Lazy Sunday

Hey guys!

How are things?

AB here! It’s a very lazy Sunday for me in Calabar.

Earlier today, I co-washed and finger detangled Big Betty. She’s crazy soft, and her curls are poppin’.


I didn’t wash in twists which wasn’t a good idea now that I think about it, because I couldn’t give my scalp a good rub. I’ll fix this next week. After washing though, I finger detangled some more with my trusty Cantu Shea Butter Leave-In Conditioning Cream and put her in 15 twists, and then massaged my scalp as best as I could, with Jamaican Black Castor Oil. I moisturised my leave-out with Cantu, sealed with JBCO and twisted it up too. I intend to leave the twists in till tomorrow.


To co-wash, I used the Alberto Balsam Sun Kissed Raspberry Herbal Conditioner. I bought this on Wednesday at the Valuemart on Marian road, 500 naira for 400ml. I was hovering in the beauty products aisle, feeling the need to grab something. It was the cheapest and the best size value for money, plus it smelled really familiar so I just took it. It was good I did sef because I’m almost out of Hello Hydration and I didn’t want to use all my conditioner on this weave that’s over 3 times the volume of my hair.


Supermarkets aren’t my go-to place for hair products. I’m often disappointed when I read through the ingredients, but still I hover in the hope that I’ll find something good, and nice and cheap. This time, I think I struck gold with this conditioner.

On getting home, I smelled it again, and took to Google. Alberto Balsam is an Alberto Culver brand. And so is V05. No wonder it smelled familiar! Alberto Balsam and V05 are pretty much the same product marketed under different names in different countries. So if you’re a V05 lover, when you’re running low, if this is available instead, you could get it. (and FYI, Alberto-Culver brands are Unilever brands. Unilever acquired the Alberto-Culver company a while ago)

And the ingredients? No silicones, no mineral oil, no sulfates, no parabens! Yuup.

I’ll do a proper review when I’ve got to use this some more, but for now, from this co wash, I think it’s nice. It was good to my weave and the little hair I left out as well. For 500 naira, this isn’t a bad addition, and I already know I’m going to buy at least 2 more bottles (yep, opportunistic product junkie!)

Also at Valuemart right now are cute 200ml bottles of Herbal Essences Shampoo and Conditioners, for 500 naira each. I was about to bust a move when I saw that familiar blue Hello Hydration bottle, but on getting closer, I saw it was the Moisturising Shampoo instead, not the conditioner as I’d hoped. They’ve also got Tresemme, but not Tresemme Naturals. If you’re in Calabar, you might want to stop by.

Moving forward, I’m going to be making more hair buys from supermarkets. Not huge hauls, but one interesting thing now and then. The ingredients may raise brows but all those things- can they really be all bad or all useless? What’s the worst that could happen? If my hair feels like hay after, I can always reset with my staples. And they’re relatively more affordable, so it won’t pain me so much if I buy something and it turns out to be actually skreps.

P.S. if you sent me an email, please don’t eye me lol I promise to reply all emails by the end of tomorrow. 🙂





Hey you guys! How is the going going? Not much is going on with my hair right now so this is one of those checking-in posts. Two announcements, one reminder and a little update.

I’m still wearing my kinky twists. The hairdressers weren’t as firm as they were the last time, so I think quite a few weren’t well done but that’s part of the beauty of kinky twists. They look good regardless of the fact that they weren’t perfectly twisted. The regimen is still the same– moisturising with a water + leave-in spritz and sealing. However, I’m sealing with sweet almond oil instead as I’m out of coconut oil. Sweet Almond Oil (SAO) is not as light as coconut oil so I wonder if my hair looks or feels any different. I’ve experienced light itching a few times so I wonder if it’s because the Sweet Almond Oil is not as light or penetrating as the coconut oil. Mmmm I don’t know. My hair is clean enough I think. I wonder about the washing thing. Some people wash their hair in extensions but because my hair is so coily, I worry that any water will make the hair shrink inside. I’m not willing to try that soon, but I’ll let you know what happens when I eventually do.

I found Almond Oil a week or two ago at the NEXT Cash & Carry Mall on the Wuse-Gwarimpa express and decided I’d give it a try. My 200ml bottle of KTC Almond Oil (B.P. Sweet) cost me 400 and something naira. So my Abuja people, the next time you’re at NEXT, you might want to go where the Oils are in the Food section.

I couldn’t be sure if the Almond Oil was going to be a regular item to be stocked and restocked at the Mall, so I didn’t add it to the Directory. The Where To Find page on the blog is a directory of where to find good hair friendly products in Nigeria. Sweet Almond Oil is available at a few stores quoted on the page.

ALICE IN NAPPYLAND International Hair Blog List!
American blogger Alice in Nappyland started an International Hair Blog List in 2011- of natural hair blogs and articles. I’m sure everyone could relate more to certain hair issues being discussed in your own climate and also to learn about helpful stuff like Product Finds and Hair meet-ups. Yours truly is now on the list 🙂 If you blog about Natural Hair and you’d like to be on the list, email her If your favourite hair blog isn’t on the list, you could also email or just leave her a message in the comments section so she could check it out and update the list. Not a blogger, or not having any blogs in mind, just go view the list anyway- for hairspiration from Kenya, South Africa, Sweden, Australia or whatever country you’re in!

Good news for Abuja hair lovers! The second Natural Hair meet-up in Abuja- Capital Naturals 2 is coming to you live on Saturday the 1st of June, 2013 courtesy the lovely Natural Nigerian,NatMane of Deep Brown Kinks and Chioma Momah of Bibi Naturals. I had such a good time at Capital Naturals 1. When the flyer is out and all the details confirmed, you know I’ll let you know. Save the date! ^.^

I did a post about this in March but I really wish I remembered to remind you about it sooner. Do not despair, there’s still time. Onyinye, a naturalista and illustrator announced a WHY I LOVE MY HAIR competition about two months ago. It closes tomorrow Monday, the 22nd day of April, 2013 at 5pm.
What to do: send an email titled “Why I Love My Hair” to telling or showing her why you love your natural hair. You could write, or send a photo or express yourself in any other medium you like.

The five most original entries will inspire designs for the “Why I Love My Hair” T-Shirt collection coming soon. The best entry will be featured in an animation coming in the summer!

If you’ve got a little curly cutie around you, you could help them send in their entry. This is for everyone. Males, females, of all ages. You love your hair. Don’t be shy to share why! If you were wondering, YES I sent in my own entry so I’m encouraging you to do the same. Maybe I’ll share it with you later.

Love Love Love