Here’s What’s New!

Hey guys,

Long time no speak!

It’s not that we just forgot about the blog o. This adulting/ trying to adult thing isn’t easy. Why did nobody tell us????

This is me being overly dramatic, life is not that hard, but it’s taking some adjusting to.

1. Cheers to New Beginnings!

Your girls have finally started working full time, with stable 9-5s, or in my case, 8 to 6 or so soon thereafter as my Oga deems fit.This is awesome, it feels like NOW our career journeys have officially begun. Help us thank the Lord! 🙂 I think my face is reacting to the change in the worst way, but hopefully we will stabilise soon. MeeMee graduated with the highest honours two weeks ago, I’m so- I’m so- I’m so proud of her!

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‘Being Me’ Blog Tag!

Hey guys!

I was tagged by the lovely Sandra of to do this blog tag, and I enjoyed getting to know a little about her on the tag, so here I am!


Are you named after someone?

Nope, just me.

When was the last time you cried?

June 16. It was my birthday. I cried at the beginning of the day (good tears, of love & joy & appreciation) and at the end of it. That night, I went to see ‘The Amazing Spiderman 2’ and I really couldn’t take it when Gwen died. 😦 Continue reading