The Washday Experience: K.L’s Natural Beauty Bar

Hello lovers!

AB here again 🙂

As I told you in yesterday’s post, I outsourced washday last weekend. I was too tired to do it myself, so I took my kinks to Kemi Lewis’ salon- K.L’s Natural Beauty Bar. You probably already know her (you should!) but if you don’t, Kemi is a really great natural hair stylist. Follow her on Instagram to see her handwork @kemilewis. 

It was my second time there to do my hair. The first time was in May 2014 when I did this. My friend T lives in the Estate so I’ve had to pop in to the salon on a few occasions to see her. Kemi also helped her transition, I think.  Anyway, anyway. I know that the salon can be quite busy, so me deciding to go there spontaneously was a gamble. I texted Kemi in the morning to see if I could book an appointment. She replied to say she wasn’t in, and as such, she didn’t know what they already had set up for the day. 

I got there at 3pm, one hour later than I had actually planned for the appointment- thanks to stupid traffic. Luck was on my side though, I met a pretty quiet salon! I was dancing inside.  In about 5, 10 minutes, my stylist for the day, Tope was ready for me. 

I chronicled this salon experience on Snapchat & I remember saving all my snaps to my gallery at the end of the day. Appaz, they weren’t saved, so I don’t have the pictures for a play by play. 😦

This Washday took about one hour, from start to finish. I loved the way she handled my hair (and I told her so). Here’s how we did. 

1. My hair was super duper tangled. I mean. So tangled it made me think about my future Locs lol, that tangled. She detangled with the African Naturalistas Moisturising and Detangling Conditioner, using her fingers & a wide tooth comb. I felt no tugging or pulling. I said this when I reviewed this conditioner a few months ago here– and I’ll say it again. This is super awesome stuff. It’s quite light so you won’t expect it, but the slip on this thing! Super slip for detangling, great softness and so much moisture. One of my fave products this year and it’s only 1,500 don’t sleep on it!

2. She shampooed my hair with a sulfate free Shampoo from Keracare. 

3. Then, she conditioned it with a Design Essentials conditioner. Rinsed out after leaving it in for ten minutes. Washing done, my hair was wrapped in a cotton t-shirt. 

4. Drying time! She moisturized with a leave-in product from As I Am, and spritzed my hair with the Keracare Silken Seal Liquid Sheen, a heat protectant. She blow dried my hair on low to medium heat (it wasn’t hot at all), with a comb attachment. 

5. She added a little more of the As I Am as needed, and sealed with coconut oil. I asked her to put my hair in two braids (which I’m still wearing) and we were done. 

It cost me 2,000 naira to wash & dry, and an additional 1K because I used their products. 

Tope was nice and fast, and super gentle with my hair. I was extra impressed with the fact that they didn’t use anyhow anyhow products- just quality stuff. And, it’s worth mentioning that she wasn’t stingy with the products too. Unlike the last salon I was at *cough cough* ( ._.)

K.L’s Natural Beauty Bar is at 29C Ikorodu Crescent, Dolphin Estate, Ikoyi. 08063650977.

Have you ever been here? Are you a regular? Would you consider going? Tell me about it! 

P.S. They’re closed on Mondays.