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Raise your hands if you noticed the new tab on this fine blog?

If you didn’t notice it, shaaaaameeee :-p.

Ok. Ok.


After many, many, MANY months of dreaming, brainstorming, researching, and shopping, you can now shop our favorite products (for now) on this here blog. We love these products; swear by them even. If you’ve been on the blog long enough, you can correctly guess what they are even before you see the shop! We know that all ‘fros are created different, but we believe that if you are looking for new products to try or to restock your product stash with your good ol’ friends, you should be able to trust us with this.

Blog Shop Feb 2015x(1)-page-002This is the first pop-up shop, with more to come, so we aim to get a ton of feedback from you. We want to know what products you’d like to see; how we can improve your experience as a consumer that frequently (or occasionally) shops hair products in Nigeria, etc. Please, please, leave us your thoughts in the comment boxes if you’d like, or better still, shoot us an e-mail at hello@thekinkandi.com. Don’t hold back!

So… what are you waiting for?! Head on to TheKinkandI Blog Shop, see what we have, and place your orders!

P.S: Remember we still have the ‘Where to Find’ directory. Please reach out to us at hello@thekinkandi.com to get your business listed, at no cost. All we ask is that your business be directly related to natural hair. We do not tolerate posts about “toning creams” or “waist trainers”, this is just not the place, thank you!



Giveaway! Giveaway!!

Hello beautiful people!

I’m very happy to announce the first Giveaway of the year! Actually the first sponsored one ever on the blog, many thanks to Natural Nigerian! ^___^

I love mudwashes so so much (and so does she). NN is giving away 2 packs of Natural Nigerian Bentonite Clay, and 2 bottles of her Natural Nigerian Moisture & Shine Detangling Leave-In Conditioner. Yep, one of each product, for 2 lucky readers! However, this will only be delivered within the country, so you should be resident in Nigeria. 🙂

I reviewed the Moisture & Shine Leave-In Conditioner in October last year, you could go read about my experience here.

I know it sounds really weird to wash your hair with clay, but a Mudwash is like my favourite hair thing to do. I’ve loved it since my first try in September. I’d give everyone I love a mudwash if they’d let me! Simple and fast, it’s shampooing + deep conditioning all in one, and it always leaves my hair super clean, super moisturised, and well detangled! My curls love it so much, they POP! You could go learn how to do a mudwash in this post here.

So, if you’re interested in getting these goodies, please go follow the super easy instructions OVER HERE.

Hopefully, we’ll soon see an international giveaway on the blog. *fingers crossed* 😉

This giveaway closes on Monday, the 24th day of March 2014 at 11:59PM Nigerian Time. You have two weeks!

Good luck ladies!




Naturals DEY!

Hellooo beautifuls!!

How is the going going?

I was at work this morning when notifications started trickling in. Facebook, Instagram, WordPress. I was a little puzzled because I hadn’t recently posted anything on the interwebs. So I went to my stats to help me understand, and they led me to Bella Naija. Yours truly was mentioned by KlassyKinks in her article ’12 Natural Natural Hair Bloggers You Need To Follow’! You could go see it here. I felt excited, happy, fulfilled, I truly never hesperred it! ^____^


A very BIG thank you to Ijeoma for the love!! and also for prompting my procrastinating ass to put out my own list. This is something I’ve had sitting in my drafts for a while.

Sometimes in your natural hair journey, you could feel lonely. Afro-textured sistas may not be as easy to spot on our streets as you would in say, Brooklyn- but I’m here to let you know that in our Nigeria, you aren’t alone. To borrow The Kinky Apothecary’s slang/ hashtag, #NaturalsDey.

Nigerian hair. Nigerian Naturals, Living right here, in Nigeria. We are here. Very happy, and we are thriving.

So this is a shoutout to all my Naija-based natural hair bloggers. You should get familiar with them 😉

This is by no means a conclusive list, but here in no particular order:

1. The Kinky Apothecary.

Nigeria’s first one-stop shop for your Natural hair needs has been here from the very beginning of this ‘movement’ so to speak. Actually, in anticipation of my Big Chop, my first product haul ever, was from the Apothecary! Visit the blog for hair talk, and follow the Apothecary’s FB and Instagram (/kinkyapothecary) for a steady stream of well-curated natural hair inspiration.

2. Rachel of Beautifully Nappy’s enthusiasm for keeping her kinks and body healthy & beautiful as naturally as possible is contagious!! For natural hair growth, organic skin care & healthy living, visit her blog– and keep up with her on Instagram (@rachelasakome) & Twitter (@BeautifullyNapy)

3. Natural Nigerian brings you “Natural” from a holistic point of view. It’s not just hair, she’s very very committed to living as naturally as possible. For healthy hair care, clean eating and generally healthier living, you want to bookmark NN’s blog. And just so you aren’t the last to know when next NN organises another hair meet-up, you should do the same. Between blog posts, keep up with NN on Facebook.

4. She whose face must not be seen! NatMane blogs about her hair journey at Deep Brown & Kinks. She’s a super talented stylist, I can personally testify. If you’re in Abuja, tweet her to make an appointment: @NaturalMane. You will not regret it.

5. Hadassah is a proudly Igbo girl, living it up in the ‘Buj with her very healthy, bouncy, curls. She writes at Nappily Nigerian Girl, and she instagrams too: @NappilyNigerianGirl. You could also tweet her: @NappilyNigerian.

6. Fola is a Natural Nigerian living in Lagos. She was on a healthy relaxed hair journey before she decided to embrace her kinks. She blogs about her hair (and fitness and healthy eating) at Fola’s Oasis.

7. Fellow 4C sista Acharacha blogs about her hair journey at Acharacha By Nature. With Acha, it’s simple straight to the point haircare, and she makes youtube videos too.

8. Beautiful Ifeyinwa is the Brain behind handmade skin care product line Ajali. She is a beauty & lifestyle blogger, who writes about hair, and other pretty things at Love, Ifeyinwa.

9. Kemi Lewis runs her own Natural Hair Salon in Ikoyi, Lagos. Visit her blog KL’s Naturals and you can just tell the woman KNOWS hair. That post about her laid edges? Paradigm. Shift.

10. African Naturalistas is the greatest collaborative blogging effort in the Nigerian natural hairsphere. Several bloggers write about African hair and all things related for AN, so you’re sure to see something new every time you visit!

11. The Mane Captain, Adeola lives in Toronto- but do visit her blog and see if that makes any difference. She blogs about the true basics of hair care- techniques and tips- things we can all implement, regardless of what we have or what we are using.

12. Sandeeey has been natural for several years. Her luscious locks (of life!) have even been featured on Curly Nikki. She’s on Instagram: @hairoflife and she writes about her hairscapades at HairOfLife.

13. Ore a.k.a. Ms. Cookie is a full blooded Yoruba girl with beautiful big curly hair. She talks hair on her blog Cookie’s Real Hair Care. If you’re in Lagos & need a little help with your real hair- natural or relaxed, hit her up to schedule a salon session. Tweet her: @thecurlycookie

14. Jan blogs about her healthy relaxed hair journey at Today’s Naira. She is also well invested in the maintenance of her nieces’ natural curls. Definitely a blog you should see for you, and the little curlies in your life.

15. 17 year old Nafisah is an aspiring architect. On her blog, Coily Head of Hairshe chronicles the ups and downs of being natural (in Nigeria) and from time to time, you can catch her doing some DIY too! 🙂

On Tuesdays, Natural Nigerian shares photos of other Nigerian naturals on her facebook page. You could share your photos with her too. On Instagram, you could search the #NigerianHair and #NaturalsDey #NaturalNigerian tags.

For information about where to find Natural Hair Friendly products and salons in Nigeria, do visit the Where to Find Directory. Healthy Hair Awareness is growing like crazy, and in good time, I’m positive every state will catch the bug. But for now, most stores deliver. If a store isn’t in your city, don’t be shy to contact them. They may be able to accommodate your request or customise a solution for you. 🙂

From time to time, hair meet-ups are organised and from my experience, they’re full of great fun, warmth and kinky-curly inspiration!

If you live in Benin City, please please, read this short announcement.

Woah. This has been a super long post. I hope I’ve been able to convince you and not confuse you that… Naturals Dey! We are here!! If I didn’t mention your natural hair blog or your favourite hair blog, please bless us with a link in the comments!

Shout out to new The Kink and I followers! I’m always an email away- thekinkandi@gmail.com. I’ve only had my ‘fro for a little under 2 years, but I’m here to help as best as I can, and I always respond.

Till next post,




Shop In The Name of Loveee

Hello my good people!

Valentine’s is this Friday, how do you feel? 🙂

I do not have a Valentine, but I’m excited because well, I like the idea of Valentine’s Day. Woo!!

Valentine’s day should totally be a public holiday- but since we can’t have a public holiday, we can do with a little osho free.

In a show of Valentine spirit, Konga.com is giving you lovely The Kink and I readers special discounts on any purchases you’ll make this season. Why you ask? Because of love. Because I love you, and so does Konga.

How do you claim these discounts? Just make sure you enter the code “AFKONGA” at check out.

Here are some of my picks to get you started: Click the titles or the images for direct links to Konga.

1.      Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine


Jane Carter Solution is definitely one brand on my radar, and I’ve read nice things about this pomade.

2.      African Naturalistas Moisturising Butter Cream- Minty Jazz


Buy Nigerian!

The Moisturising & Detangling Conditioner is sold out at the moment, but you can still grab the Moisturising Butter Cream in Minty Jazz. This particular butter promises to improve the health of your scalp, and promote hair growth.

3.      Kids Organics Gro Strong Triple Action Cream


My girl F loves this yummy smelling hair lotion. At only 945 naira, what more motivation do you need to give your next best leave-in a go?

4.      Profectiv Growth Renew Root Recovery Temple Moisturant


My hair is yet to try any thing from this brand, but if you’re looking to heal or protect those tender edges, at N1650, it may not a bad idea to try this balm.

5.      Fela: This Bitch of A Life


Do you ever wonder about Fela, our legendary afrobeat king? Who he really was, how he functioned? How he became the man we remember today?

This book is the only proper authority on the maestro’s life. Penned by American writer, Carlos Moore, the man himself signed it and approved it as his life’s story. One of my favourite books, I’ve had a little trouble keeping it super safe since 2011. The last time I gave it out, someone wanted to pay me for it. Mehhh. So I was really happy to see it on Konga. You can get it there for 2000 Naira.

6.      Lippie!!


Not like you ever need an excuse to wear lippie.

Anyone who says dark skinned girls can’t wear bright lips is just, plain, wrong. Tell them all ASAP Rocky I said so.

You can find my favourite red- Ruby Woo. Or if that’s too mainstream for you, try Riri Woo (hello RihannaNavy!), or ‘Rich Red’ this matte lip from Elf. If you’re more of a violet gal, you could try the classic M.A.C. Rebel.

Nude lips are great too. I like this soft shade from Nigerian brand, Zaron. I’m still a little confused as to the actual colour (is it coral? is it nude?) but I love this moisturising lippie, Mystic!

If you’d really like to get into some Valentine shopping for your him or her, visit the Konga Valentine Store, here.

And one last thing, keep up with Konga on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (@shopkonga)– for a chance to win weekend getaways, spa dates and other good goodies, all being given out in the name of love!

Okay guys.

Have a little fun shopping in the name of love. Don’t forget to use “AFKONGA” at checkout.

From my heart to yours,




The Great Kinky Hair Christmas Affair!

Hello lovelies!

How una dey? 🙂

I’m home for the holidays and this Christmas is definitely shaping up to be a grrrreat one! I am SO excited! ^_^

Yesterday, my girl Lu and I had a good time at The Great Kinky Hair Christmas Affair!

Organised by The Kinky Apothecary, the Affair was hosted by hair bloggers Geraldine the Great and Ijeoma of Klassy-Kinks, at The Social Place, 33 Sinari Daranijo Street, Victoria Island.

Geri talked to us about Staying Natural, and Toughening Your Technique for Length Retention, and soon enough, Ijeoma got into Protective Styling. Afterwards, she asked for volunteers and I stepped forward. Without the aid of a comb, she did a quick flat-twist updo that I wore to church this morning. I’m definitely upping my styling game in 2014, so help me God!

It’s always a pleasure to meet other curlies, and talk hair! 🙂 Before and after the workshop, there was food, drinks and shopping. We got freebies with our Kinky Apothecary purchases, and Geri gave out stuff as well.

Old boy Simon was with me, and Lu helped out with the photos- so here’s my yesterday in pictures:




Girls-Girls ^__^


Wildly Refreshing. They make smoothies, froyo and soup :)

Wildly Refreshing. They make smoothies, juices, froyo and soup 🙂


Us posing with Ijeoma of Klassy-Kinks

Us posing with Ijeoma of Klassy-Kinks

Republic of Foreigner

Republic of Foreigner


Kinky Apothecary

Kinky Apothecary

Zaynab :)

Zaynab 🙂


Lu + Ijeoma

Lu + Ijeoma

Ijeoma's cute style. She got her hair did at KL's Naturals

Ijeoma’s cute style. She got her hair did at KL’s Naturals

the back. Mini-twists in the middle

the back. Mini-twists in the middle

LOVE her weave!

LOVE her weave!


Geraldine the Great, ready to speak

Geraldine the Great, ready to speak

Waist length for real

Waist length for real

Ijeoma working on the volunteer

Ijeoma working on the volunteer


side view

side view

the back

the back

Nibi Lawson, founder of The Kinky Apothecary

Nibi Lawson, founder of The Kinky Apothecary

Close-up: Geri

Close-up: Geri!

The End.

What did you do this weekend?

Till next post,