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After many, many, MANY months of dreaming, brainstorming, researching, and shopping, you can now shop our favorite products (for now) on this here blog. We love these products; swear by them even. If you’ve been on the blog long enough, you can correctly guess what they are even before you see the shop! We know that all ‘fros are created different, but we believe that if you are looking for new products to try or to restock your product stash with your good ol’ friends, you should be able to trust us with this.

Blog Shop Feb 2015x(1)-page-002This is the first pop-up shop, with more to come, so we aim to get a ton of feedback from you. We want to know what products you’d like to see; how we can improve your experience as a consumer that frequently (or occasionally) shops hair products in Nigeria, etc. Please, please, leave us your thoughts in the comment boxes if you’d like, or better still, shoot us an e-mail at hello@thekinkandi.com. Don’t hold back!

So… what are you waiting for?! Head on to TheKinkandI Blog Shop, see what we have, and place your orders!

P.S: Remember we still have the ‘Where to Find’ directory. Please reach out to us at hello@thekinkandi.com to get your business listed, at no cost. All we ask is that your business be directly related to natural hair. We do not tolerate posts about “toning creams” or “waist trainers”, this is just not the place, thank you!



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2014: My Hair Goal


Hello my lovelies!!

Happy New Year!!

Did you make any resolutions? I didn’t. But this year like every year, I have a theme, a big picture, I set goals.

I have a singular hair goal for 2014: LENGTH!!

I haven’t studied my hair’s growth rate, but at the end of the year, I want to see significant improvement. 4 to 6 inches in twelve months is fair enough, no?

A goal is a destination- so if you’re going to get there, you really have to think about HOW you’re getting there.

My plan:

Length Retention is the focus. 

And Protective styling is the way. I plan to put my hair in Protective styles- alternating between extensions and my own hair. Extensions one month, no extensions in the next. Minimal manipulation is key, and I’m going to have to master some styles this year! I must!!

Also, while I’m at this, I intend to keep my hair healthy and happy. Clean, well moisturised- and between styles, I must make sure I deep condition- and baby my hair well-well. 🙂

Doesn’t look like too heavy a plan now, does it?

I’m already off to a good start- I have a sew-in weave at the moment. I hope I’m consistent!

So guys. You’ve heard my Hair Goal for 2014, I want to know yours. Are you transitioning this year? Big chopping this year? Are you looking to add a few more inches? Or to finally master how to moisturise?

More than your goals, I want to know HOW you plan to get there. Sound off in the comments section sharing what your goal is, and how you’re going to achieve it! Good luck ladies!!

[ You know you could always email me right? thekinkandi@gmail.com ]