a brilliant, brilliant idea from Rae of

On the Directory, Natural Hair Blogs are organised in different sections for starters- Kinky, Wavy, Curly, Coily- and each blogger has a profile in which she goes beyond curl pattern, describes her hair in all aspects of hair typing, and states her blogging specialty. Super helpful, no? 🙂

It is truly a more organised way to learn about hair care!

Bloggers, go get listed on the directory now- it’s free!

Fellow hair blog stalkers readers, we’d probably be spending less time on the internet now. [Or not] 😉

Keep up with the Natural Hair Blog Directory on Twitter as well as Instagram: @thenhbdirectory

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