Gorgeous Grey

I have a grey hair. A lone grey strand nestled with the rest of the dark.

I wonder when it started growing. Or how it turned grey without me noticing at all.

I found it on Tuesday morning as I fluffed and pik’d my fro. If I’d seen this last year, I’d probably have pulled it out instantly. I wonder why I used to be so afraid of growing old and all things associated with old age. Have I truly gotten over it? This is a question I’ll ask myself another day, but let’s stay on the topic, grey hair.

Since I decided to go natural, one thing that has always managed to grab my attention is kinky-curly textured grey hair. I remember the first grey mama I admired. She was buying fruits at Commercial Area. Since then, my appreciation for grey hair has continued to grow. I think it’s so beautiful. I no longer wonder why my mom refuses to dye her abundant grey. It’s gorgeous.

Last week, I stalked the internet for Grey natural hair and it did not let me down. I want to be as fly as these women when I’m their age.






giant puff

toni morrisson


grey locs 

Back in August, Rihanna had a moment with Grey hair. I wondered if it’d catch on, but she was off it in a blink. Maybe it’s better this way, maybe grey really should be just, grey. Mother nature’s own makeover and not a trend. Anyway whether it’s naturally occurring or bottle obtained, I’m definitely a fan of this colour.

All photos sourced from Pinterest.

Black is beautiful, and grey is gorgeous!

Till next time,