February Giveaways!

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Hey beautifuls!

How are things?

We apologise for not having our posts in the So You Want To Blog & Salon Stories series last week. This was because I had a hectic week spiced with tech glitches, and MeeMee is away, having a blast on vacation- but more about this later. 🙂

In January, we hosted an Ultra Black Hair Giveaway on Instagram. If you are on Instagram, we hope you’re following us!

It’s the second month of the year, and how nice is it that we have TWO giveaways! Hopefully, we can keep this up- because we think you guys are pretty awesome for reading, and this is how we say thanks ^_^

Baby Bend Over…

What did you get up to over the weekend? Did you run the Lagos Marathon? Beyonce made my Saturday with the Formation video (ahhh I’ll just spare you guys my feels!) but wayy before that, I dragged myself to ‘Yoga With Stacey’ in the morning, and I’m really happy I did.

I’ve been interested in yoga for a while now, but learning on YouTube hasn’t worked for me. I want to learn the basics in a proper class, and when I have that, I’m pretty sure I can cope virtually. I didn’t really know what to expect from this class- I honestly thought yoga was just a bunch of stretching exercises that should be easy for you if you’re flexible. I was quite surprised to find that yoga actually counts as a workout. Don’t believe me? Ask my hamstrings, and everything going on right now in the back of my legs!

The main intention to get into yoga was for my mind, but I hope I can stick with it for both the benefit of mind and body. The cost of attending one class is 1500 Naira, which isn’t bad at all. I learnt some poses for starters, and she corrected my posturing, something you should never take for granted when doing any form of exercise!

Giveaway #1: Yoga With Stacey

If you’d like to attend a free class, I have two passes to give away, courtesy Stacey. It was really sweet of her to give me these after class, so here’s what you should do to stand a chance to win:

  1. Follow @YogaWithStacey on Twitter and/or @Yoga_with_Stacey on Instagram.
  2. Leave a comment under this post with your handle, saying “I want to get bendy with Stacey!”

Like so: “I want to get bendy with Stacey! -@thekinkandixx”

Make it to a Yoga With Stacey class in Ikeja or Ikoyi. She’ll soon be a regular at Stranger, Lekki- but these cards are valid for her independent classes only, that is, in Ikeja and Ikoyi. See her Instagram or Twitter for more details.

This giveaway is limited to Lagos (because the classes are in Lagos), and it ends on Friday 19th February, 2016.

Giveaway #2: For Colored Girls!

How many articles and blog posts have you read about the dangers of coloring (natural) hair? We can’t count! Yes, it’s important to understand the impact of dye on your hair, it really is- but should that stop you or scare you? We think not!

We’ve got 2 bottles of the Shea Moisture Baotein Precious Oils Complex Vibrant Color Clear Shine Glaze to give away. This product promises to boost your hair colour and prevent fading, while silkening your hair, delivering shine, and helping you recover your strength & elasticity. You (should) know Shea Moisture always comes correct, and this product worth $20, is from their Salon Professional line of products.

Shea Moisture-Giveaway

This giveaway is strictly for the ladies bold enough to rock their colour. Not the ones that will do (like MeeMee lol, she’s dyeing her hair grey in a bit), but if you’re actually rocking color in your hair right now, this is for you!

How To Enter:

  1. Post a picture of you rocking your dyed color, on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook. No hashtag necessary. Just tag us in it ( of course, this is the only way we will see it) OR
  2. If you’re shy of posting on Social Media, email us your photo instead. I’m nosy, so please tell me more about your color when you do. What/who was your inspiration? What dye did you use? Did you dye at home or at the salon? How do you feel about it? Anything and everything, I want to know! [thekinkandi@gmail.com]

This giveaway ends February 29. It is open to anyone in Nigeria (that’s how far we can deliver), but if you’re outside the country, feel free to join in the fun and send us your fierce photos! 🙂

Alrightie boos. Have a great week ahead! Take names and kick ass!!


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!!!Flash Giveaway!!!: The Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show

Hey beauts!

I know, it’s been such a long time. I am breaking my hiatus to bring you goodies! Actually, ‘goody’.

This weekend, her hairyal hairness, Felicia Leatherwood will be shutting Lagos down along with Ngozi Opara, Nibi Lawson, Obia Ewah, Wunmi Akinlagun, Ijeoman Eboh, and Cassidy Blackwell! Because we love you beauts so much and are so grateful to have you, we will be sending one lucky, AVAILABLE lady to The Nigerian Natural Hair & Beauty Show on Saturday, May 16th!!! Get excited!



What do you have to do to win this gold ticket (seriously, did you see how much those things are going for?)?

1. Be available this Saturday, May 16th.

2. Be in Lagos Nigeria on Saturday, May 16th.

3. Love TheKinkandI.

4. In the comments section under this post, leave your e-mail address and the words: No owambe on Saturday.

And that’s it!

This giveaway will close at noon (GMT + 1) on Thursday, May 14th. The winner will be announced on the same day, right before AB and I settle down to watch the season finale of Scandal.

If you don’t get to go to this event on Saturday, remember that the first week of June is almost here with another amazing event to anticipate. It’s NITC 11, people!



Alrighty beauts, comment! comment!! comment!!! E fit be you ooooooo.

P.S: I am too bummed that I will not be able to attend this event so if you win this ticket and you don’t go to the event, I. Will. Hunt. You! Please, please, please, if you win this ticket and your plans change, let us know ASAP so that we can draw another winner in good time.

Lots and lots of love and positivity,

– MeeMee


Something Different- Magnify!

Hey guys-

In our first post of the year, we asked you what you’d like to see more of, and one of the suggestions was more lifestyle and personal stuff. This is unbelievably hard to do, you personal bloggers are the real MVPs!

The Kink and I remains a hair blog, but occasionally, we’ll talk about other things we find interesting, or things that matter to us. I wrote this post a month ago, and could not get myself to publish it. But for some reason, now feels right.


Let’s talk faith today.

Are you a person of faith? I mean- do you believe in God?

I do. I was born into a Christian family so that automatically followed me on default. Growing older and becoming my own person, I realised that this isn’t enough. By not enough, I mean, I feel like I am a lazy believer. I accept my belief as my belief, but I feel like I lack the deep conviction I should have.

Generally speaking, if we want to talk about religion, or religious practices and observances in Nigeria, I think you can liken it to hair porosity. Just broad strokes, probably not the best analogy, but think about it. Some people have a low-porosity attitude, others a high-porosity attitude, and okay, let’s believe there are medium/ normal porosity ones. Like my hair strands, my mind is in the low-porosity bracket when religion is the subject. My cuticles are super selective, if you get me, you get me- and if you don’t, maybe another day. 🙂

Towards the end of last year, I was particularly disturbed. Tormented even. It became so hard for me to reconcile the idea of being Christian with being black, and also being a woman- given the history of blackness, the past and even the current situation of womanhood. To simplify the struggle, in MeeMee’s words, I’m just trying to understand how the Bible, how this faith applies to me in 2014 (now, 2015)

One day, in the depth of it all, I got an email from Biki, who blogs at My Fashion S/Ash Life, inviting me to the launch of a Christian women’s magazine called Magnify. We had earlier spoken about meeting up for something else, so I agreed to go- just for her, an opportunity to meet for the first time, as a prelude to the other thing.

It was after I had said yes (and thereby committed to a very inconvenient journey!) that I decided to look up the website. It looked good, by all standards, but it was their What is Magnify page that really drew me in-

MAGNIFY is a platform that gives women the opportunity to explore the Christian faith and how it can impact being a woman in today’s world.

At the time, it felt like serendipity. A very pleasant coincidence. I had begun to feel bad about having all these questions, it was nice to feel understood by one more person, for a moment.

The event came and went, all the hassle had me wondering if it was even worth it to have stressed myself in the first place. It went well oh, don’t get me wrong. It’s just- Lagos stress. It was difficult getting there and going back, the stress had me feeling I could have just stayed home and watched TV. That type of day.

I flipped through the magazine afterwards, impressed with the paper quality and the print and the fashion editorials, and soon forgot about it.

In January, I picked it up again and finished it in two days.

I love it. I’ve dabbled in Christian magazines, the Christian blogosphere a little, and I know it only speaks about the bloggers themselves, but there’s often something a weeee bit off putting. Like there isn’t enough space for dialogue, and where gender relations or other concerns peculiar to me as a female are discussed on these blogs, I feel very very VERY uncomfortable with the tone. I think the word for it is “Pandering”. Surely there can be a way to raise male consciousness about female issues without begging, or discuss things without massaging their egos first.

But Magnify is different. There’s so much goodness in Magnify- brilliant, witty writers, and interviews of remarkable people sharing their stories- winning at life while balancing their faith. I’m not trying to say that they told me what I wanted to hear. I felt challenged to be more receptive, I was given quite a few things to think about. About faith, and the practicality of my own. It’s a personal race, I’m working on myself, but I just thought I’d share. Maybe you’re at the intersection of these struggles as I am. Maybe you’re just looking for something edifying to read- even if you aren’t Christian, this is good stuff.

I especially love that the editor, Ruth Awogbade, is a young woman. Seeing the quality of the magazine, my mom wanted to know who the editor was, and when she saw her picture at the bottom of the editor’s letter, she was very surprised. You hear that guys? You aren’t too young, or too small to do your thing. She actually started working on this idea while still in university, in 2009.

If you’re in Lagos, you can buy copies at L’Espace, Grey Velvet and Terra Kulture.  Their addresses, and also London stockist info are over here.

Magnify is a bi-annual publication, I look forward to the two issues they’ll put out this year. No way I won’t be getting them! Until then, I have their website, time and again: hellomagnify.com

P.S. It is perfectly okay to have questions, it’s YOUR journey.

P.P.S. If there are any faith-based blogs or writers you love, please point me to them in the comments. Thanks.




A Tuesday Afternoon at The Shrine

Hey guys,

This is not a hair post.

Tuesday was a good hair day for me, but beyond my twist out, it was also a really good day.

My friend L is around, and together we finally made it to the New Afrika Shrine. We’d both wanted to go for a long time, but she doesn’t live in Lagos, and for me- its been one thing after another. From the mall, we found our way to it on that Tuesday afternoon.

"The Secret of Life Is To Have No Fear". You hear?

“The Secret of Life Is To Have No Fear”. You hear?

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