Another Good Washday, Pleasant Surprises.

Hey guys!

How is the going going?

I currently have my hair in mini-twists, just three weeks after I swore “Never Again!” LOL- so let me tell you the story about how I got back here, after my last Wash Day.

I started with tangled, very shrunken, soft but kind of greasy hair. This is the typical state of my hair after a week or so. *Kanye shrug* We’ll talk more about this later!

1. Sections first!

First, I sectioned my hair into four puffs.

2. Poo!

I squeezed the last of my L’Oreal Ever Crème Shampoo, to give myself a nice poo. I’d used Aunt Jackie’s Curl La La to style the week before, and it was still very much present in my hair, so the poo was necessary. Working my scalp, and getting the lather all over my hair. I rinsed it off with very warm water.

3. Finally Got Oil Rinsing Right

After rinsing out my shampoo, I put Olive oil on, trying to cover every bit of my hair from scalp to tip. 3-5 minutes later, I rinsed with very warm water. I guess I used too much oil because my hair was still oily afterwards. On the bright side though, it was super soft and amazing to run my fingers through. Great slip thanks to the oil. Now I see the hype about Oil Rinsing. I’d previously been doing it wrong- putting oil and then deep conditioner before rinsing.

4. Deep Conditioning, dum dum! The step of my Washday that I do not dare miss!

I finally opened the Shea Moisture African Black Soap Purification Masque that I was gifted by The Kinky Apothecary in October. A full review will come in due time, but I was pleasantly surprised. I don’t know what I expected from this masque but the end result? Lush soft coils. They were poppin’ and I was so happy!!


One awesome thing about this masque is the ingredients. When I use conditioners (instant, deep, leave-in), I’m always a little wary of applying down to my roots because I don’t shampoo after I deep condition, and I do not want build up. I love me my silicones, but I don’t want them on my scalp. The ingredients of this masque are 5 stars yo, and it’s actually great for use on scalp too, so I didn’t have to be careful. I smoothed the masque onto wet hair, finger detangling and then going through gently with a wide tooth comb. Look how much hair I lost after detangling! Not bad eyyy?


5. Styling Time!

I don’t know why but for months now, when I know I’m going to be using a styling product, I skip using a leave-in conditioner after I wash. Instead, I just seal with an oil, butter or pomade. Not sure what the rationale is, I guess I tried it once and it worked, and so have I continued. I’m enjoying it so far, I like that my hair doesn’t have to wear more layers of product than it actually needs.

After rinsing out my DC, I took down the puffs and chunky twisted my hair, using Oyin Handmade Burnt Sugar Pomade to seal. I put my satin bonnet over that and went to make dinner.

Done for the day, a few hours later, close to midnight, I put ‘Once Upon A Time’ on (who else watches & loves this show? ^_^) and settled to style.

My hair still felt wonderfully soft! Like erhmahgerrd. Not using a leave-in after a wash is also one way I test a deep conditioner. If my hair still feels 100 without a leave-in after a wash, I’m sold. But, if I still need a leave-in after using a deep conditioning treatment, I conclude that it’s not very moisturising. Duh.

I decided to do a Twist & Curl since it had been such a long time. For this, I used the Shea Moisture Frizz-Free Curl Mousse to do my twists, and perm rods to curl (I got the perm rods from Olori. 350 naira for a pack of 12 over here)

Hair was still damp, but some areas needed a little misting, so I spritzed them with water before using the mousse. I put my hair in 20 twists and curled each twist with a perm rod.

Twisted and then curled

Twisted and then curled

12 hours later, I took down the rods and unravelled the twists.

I had a promising twist out if I do say so myself! Way better than the first time I styled with this mousse. Hair was shiny, felt amazingly smooth (like not just stretched- actually smooth and can I say, polished? It was the first time my hair has ever felt this way, I’m just trying to put the feeling into words.) and the definition was kind of pretty. Wet styling is a big problem for me. My wet styles rarely ever go as planned. So I was so excited with these results!

Ignore my pout lol

Ignore my pout lol

The only problem was that I didn’t like the way it was arranged. I haven’t yet mastered how to combine my braids or twists for a twist out or braid out. So after trying to figure out how to style or arrange, pushing hair this way and that, I had frizzed the whole thing. And I didn’t have an afro pick to fluff the roots. Haven’t replaced mine since it was seized at an airport last year.

😦 Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.

So smooth!

So smooth, y’all.

LOL sorry guys, but this was my first time of experiencing "smoothness" with my curls. And to think that I'd applied no heat! Loved it!

LOL sorry guys, but this was my first time of experiencing “smoothness” with my curls. And to think that I’d applied no heat! Loved it!

I held my hair up in a very loose undefined puff and covered it with my satin bonnet. The next morning, not in the mood to manipulate my hair again, I decided to do mini-twists. Hair was still well moisturised & smooth feeling & kind of stretched so I did my twists with no additional product as I watched more Once Upon a Time, except a little dab of the Oyin Burnt Pomade here and there, to smooth the ends of each twist.


Day 1 hair. I love mini-twists until they shrink and get frizzy.

Day 1 hair. I love mini-twists until they shrink and get frizzy.

Hopefully I’ll let my twists last this time. I don’t want to wash my hair for another two weeks. ( ._.)

I was very happy with this Washday. I don’t know why I dread washing my hair these days. I’m like “Noooo, I don’t want to”, but then I do and it’s really a piece of cake- and I love how my hair feels afterwards. It’s alright to feel lazy about it, don’t feel bad. Just still do the work, lol.

Alright lovers. How did your last Washday go? 🙂

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Product Review: L’Oreal Ever Crème Sulfate Free System Nourishing Shampoo


Hey guys,

Long time no product review!

First of all. What is it with Natural hair brands and the long ass names? LOL anyway. Let’s just call it the Ever Crème Shampoo.

I’ve had this since January (MeeMee dashed me) and I didn’t use it until I was out of all the other shampoos I had. A little part of me was like “hmmmmm L’Oreal.” Though I was fully aware that L’Oreal owns Dark & Lovely, in my mind, the parent brand itself L’Oreal was associated with non-black hair. I wasn’t in a hurry to try it. And then I did. I’m one use away from finishing it now, so here I am with my review. It’s a staple for MeeMee so this is a double review. 2 opinions in one post. Let’s go!

Product Claims:

Sulfate-Free. No Harsh Salts. Paraben-Free. Natural Botanicals. 100% Vegan.

Ever Crème Nourishing Shampoo gently cleanses and restores lost moisture. The nourishing formula instantly wraps each strand with necessary moisture, leaving hair healthy looking and manageable without weighdown.


Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate, Glycol Distearate, Decyl Glucoside, Parfum/Fragrance, Polyquaternium-10, PPG-5 Ceteth 20, Glycerin, Sodium Benzoate, Coco-Betaine, Peg-55 Propylene Glycol, Oleate, Propylene Glycol, Salicylic Acid, Carbomer, Benzoic Acid, Hexyl Cinnamal, Linalool, Camelina Sativa Oil/ Camelina Sativa Seed Oil, Purnus Armeniaca/Kernel Oil/ Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil/ Grapeseed Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Citric Acid.

Worth noting: I think shampoo ingredients are always the most complicated. I’m no scientist, so let me just point out the points that matter to me.

Though not in the first 5, this shampoo contains humectants: Glycerin, and two forms of Propylene Glycol. It also has Polyquaternium-10, a conditioning agent.

This is my first time seeing Salicylic Acid in a shampoo. Typically used for treating Acne, apparently it also helps remove build-up, and soothe scalp itchiness. But, I’m not sure how much influence this has in the formula as it is way down the list.


This Shampoo, (and other products in the Ever Crème Sulfate Moisture System line) I believe, comes in a gold tube. It’s pretty, very nice to grip and squeeze. It balances on a round bottom cover. Love it. 5 stars for packaging.


It’s white, and kind of thick. Thick for a shampoo. I like that when I pour it into my palm, it can be cupped.


“A product smells nice and I immediately believe in it. I like the sophisticated scent of this shampoo”- MeeMee.

Yes, a nice smell is very persuasive and this actually smells like the Elizabeth Arden White Nights fragrance. It’s an old lady perfume, not overpowering, smells lovely, but not to be worn by a young girl (in my opinion)- and I love that this shampoo kind of smells like it. Sophisticated is right.


MeeMee says: “It was my first experience with a sulfate-free shampoo and I wasn’t sure what to expect but I immediately realised it didn’t dry out my hair like shampoos I was used to, and my hair felt clean. Does it make my hair any softer? I don’t think so. It doesn’t change the texture. However, in terms of clarifying, I do not think it is a very good clarifier.”

Yes, this shampoo cleans gently, and does not dry my kinks out. On a bad day, when I’ve gone so long without washing or moisturising and I use this, my hair does feel softer and kind of moisturised. Hair is sometimes so springy, my coils pop a little! But I always, ALWAYS deep condition after. No matter how nice a shampoo makes your hair feel, you cannot stop there. You must go on to complete the wash process, by conditioning or deep conditioning. And like MeeMee, I suspect that it isn’t a clarifying shampoo.

What do we mean by Clarifying Shampoo?

To clarify is to deep clean your hair, clear it of all possible build up. If you wear your hair out, applying moisturisers and stylers ever so often, I don’t think you can manage shampooing just once a month or every 6 weeks with this shampoo. It’s really nice, but because it is so gentle, I use it every time I wash, which is every other week. It doesn’t strip like the typical shampoo, so there’s no reason for me to dilute it or avoid it.

So far, I haven’t experienced product build-up.


If you love your shampoo to lather up, the Ever Crème shampoo brings the suds!

And, though I do not bother to detangle during my shampoo, I have to say that this also has some slip.


I don’t know where to find this online in Nigeria, but I saw this in Calabar at Rita’s Beauty Solutions, 6A Adiabo Street, off Marian Road.


Does this product do what it says?

I say, yes. MeeMee says almost. Though it doesn’t strip her hair, it doesn’t exactly impart additional moisture and softness. I think the moisture levels are good for a shampoo, but you cannot and must not end your Washday there. We are both happy with this shampoo, and will continue to buy it.

So that’s it folks. Have you ever tried this shampoo? What are your thoughts?